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Anarchy's Children


Mazivas, Baroness of Mayhem
Phoeniks, Inferno Captain
Tharvaks, Ironclad Captain


Kardoks Gamma, the Deathbringer
Dreksor-24, the Overclocker


New Peace Machine Graveyard
DC Infested Zone
CB Blacksite YS-1
Jackalship Kardoks-Neo


Season of Mayhem


"Tactical. Militaristic. Unrelenting. Traits I wouldn't usually give any Fallen adversary. Not even those the city faced. To underestimate this pack- no, battalion of Fallen would be a quick road to the grave."

Anarchy's Children is a sub-division and currently splinter faction of the Jackal Syndicate. Headed by Mazivas, foster daughter of Seriviks, the group seeks to finish what the Syndicate started and serves as the main antagonist of the Season of Mayhem.



Before the events of the Jackal Crusades, the, at the time, youthful Mazivas would found the group as a back-up weapons research and impromptu splicer group and scavenger organization. However, since they had their own goals and ambitions, they seldom joined up with their original group. Throughout the Crusades, they scoured the Solar System in search of groundbreaking, state-of-the-art Golden Age weaponry and tech to repurpose or enhance their arsenal. It was during this frenzy when the group discovered the New Peace Machine Graveyard, an early Golden Age junkyard chocked full of ancient weaponry and tech perfect for splicing and smelting down for later. It was here where the faction began developing prototypes for the Humpback Communications and Weapons platform, as well as new tactics for their rather impressive and large army. However, before Anarchy's Children could distribute these weapons to it's founding faction, word would reach them that their leader, Seriviks, was assassinated, along with other important members and generals of the Jackals. So, instead, the faction went into hiding and began developing a den at the barren scrapyard and scouted other regions of the Solar System from the shadows in search of more potential weaponry and materials.

Plots and Survival[edit]

Chaos Rising[edit]

Desperate Times and a New Weapon[edit]


"Sis's lot was... colorful to say the least. The base was mostly composed of the bog-standard pirate you often see, the Claws were murderers, the Hyena Pack were psychopaths, the Splicers were fanatical. These guys, however, are hardened, crafty militants that can easily wipe out a small army. That's why I wholeheartedly respect them, but rather keep my men out of their crosshairs."

Unlike other Fallen Houses and criminal enterprises, the Anarchy's Children almost bears a militaristic structure rather than the criminal elements or disorganized, zealous pirate. They are easily distinguished from their rival counterparts by their abundant tan armor and dark blue clothing. Usually, these units will be seen adorned with dark blue scarves covering their masks or with capes and belts hanging from their backs and hips usually seen with a faded out Jackal symbol or, rarely, either a Winter or Wolf banner. Their armor will also appear to carry a bunch of pre-Golden Age military tech, grafted with Fallen tech and not, as well as a bunch of other Fallen provisions and arms. Meanwhile, the automata and vehicles such as Shanks, Fallen Walkers and Skiffs are mainly tan with rushed, hastily painted dark blue lines and symbols covering them.

As previously mentioned, Anarchy's Children follows a more militaristic and authoritarian structure compared to other Fallen groups. They are headed by their commanding Baroness, Mazivas, who has a great distaste for the classic Fallen caste system and prefers direct control over the military organization. There is a sort of Prime Servitor Anarchy's Children use to acquire the much needed sustenance for the Fallen, but it isn't worshipped or tended to by an Archon as the aforementioned position is outlawed by the Baroness-in-Charge, rather, a company of engineers or it itself tends to it. The last difference between this group and the Houses and Syndicates they go against is the means to ascension, which is based off combat efficiency and military prestige rather than the hoarding, scavenging tithe of the pirates and criminals.


High Commander[edit]

Notable Fallen[edit]

Notable Servitors[edit]

Notable Automata[edit]

Other Members[edit]

  • Michael Vasari - Old-World Gunsmith kidnapped by Anarchy's Children
  • Codename Birdeater - Mysterious contact and partisan of Anarchy's Children

Command Structure[edit]

