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Champions are unique boss enemies first introduced in Shadowkeep that serve as extremely durable and challenging opponents with the sole intent of being a powerful add.


Champions are distinguished from their less resilient counterparts by their darker color scheme, seemingly fluid form, and red, spectral tendrils emerging from their backs. There exists 3 variations of the Champion:

  • Barrier: Barrier Champions behave much like their normal counterparts would until they are threatened with death. When damaged to an extent, they will create an impenetrable dome shield that also heals up most of their lost health. Distinguished by a circular, dark crest on their backs. The shield is only pierced by Anti-Barrier rounds.
  • Overload: Overload Champions not only have a minimal healing factor, but they also have increased ability regeneration, allowing them to use these abilities more frequently and aggressively. Distinguished by the twin, dark crimson circles that wrap around their shoulders. Both of these abilities can be negated by Anti-Overload rounds.
  • Unstoppable: Unstoppable Champions have a severely high health pool and an immunity to staggering or stuns, and will use these resiliences to allow them to assail their opponents from close range and from afar. Distinguished by the dark wing-like crests hanging from their backs. The only thing capable of mitigating their rage is Anti-Unstoppable rounds.

Fanfic Classes[edit]

So, there's the list of canon Champions, and here's the list of Champions created by the fans. Feel free to add your additional archetype with a brief description of their abilities.

  • Bloodthirst: Bloodthirst Champions are powerful, menacing opponents initially immune to all damage. Impossible to miss, indicated by their height and thunderous footsteps, players should always Mind these terrifying threats. After a series of guttural roars these enemies will then rapidly charge any Guardian to deliver a lethal blow. These Champions naturally stagger and becomes susceptible to damage after colliding with a surface. Distinguished by the flowing, cape-like darkness tendrils hanging from their backs. Can recover health through normal blows. No new changes with Lightfall.
  • Distortion: Distortion Champions are almost identical to their basic counterparts minus the health pool and gameplay mechanic. They have the ability to obscure their enemies' vision and even suppress or even jumble their movement. Due to their troublesome abilities and evasive personality, they bear a smaller health pool. Distinguished by the circular, bangle-like darkness tendrils that wrap around their shoulders. It is still recommended to mitigate the threat of their suppressive abilities with Anti-Distortion rounds. Can now be disrupted with blind, weaken and even curing an ally affected by a Distortion champion can backlash them with the release of Lightfall.
  • Protector: Protector Champions behave like their normal counterparts with the exception of their unique ability to conjure barriers or creates static copies for their allies. The barriers can tank enemy fire and can be shot through by the Champions's allies and damages any enemy that passes through them. The copies do not fire nor move, yet always keeps their eyes and weapons on them and damages any enemy that shoots them. When either are shot, the Protector heals themselves. Distinguished by straight, darkness spikes that jut from their backs. The barriers/copies disappear once the Champion is shot by Anti-Protector rounds. Can now be disrupted with suppression, radiant, and unravel with the release of Lightfall.
  • Quartermaster: Quartermasters act as a versatile support role for their allies. These Champions are naturally surrounded by an aura that either heals or empowers the damage of all nearby allies, making them a somewhat troublesome foe. Distinguished by two dark spikes that curve towards each other tipped with outward-facing bristles, with the lower ones being longer. Naturally, Anti-Quartermaster rounds stagger these Champions and temporarily disabled the empowering aura. It should also be noted that these enemies become more and more resilient depending how many allies are in proximity to the Quartermaster. Can now be disrupted with volatile, jolted, shatter and sever with the release of Lightfall.
  • Summoner: Summoners have the ability to continually spawn enemy pods to keep their enemies on their toes. The longer these Champions charge up their summon ability, the more resilient the squad spawned will be, the more health the Summoner will recover. Distinguished by twin dark semicircle crests that hang from either side of them. Anti-Summoner rounds will both stagger the Champion and briefly negate the spawn ability. Can now be disrupted with suppression, jolt, shatter and suspend with the release of Lightfall.
  • Nullifier: Nullifier Champions, if they take enough damage, will project a mid-range suppression pulse that disables all of a Guardian's abilities until they are killed, and will usually prefer to attack from a mid-range distance for the pulse to be effective. To prevent this, players must bring Anti-Nullifier rounds to stun the Champion and allow it to be damaged without the chance of it retaliating with the pulse.
  • Invincible: Invincible Champions, one of the most powerful and harder bosses. This enemies are similar to the Unstoppable, but equiped with big and heavy, black armor plating, and marked with red tendrils, shaped like a "X". This bosses are completely immune and their weapons can take a massive chunk of a player's health and if low-leveled, the player can be killed in a one-shot, because of this, they are extremely rare to see. But in order to defeat this abominations, player must used Anti-Invincible rounds, which can stun them, however after being hit with that weapon, they will re-double their efforts, meaning it will only work again, if shot at their weak-spot. These boss are very slow as well
  • Adaptive: Adaptive Champions have the ability to drastically reduce all incoming damage types as they take damage from said damage type, eventually turning into damage immunity. As the Champion fully adapts to a damage type dealt to it, the damage type of their current weapon changes to the damage type they adapted to, with the chance to inflict a status affect depending on the damage type (staggering for kinetic, blindness for Arc, burning for Solar, increased damage vulnerability for Void, and complete loss of motion for Stasis). If the player uses a fully adapted damage type against the Champion, it will regain a portion of its health and gain increased damage depending on how much damage would've been dealt to it if it were vulnerable. Using Anti-Adaptive rounds will stun them for a moment and briefly cancel out their most recent damage adaptation.
  • Amalgam: Amalgam Champions are boss enemies that randomly cycle through all possible Champion abilities. The lower their health, the stronger their abilities get. They can be stunned using Anti-Amalgam rounds.

Swordsman's Champions

  • Deathburst: Deathburst Champions are overpowered enemy Champions who wields the ability to summon large, dual energy blades, if they are close in-range to their enemies and can heavily damage or even one-shot kill their enemies. To identify it, they will glow either bright blue or dark red and chase towards their targeted enemies to activate their abilities, similar to that of a Finisher. They serve Kirito and Asuna and their Shadowkeepers. The only way to defeat these Champions is to use weapons with Starburst Rounds, although Pulse Rifles, Hand Cannons, Sidearms, and Swords deal more damage against them effectively.
  • Moonlit: Moonlit Champions are higher-level enemy Champions who fight Guardians using Guardian-issued weapons, and can darken their surroundings or their location, which can empower their allies and gives them more damage-resistance, more health, or more damage output in their weapons. Daylit Rounds are effective against these Champions.
  • Bloodsong: Bloodsong Champions are higher-level enemy Champions who provide Deathburst and Moonlit Champions with elemental immunity shielding while providing supporting fire for them. Rosario Rounds are effective against these Champions.

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