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Dakiliss, the Strategist
Biographical information

Other names:

The Lion's Scourge




House of Sky (formerly)
The Jackal Syndicate (currently)




Baron (formerly)
Captain (currently)





Combat information


The Lion's Scourge


Molten Welder
Modified Shock Grenades


Summon Fallen
High Durability
Immunity Shield
Ultra Smash
Summon Ketch Enforcer
Fleet Bombardment
Activate Turrets
Pilot Servitor Bond


"Dakiliss...I thought she would be gone forever...She was one of my targets during the Gray Wars, but we never found her, but the time to kill her is NOW!, kill her and avenge Yorvik..."

Dakiliss, the Strategist is a Fallen Commander from The Jackal Syndicate. She commands a Ketch called: Splicership Dreksor-Syn.


Early Exploits[edit]

"The strongest and cleverest Baron despises plunder and reputation. Only a churl and Drekh would ever consider these debilitating temptations. No. The greatest commander seeks to sharpen their skills over everything else. Because not only does it hone their cunning, but it also means more of his soldiers returning home."
— Excerpt from Dakiliss' Journals

Born into high status within the House of Sky shortly following the Whirlwind, as a child, Dakiliss would have access to some of the highest education within the house. Weary of the political intrigue of the Sky's council, however, Dakiliss would elect to join the House's military. Through both demonstration of tactical prowess and outmaneuvering of rival Captains, she would quickly ascend the ranks of Sky's military hierarchy, swiftly acquiring the position of Baroness in short time. Prior to the Gray Wars, Dakiliss would further prove her worth and lead numerous raids on other rival houses, garnering infamy among her enemies and accruing a sizable trove of wealth as a result. However, to her, it was never about reward for her, rather, it was always about further sharpening her skills as a military commander.

The Gray Wars[edit]

"A life is never to be taken away lightly; to do so is honorless murder. A good commander prepares for battle in many ways: the plans of his enemy, their forces, how to best counter them, but most importantly, prepares for the anguish of the battle ahead. The lattermost point is most profound when a Baron is tasked with making his first move against an enemy. The choices I made that day were some of the hardest I ever made."
— Excerpt from Dakiliss' Journals

At the start of the Gray Wars, through intelligence from House of Lions conspirator Skevsis, she would help to mastermind and initiate the bloody first strike on Striviis, almost immediately making her a priority target by her newfound enemies. She and her personal fleet would continue to cut a bloody swathe through Lion forces battle after battle, with her only losses usually a result of ambitious subordinates or rival Lion commanders who would attempt to hunt her down. Despite her infamy and ruthlessness to Lion forces, she would also gain a facsimile of admiration by ranking Lion officers, who, while still vengeful for the lives she took, would adopt some of her own tactics and strategies, as well as her personal doctrine of self-improvement and care for troops over greed and infamy.

Ultimately, however, as the Gray War was reaching it's end, the war was slowly falling into the Lions' favor as more and more of Sky's leadership were being assassinated until the death of the Kell of Sky, which effectively secured a tactical victory for the House of Lions. Through inside knowledge from Skevsis, however, as both houses were on their way to the Sol System, the fleet learned that the Lion Kell, Yorvik, is planning on refueling at an asteroid. With assistance from Zavriks, Dakiliss would corner the Kell and, to satiate the vengeful desires of her crew, destroy his ship, killing the entire crew on board. Predictably provoking wrath from the House of Lions, Dakiliss would splinter off from the remnants of the House of Sky in an effort to shake the heat of her old opponents and break free of the ambitious Lion conspirator, whom she was becoming more and more weary of supporting.

In the Shadows and the Rise of a Syndicate[edit]

However, She would soon emerge with the newly established Jackal Syndicate as one of their prominent commanders. During the slow closing moments of the Crusades of the Jackals, following Seriviks's death, she and Krathiks, an Archon Priest, would marshall the surviving Jackals on the EDZ. After receiving reports of her and her Ketch, Splicership Dreksor-Syn, Joskaa would order Guardians to hunt her down and kill her, to avenge Yorvik and multiple Lions that were killed by her. After finding a teleporter that would take them to the European Aerial Zone, The Fireteam would move across the floating ruins and come across a Jackal scouting party led by Ketch Enforcer guards and would eliminate them to teleport to her location of her Ketch, after fighting off Fallen patrolling there, they would enter Dreksor-Syn before it's take off and would transverse deeper into the Ketch to hunt down Dakiliss, facing off her soldiers and guards within her Ketch and even took down Kashemos-Beta, the Volatile, her personal Heavy Shank along the way. They then faced her within the bridge of the Ketch, but despite her Weaponry and the assistance of her Pilot Servitor, Dreksor-2, Dakiliss would be eliminated, finally avenging the deaths of many she claimed and letting Yorvik rest peacefully.

Rebirth by SIVA[edit]



She is armed with an extremely powerful variant of the Molten Welder which allows a bigger explosion and the ability to track targets. She will also utilize modified Shock Grenade which explodes upon impact with the ground, also leaving behind a Web Mine entrapment field, as well as a 'Shocking' area of effect. She will occasionally Teleport to get a better angle at her enemies and slowly march around to get these angles. She will also use her 'Ultra Smash' ability if anyone gets too close, which can instantly kill anyone instantly, regardless of their Power Level. She, along with her ally, Dreksor-2, Pilot Servitor, will be coated in an Immunity Shield tied to the Shield Projectors placed throughout the Bridge. Her health is segmented in a similar fashion to Dreksor-2; when both their health is dropped to the same bar, they heal up what's left of their health to the top of that bar, but if another's health is one bar lower, the lowest's health will go back up 3 bars and the more healthier one goes up 2, reverting progress by a single health bar. Occasionally, she will call upon 2 Ketch Fleets for a bombardment: once this happens, dozens of highly explosive rounds will be fired upon the bridge. Depending on the angle of the deflector shields, or if ships were destroyed, these rounds will come in full force or barely come through the shield or can barely contribute. If Dreksor-2 is killed, she gains some resilience and a damage boost in an attempt to avenge her fallen comrade.

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