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Splicership Dreksor-Syn
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Enemy factions:

The Jackal Syndicate (formerly)
House of Emperors

Connecting areas:

EAZ (presumably)

Area type:


Public Events:


Patrol beacons:



Splicership Dreksor-Syn is a Fallen Ketch, that was originally seen in the outskirts of the EDZ, formerly commanded by Dakiliss, the Strategist and piloted by Dreksor-2, Pilot Servitor. The Ketch was also noted to be part of Dakiliss' Armada. Later, it was salvaged by remnants of the House of Emperors, and became the flagship of Egroskyk.


  • Despite the ship being the Flagship of the Armada of Dakiliss, the ship's name indicates that it is a Jackal Splicer Ketch.
    • This either means that the Armada has affiliation with the Splicers, or the Jackal Splicers has some type of leadership within the Armada of Dakiliss.
    • Or the Ketch may have formerly belonged to Splicers, until a possible event, that caused the Splicers to give away their Ship to Dakiliss.

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