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Jackal Syndicate
Jackal Syndicate Logo.png


Seriviks, Jackal Kell (deceased)
Krathiks, Rabid Archon (deceased)
Krovnik, Godless Archon (deceased)


Semkis Prime, Pretender to Andiks (destroyed)
Dreksor Prime (destroyed)


The Jackal's Den
Jackalship Semkis-Fel
Splicership Dreksor-Syn


Crusades of the Jackals
Season of Opulence
Season of Dawn

"We were all rejects and outcasts from our old Houses. Obsolete for years, obsolete since what was once our society, our home was destroyed in the Whirlwind. But we, we have abandoned the rules that still enforce what's left of our kind. We have embraced strength and wit, which has defined us Eliksni even before our beloved Great Machine graced us with it's gifts. Our old families, our old friends, they know nothing of our strength, nothing of our cunning, nothing of our stealth, nothing of our sheer tenacity to fight back against the heretics who destroy something which has granted us our nobility and grace, against the enemies who seek to eradicate, each other and, eventually, their selves. Enemies such as our own, infighting each other and fighting against other Houses, seeing who shall reign supreme... making mistakes and breaking the tradition of us Fallen. We must correct the course of us Fallen, cut out the prideful and ignorant Houses and refine ourselves. We will obtain the the Great Machine, we will return to grace, and we will smite the enemies beset against us! We will make us Fallen Eliksni again! Long live the Jackal Syndicate!"
Seriviks forming The Jackal Syndiacte

The Jackal Syndicate is a Fallen Syndicate, (seen in Brown (Primary) and Orange (Secondary) colors), that warred against the Fallen House of Lions.



"I never told You this, but that was my sister...."

The Kell of the House of Lions, Joskaa's sister by the name of Seriviks, who was once the Archon of the House of Lions, left the House. After years and years of waiting, she gathered up Fallen from all around the system with mostly House of Gray remnants who refused to swear allegiance to the rule of the Lion Kell (who later assumed leadership over the broken Gray House) and House of Lions deserters, who are loyal to Seriviks. They later remain underground.

Recent Events[edit]

Jackals Revealed[edit]

The Jackal Syndicate remain hidden for a while until, one day, a Jackal Captain by the name of Chelsik begans an attempt to assassinate on Joskaa and the Queen by hacking Lion Shanks and Walkers, while his crew infiltrates the area. The Guardian, However thwarts his attempt and kills him, and the Jackal Syndicate is revealed.

Crusades of the Jackals[edit]

After the Jackals being revealed, Seriviks, the Kell of Jackals later took refuge on Nessus. When the Lions found out about this, they sent a Guardian to take her down. Arriving on Nessus, She was seen along side Giltris, a Marauder. She, however, escaped leaving Giltris behind only to be killed by the guardian. After the attack, Joskaa orders the guardian to stand down and let his Spies deal with her.

Despite the Guardian unable to find her, Magnusk, Lions' Wrath secretly gave the guardians coordinates to her location, due to her Ketch, Jackalship Semkis-Fel being found on Titan. After fighting through her Kell's Guards and Ketch Enforcers, they face her in her throne room. Despite believing in finishing off, However, She escaped. Joskaa orders the guardian of what they were doing, but with driving Seriviks out of her Ketch. He believe that might do better in taking the Jackals down and later left them into finding Jackal bounties, while Kell's Wrath was later reopened to attack the Jackals.

With the opening of Kell's Wrath, Guardians all around the system began hunting down the Jackal's Baron, Baroness, and Generals such as Thresik, the Swordsman, Graksul, the Headhunter, Kithiks, the Pathfinder, and Pavik, Once Meek, they even made a more bigger blow with the destruction of Semkis Prime, The Crimson Widow, and the Metal Siblings. with these victories the House of Lions staged a full-on assault into the The Jackal's Den to destroy or capture the Remaining Jackal Leadership. With the help of the Guardians, they were to kill most of Jackals' Generals pushing further into their Lair and meet up with Seriviks. Despites of her Stock pile and reinforcements, they were able to execute her. crippling the Jackals, and the end of the Crusades.

Jackals' Retreat[edit]

With the death of their Kell, the Jackal Syndicate retreated to the EDZ in hopes of survival. With marshalling the Surviving Jackals were Krathiks, an Archon Priest, and Dakiliss, the Strategist, commander of her powerful Fleet, capturing Cabal Bases and harassing the House of Dusk, and Taken. However, soon the tables were turned again with the help of House of Lions, the EDZ Guardians began pushing back the Jackals, by hunting Krathiks, led by Skorvik, the Head Scientist of the Lions and Executing the Mad Archon and destroyed his SIVA Supply, to keep the Fallen from growing strong again and/or SIVA from rising again. Next, Devrim Kay has spotted Dakiliss' Ketch over in the outskirts of EDZ, calling in a Fireteam to deal with these major problem, fighting through her Ketch and solving puzzles and other sorts, they reached to her control room, and finished the Clever Pirate, causing the Jackals to be completing broken and to retreat to Io.