  • Dreg
    • Elite Dreg
    • Grunt - Higher rung Dregs armed with a more advanced arsenal and more durable armor. They are usually armed with a Shock Rifle, bear a higher form of agility and can launch a Void grenade from their slung over Canister Launcher.
      • Elite Grunt
  • Wretch
  • Vandal
    • Elite Vandal
    • Distortion Vandal
    • Specialist - Elite and tactical sound Vandals armed with an Arc Absorption shield and are, more often than not, armed with a Shrapnel Launcher. Has the unique ability of placing down small, yet pretty powerful Strife Turrets. Always seen as an Elite.
      • Elite Specialist
    • Medic - Medically trained Vandals mainly seen in the rear or middle of Anarchy's Children assault formations. Has the unique ability of reviving their fallen comrades (if they weren't headshot). Can deploy a Reviver Shank with the same ability if there are many dead to revive or if one is farther away.
      • Elite Medic
    • Trapper - Lacks any clear cut difference between them and their base counterpart apart from more clothes and worn "rubber" gloves and boots, as well as a bandolier of grenades. This bandolier allows the Trapper to toss Snare Grenades at their enemies to temporarily lock them in place. The bandolier can be shot to trap or kill the Trapper, as well as stun and imprison any nearby allies.
      • Elite Trapper
    • Gunner - A more heavily armored variation of the Vandal indicated by thicker armor and more tactical equipment covering them. Always armed with a powerful Volt Rifle. Either crouches or enters prone to prepare to deliver a seemingly endless barrage of Arc Bolts at their opponents to either pin them down or tear their health asunder.
      • Elite Gunner
    • Enforcer - A more armored variation of the Vandal also indicated by more armor, but mainly around their right side. They are notably armed with a steel Reinforced Shield to protect themselves from their opponents. The shield can be destroyed with enough gunfire or the Enforcer can be flanked. Usually armed with a Shock Rifle or Shrapnel Rifle.
      • Elite Enforcer
  • Marauder
    • Elite Marauder
    • Protector Marauder
    • Marksman - Special sniper unit mostly seen far from the carnage. As the name implies, this Marauder variant is armed with a Wire Rifle they use to assassinate their opponents. Whenever an opponent gets close to the Marksman, they either attempt to flee or fire their holstered Shock Pistol.
      • Elite Marksman
  • Captain
    • Elite Captain
    • Overload Captain
    • Summoner Captain
    • Unstoppable Captain
    • Incinerator - Slightly more armored Captain variation armed with a kitbashed Flamethrower that fires a long and massive cone of flame. Temporarily burns those caught by the flames but can quickly erase health if the enemy remains in the cone of flame. Incinerators can also launch a fire bomb at an area. Carries a tank of flamethrower fuel that can be cleverly shot to kill both the Incinerator (or damage them), as well as their allies.
      • Elite Incinerator
    • Heavy - A heavily armored and extremely resilient Captain archetype covered from head to toe in thick armor. Always seen as Elites or above. Their armor absorbs all punishment it takes until the armor piece breaks from enough damage. They are either armed with a Volt Rifle or a Canister Launcher.
      • Elite Heavy



  • Shock Dagger
  • Shock Blade
  • Arc Spear
  • Shock Grenade
  • Shock Pistol
  • Shock Rifle
  • Wire Rifle
  • Shrapnel Launcher
  • Molten Welder
  • Scorch Cannon
  • Ether Dispenser - Mechanical and medicinal tech deployed by Elite Medics. These devices create a massive healing aura for all Fallen troops in within it, slowly healing up any lost health. This aura also slightly increases the nearby units' damage output.
  • Reinforced Shield - Bulky, metal shields donned by Anarchy's Children Enforcers. These shields can absorb a massive amount of punishment from any source of damage.
  • Flamethrower - A self-explanatory weapon, these kitbashed Flamethrowers unleash a potent stream of incinerating Solar flames. Applies the Burn effect to those briefly caught in the cone of fire and can easily tear a decent health bar asunder.
  • Snare Grenades - Void-damaging grenades armed with a payload of razor-sharp bramble used to entrap enemies. Takes a minimal amount of health from those entrapped, but movement in this bramble is punished by crippling damage. The snare can expire over time but trapped units can shoot the source of the bramble to escape.
  • Volt Rifle - A powerful, yet slightly inaccurate Arc machine gun used by high ranking members of Anarchy's Children, and Gunner and a few Heavy units. Usually only fires a burst of Arc blasts, but when emplaced by a Gunner or used by a Heavy, the weapon will continuously fire a seemingly endless barrage of these rounds.
  • Canister Launcher - A Void rotary grenade launcher used by both Grunts and Heavies. Fires a powerful grenade that explodes and generates a pretty powerful concussive blast upon impact. Grunts will occasionally fire one grenade from this weapon while Heavies armed with this weapon will launch these grenades almost endlessly.


  • Strife Turret - Smaller automated sentry guns only seen placed or thrown by Anarchy's Children Specialist commandoes. Fires a scattered burst of (rather weak) Arc rounds at their opponents. Usually tossed to pressure opponents out of cover.
    • Factory Strife Turret
  • Security Turret
    • Perimeter Turret - Indestructible auto turrets that fire off an accurate stream of arc bolts at their opponents. These turrets cannot be destroyed by any means, but can be disabled by destroying their power source, usually a fuel canister and/or power box, which can be traced by following the tubes and cables connected to it.
  • Shank
    • Chaotic Shank
    • Deflector Shank - Relatively weak Shank drones armed with a Shield Projector. It will usually partner up with an Elite or above Fallen commando and grant its new-found ally an immune shield that deflects projectiles back at their opponents. Though weak, it will use its heightened mobility to evade any oncoming attacks.
      • Chaotic Deflector Shank
    • Reviver Shank - Shank units that carry defibrillation tech and Ether injectors to revive any fallen comrade who wasn't disintegrated or killed by a headshot. Seldom seen on its own, it is more often seen deployed by Anarchy's Children Medics. Due to a lack of defenses, the Shank uses its mobility to evade any aggressor.
      • Chaotic Reviver Shank
    • Exploder Shank
      • Chaotic Exploder Shank
    • Tracer Shank
      • Chaotic Tracer Shank
    • Heavy Shank
  • Servitor
  • Fallen Walker
  • Type-14 Humpback Hive