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Takedown the Splicers' Last Stand


Destiny 2



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Tyrrhena Terra, Mars


Aid Ana Bray and neutralize the Fallen onslaught before they can take over Rasputin.

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The Fallen Splicers of The Jackal Syndicate are pulling one last card to end us. Stop them, once and for all.

Takedown the Splicers' Last Stand is a Takedown that happens in the Season of Pestilence, it marks the final attack of the Jackal Splicers, and by extension, The Jackal Syndicate. Like it's Takedown Predecessors, Guardians must race through the dunes of Tyrrhena Terra, a place which is northeast of the Hellas Basin. And destroy the Splicers' latest and final creation: Ümidviks the Vaultbreaker, Desperation's Grandeur, a High Servitor, that controls a massive War-mech to break into the defenses of Rasputin. Going through the Takedown can promote you new-Spilcer theme gear, as well as earning a Exotic Linear fusion rifle, The Jackalslayer's Victor.


After the deaths of Krovnik, Godless Archon, Volamis, the Archpriestess, and Zilviks, High Priest; as well as the cleansing of the European Corruption Zone. The Jackal Splicers, were defeated once again, which cause The Jackal Syndicate to fall into deep chaos. This leads to the Splicers' surviving leaders and minor scientists to conjure up a plan, which lead them to create "Project: Vaultbreaker". A plan that was attempting build a massive Mech Servitor, to break into the defenses of Rasputin. The plan is very risky idea, but went with it anyway. With the warmachine complete, the Splicers began to march to Mars, with one ambition: To take control of Rasputin and to control SIVA, he obtains, which leads Ana Bray, to contact the Vanguard to stop the Abomination, the Vanguard send The Guardian and their Fireteam, to end the Fallen threat.

Much like the Takedowns before it, there is not much major encounters, only the beginning, bosses, and some section, where you must use your Sparrow.



Fallen Camps[edit]

Hive Ambush[edit]

Tyrrhena Patera[edit]

Infested Walker[edit]

Warsat Assist[edit]

Immobilizing the Vaultbreaker[edit]

Ümidviks the Vaultbreaker, Desperation's Grandeur[edit]

The Jackalslayer's Victor Side-Quest[edit]


Unique Enemies[edit]

  • Accumulator Shank - Specialized Splicer Heavy Shanks that are programed to power and protect Ümidviks the Vaultbreaker. Has a red aura to them, and utilizes a SIVA-powered Wire Rifle, when Undisturbed, these Shanks, will began to glow, bright and white light, which indicates, it's repairing Ümidviks, meaning it is regenerating the boss's health.
  • Incombustible Walker - Kitbashed Major Walkers that functions like the Scorn Walker and uses a flame-proof bubble to protect itself from heat and magma from the Tyrrhena Patera Volcano.
  • Splicer Chaplain - Elite Splicer Priests armed with a unique, mutualistic strain of SIVA that enhances the durability and combat efficiency of all nearby Splicer units while also providing them a rare chance to shrug off fatal wounds. Distinguished by their ornate helmet and robes.
  • Splicer Celebrant - Elite Splicer Priests gifted an aggressive strain of SIVA that weakens and entraps all enemies it touches, sending it in a massive wave towards opponents while creating a temporary area-of-denial. Distinguished by their dense armor and the SIVA field swarming them.

Returning Enemies[edit]


  • Despite being titled as a Splicer event, and noted to have Splicers, only basic Jackal can be encountered on the field with the exception for Ümidviks the Vaultbreaker and Accumulator Shanks, which are powered by SIVA and the Splicer Chaplains and Celebrants, who are shrouded in SIVA.
    • This is because the Jackals used up all of their SIVA to create Ümidviks, which may include their SIVA-powered armor they had, save for their "holy" units.