Season of Dawn[edit]

After the crushing defeat, by the hands of The Guardian, The Jackals Syndicate had quickly escaped earth, and traveled to Io, where no Fallen has ever been. There, they captured and utilized the abandoned Warmind Vault JYS-2 and the Terrabase Charon as their new base of operations, and built a new Prime Servitor, known as Dreksor Prime, to restore their broken leadership. Then, the Jackals later used the Vault to contact lost and stranded Jackals who are still at the EDZ, at the time to join the rest of them on Io. However, the House of Lions, had intercepted one of the Jackals' signals and sent The Guardian over to the EDZ to track the signal, after fighting to return to the now parked Dreksor-Syn, The Guardian attacks a Fallen escaped party and found the source of the signal, which originated from Io. Suspecting the Jackals may have to do with the signal, Joskaa sends The Guardian over to Io to Investigate, only to find the Jackals patrolling the Ionian fields, after dealing with them. Joskaa orders The Guardian to return to Lions' Run and will investigate their presence and the Jackal's hiding grounds. Later on, the Lions sends the Guardian back to Io, after discovering Jackal Fallen scavenging around Excavation Site II, After fighting and exterminating them. Joskaa discovers the Jackals were only trying to depose the Taken and Vex who were trying to push the Jackals out of their strongholds. However, while the Lions were investigating the Ionian Jackals, some of the Jackals boldly try to take out, their communication outpost, Lions' Pride, Relay, The leader of this attack was Reksor, a Jackal Baron. There, he successfully managed to either kill or capture the network crew stationed there and hijack the Relay's networks using Calgos-Alpha, A Walker, modified to hijack communication networks, while raising no alarm to anyone outside the complex. Joskaa, who was troubled by the fact, that no one has responded from the outpost, sens out a Lion search party, led by Grask, a seasoned veteran, to investigate the incident, but unfortunately, the party was captured by Reksor's Crew. Unable respond back, Joskaa sends The Guardian back to the Reef to investigate the Outpost. Only for them, to see the place dominated by Reksor's crew. After defeating Reksor and forces, the Guardian destroys Calgos-Alpha and reactivated Lions' Pride Relay, which Joskaa gets word on the outpost attack. After their quick defeats, Joskaa learns a strange spike of Dreksor Servtiors being sighted on Io, Joskaa believes that, there's a Prime Servitor over Io, producing those Servitors. Once again, he send The Guardian back to Io to search and the Dreksor Prime, after reaching the Warmind Vault JYS-2, and facing the Jackal Prime at Giant's Scar. The Guardian finally destroys the Prime, finally destroying the Jackal Leadership, and braking them once more.

Season of Pestilence[edit]


Season of Mayhem[edit]


Jackal’s Fall[edit]



Similar to The Spider's Crime Syndicate and The Kell's Scourge Syndicate, the Jackals are a criminal enterprise. Although it unknown what was the reason of their creation, but it's possible it was created for either to destroy Joskaa and his works, or for some control over the Lions.

The Jackal Syndicate's units, members, and supporters has a very unique appearance, which differs other Fallen Houses and Syndicates. Some of the lower rung Fallen bear no body suits, while all higher rung Fallen and Major and above Jackals bear said bodysuits. Armor remains generally the same, but will be painted with Fallen symbols and glyphs or just paint. Many of their units will bear dark orange capes or scarves often appearing rugged, moth-eaten. Major class Fallen will bear more robes and vestments, indicated by colors of white and brown, as well as thicker armor along with straight pikes sticking out from their backs, decorated with skulls and Ghost Shells, while Automata will be painted and decorated with armor plating. Ultra class Fallen will appear extremely advanced compared to their peers, bearing higher tech equipment and armor such as more polygonal and thick armor, 2 wing-like, aesthetic robotic appendages appearing on their backs, voice synthesizers, more ornate vestments, and crimson lights appearing on their armor and optical lenses, with their robes and armor being indentified with Orange and Jade green paint.



Notable Members[edit]

Notable Fallen[edit]

Notable Servitors[edit]

Notable Automata[edit]




Unique Forces[edit]

  • Vandal
    • Stoic Vandal
    • Hyena Pack Vandal
    • Splicer Vandal
    • Signal Engineer
    • Salvage Courier
    • Crew Vandal
    • Kell's Guard
  • Marauder
    • Stoic Marauder
    • Silent Shadow
    • Splicer Marauder
    • Crew Marauder


  • Security Turret
    • Splicer Turret
  • Shank
    • Aggressive Shank
      • Hijacked Shank
    • Splicer Shank
    • Crew Shank
    • Exploder Shank
      • Aggressive Exploder Shank
        • Hijacked Exploder Shank
      • Splicer Exploder Shank
      • Crew Exploder Shank
      • Overcharged Shank
    • Tracer Shank
      • Aggressive Exploder Shank
        • Hijacked Tracer Shank
      • Splicer Tracer Shank
      • Spotter Shank
      • Crew Tracer Shank
  • Heavy Shank
    • Aggressive Heavy Shank
      • Hijacked Heavy Shank
    • Splicer Heavy Shank
    • Crew Heavy Shank
    • Terminator Shank
      • Flamer Terminator
      • Suppressor Terminator
      • Assault Terminator
  • Walker Tank
    • Aggressive Walker
      • Hijacked Walker
    • Splicer Walker

Special Forces[edit]

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