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Heavy Skiff
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Invulnerable Armor


Plasma Cannons
Arc Turrets
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Fallen Pilots and Passengers
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Fallen Walkers
Type-14 Humpback Hive



Heavy Construction Vehicles
Heavy Ordinance Deployment




"Never seen such vessels before, yes? Many were lost during the Whirlwind. Such ships were priceless for trading many goods between the Eliksni. (Wheeze) At least, that was what the purpose they once served."
Variks, the Loyal

Heavy Skiffs are larger troop and weapons deployment dropships utilized by the Fallen. Once used as a heavy duty merchant ship, it lost favor with many House over the years, who favored the faster and more covert light Skiff. However, many Syndicates would recover such ships for trading more valuable and heavier goods in secret. One notable group, the Anarchy's Children, would reproduce these ships to allow for the rapid deployment of their Type-14 Humpbacks.


Unlike the bog-standard light Skiff, rather, much like Ketches, they will warp into orbit with a thunderous scream. These ships won't often offload their complements in the vicinity of enemies unless they are carrying in assault vehicles, even then, these heavy ships will attempt to escape the combat zone as quick as possible. If they are under the threat of nearby enemies, these ships do have a few means to defend themselves. First of which is a pair of more powerful Plasma Cannons with a more devastating explosion and larger blast radius. Second also is a pair of Mine Layers it will use to deploy a massive barrage of tracking and bouncing Shock Grenades that will violently explode in proximity to their enemies. Finally is a pair of side mounted Arc Turrets which will fire a barrage of Arc bullets at any enemy caught in the turrets laser sights. All are devastating and should be considered when faced with such a massive assault vehicle, however, much like the basic Skiff, such an arsenal can be disabled through enough gunfire. Although not used in gameplay, these ships are also armed with rapidly launched cargo harpoons which can be used to hijack and extract enemy goods or to tear down walls and expose enemies, though this is only used in scripted events.