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Overload Wizard
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Hidden Swarm
Savathûn's Hive
Grasp of Nokris




Combat Support


The Ordeal

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High Durability
Rapid Flight
Midair Levitation
Darkness Blasts
Poison Cloud
Dying Stars
Overload Regeneration
Overload Stagger


Overload Wizards are magically adept Hive Wizards rife with potent and profane magic that catalyzes their efficiency on the field, making them a more dangerous and versatile target.


Much like their minor counterparts, the Overload Wizard serves as an offensive support role for her subordinates and allies, bombarding enemy positions with Darkness Blasts and conjuring clouds of asphyxiating poison that also serves as a crude smokescreen. However, the Overload Wizard's abilities have been severely overhauled: Darkness Blasts are quicker and more frequent than the basic Blasts, the Overload Wizard now summons three Poison Clouds with an increased radius of effect and the Overload Wizard is granted the ability to occasionally hurl a volley of Dying Stars at her enemies. What makes the Overload Wizard an even greater threat, however, is her rapid ability regeneration which allows them to quickly regain these abilities, as well as a minimal health regeneration. To mitigate the threat of the Wizard, the player(s) should use Anti-Overload rounds from the Seasonal Artifact, which will temporarily disable the troublesome regeneration ability and leave them exposed to damage.