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Type-14 Humpback Hive
Production information



Technical specifications

Other system(s):

Shank Factory and Storage
Energy Drill
Network Infiltration Device


Dense Armor Plating


Arc Turrets
Missile Pods
Venting Flamethrower





Shank Foundry and Charging Device
Defense Proxy
Communications Hub


Anarchy's Children
House of Lions
Emperor Traditionalists


"Perimeter secure. Approximately 42 [km] of uncharted territory, likely hostile presence. Requesting delivery for a Humpback."
"Request granted. Heavy munitions inbound...
— Intercepted Anarchy's Children comms.

The Type-14 Humpback Hive is a stationary, automated Shank foundry and weapons platform utilized by the Anarchy's Children military organization. During the events of Lightfall and The Void Within, the House of Lions and the House of Emperors would began using these Foundries for their own purposes.


With the Anarchy's Children tech division entering a better condition, the militaristic sub-division began development on a centralized communications nexus that could be deployed at any stronghold or firebase while also providing a means of a secure drone network and rapid excavation. Enter the automated Humpback deployable network hub and Shank Foundry, armed with some of the most powerful defensive weaponry and is granted an onboard, state-of-the-art logistics and tactical combat A.I.. Though it lacks mobility, it more than makes up for that with the extensive and impressive Shank drone network it is given, allowing all nearby automated units to act as if they were one. After the death of Mazivas, Baroness of Mayhem and the defeat of the Anarchy's Children, groups of those Fallen would began defecting from the faction over to the House of Lions, bringing in Type-14 Humpback Hive Constructs into their arsenal. Later, the House of Emperors Traditionalists would steal a few of the Type-14 Humpback Hive for their own uses, such as Glimmer extraction parties, or defending territories within the Decrepit Wastes


During a Humpback Deployment Public Event or even an invaded Story Mission or Strike, the unit will be dropped off by a Heavy Skiff from the Ketch overhead; like a Fallen Walker deployment, any person underneath the falling Humpback will be instantly crushed. From there, the legs that were once attached to the Heavy Skiff will slowly lock in into the ground and lift itself up, thus beginning the Public Event.

Initially, the Humpback will only have two means of self-defense: first is the "wing" mounted Arc turrets, which will continuously fire a steady stream of Arc bolts at their opponents, which can be temporarily disabled through concentrated gunfire. The second way the Humpback can defend itself is with a volley of missiles from it's side-mounted rocket pods, which will either track like the missiles of the Scorn Walker or launch into the air and rapidly descend and violently explode like that of Insurrection Prime, Kell's Scourge. Most notably, however, is the signature Shank foundry the Humpback is known for. From there, an alarms should sound a pair of doors should allow a meshed radar dish to unfold, which will release a swarm of varying Shanks from the heart of the foundry. After the swarm, or after a Heavy Shank is spawned, the turrets on the wings of the Humpback should, instead unleash a massive cone of flame, and the doors on top should close.

To disable the Humpback, players should look for any vents in on the side of the foundry and destroy it. From there, the Humpback should open up a slot that reveals a bunch of heated wiring and machinery. After enough damage, the Humpback will sound an alarm, signifying that the players did the right thing. During the Shank Deployment, players should notice something different, panels have opened up on the radar dish. The panels should be destroyed to reveal a middle panel, which should also be destroyed; even from damage, players should see that the Humpback's health bar will begin to deplete. After the panel is destroyed, the radar dish should fall and the next "phase" should begin.

After which, the weapons platform should get more aggressive in terms of combat, the turrets fire faster and deal more damage and the missiles use both attacks. The Humpback should also utilize a new attack method, from where the assault platform will unleash a series of Arc cascades from the drill underneath it. After the aforementioned attack, two canisters should reveal themselves on either side of the communications platform, which, when damaged, does direct damage to the platform. Though they can tank a lot of damage, once the canisters are destroyed, the third phase should begin.

If the players have triggered the Heroic run of the event, then the Boss enemy should spawn about now. From here, the Humpback should begin to become desperate and begin to mix its attacks. During the Shank deployment however, players should notice a new pylon emerging from the doors on the opposite end of the platform. This pylon is the Humpback's main communications tower it attempted to hide from its opponents. The stem of the tower can be shot for basic damage, but small panels will reveal themselves all across the pylon, which can be destroyed for precision damage. After enough damage is sustained to the pylon, the Humpback will then begin to prepare a massive surge of electrical energy to unleash against its assailants to completely disintegrate them before extraction. To prevent this and win the Public Event, players should shoot the main panel on the stem of the tower, which will explode, causing the Humpback to crash and explode, satisfyingly toppling the Humpback's main comms relay. On invaded strikes, however, it should be noted that there might be other ways of damaging the Humpback, so keep that in mind.

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