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Production information




Massive Assault Walker

Technical specifications


Thick, Lightweight Metal Plating
Deflection Shielding


Arc Rotary Cannon
Arc Grenade Launchers
Rocket Barrage
Venting Flamethrower
Micronuclear Warhead
Shield Dome Projectors


A.I. Cortex



Heavy Artillery Battery
Experimental Weapons Platform


Jackal Splicers (Ümidviks)
Castris's Criminal Empire
House of Vipers (presumably)
House of Sharks (presumably)


"You like our new wares? Courtesy of the Jackal's failure to claim SIVA in their... desperation. Now our profits have skyrocketed since. Their durable, but still, don't touch."

Carracks are large quadrupedal assault walkers developed and used by the Fallen. These units made their first debut as Ümidviks, a massive, Servitor piloted War mech created for the purpose of overriding Rasputin's systems and claiming new sources of SIVA for the Jackal Splicers.

Later, associates of Castris's Criminal Empire would claim the wreckage and reverse engineer most of the walker's systems, creating the new Carrack assault system. Although the Crime Syndicate seldom uses the walkers maliciously, more often as a display of power, other houses and criminal gangs have often purchased or stole these walkers to be used as war machines.


Because of their size, armor and arsenal, they could be considered one of the most difficult and challenging Fallen opponents to deal with on the battlefield. It is also worth noting that these units are always encountered as either Majors or Ultras, never as Minors or Elites. Underneath two fins on both sides of the walker exists two rotary, swiveling Arc Turrets that fire a rapid barrage of inaccurate, yet a steadily increasing volume of Arc Bolts which can quickly tear apart health bars. Also from these turrets, the Carrack can rapidly fire a barrage of impact Arc Grenades that can easily cripple opponents. From the back of the walker, the Carrack can deploy a massive rack of arcing Solar rockets, which it will rapidly fire to completely obliterate the enemy or, at the least, knock them out of cover. Finally, one of it's most powerful attacks is the deployment of a Micronuclear Warhead which it will fire into orbit before it plummets rapidly back to the ground, completely and utterly annihilating any hostile within the explosive's massive blast radius.

However, the most notable ability of the Carrack is its ability to envelop itself in a massive, Fallen Barrier powered dome shield to protect itself from all sorts of punishment, even capable of deflecting Fallen Walker Cannon fire. The dome can be breached by walking through it, however, the Carrack isn't defenseless here, as it still has access to its Arc Cannons, as well as a Flamethrower utilized as an auxiliary means of venting the heat generated by the shield. Alternatively, the shield could be waited out so that the Carrack can overheat, deploying its rather fragile, nearly melted components to rapidly cool down. Destroying these components severely damages the Carrack.

Its weapons and dome shielding aren't the only things given to this walker, however. It is also given state-of-the-art torque joints, granting the rather large walker stunning mobility, as well as the ability to pounce to a considerably distant position. Leg and pelvis mounted thrusters also allow the Carrack to travel large distance away, as well as giving it the ability to blast away and scorch any nearby opponents. Because of it's highly advanced A.I., these units are also often linked to other Fallen tech systems such as Shanks and their potential production foundries, Shield Projectors that provide the walker with deflective shielding and other defense systems such as turrets and rocket pods.


  • It is possible that Ralkis Prime, the Unclenched Jaw is a Carrack due to it using some of the abilities that Ümidviks has in combat. However it utilizes a large snake-like mech rather than a giant quadrupedal walker platform.