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Summoner Wizard
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Hidden Swarm
Savathûn's Brood
Grasp of Nokris
Lucent Brood
Xivu Arath's Horde




Force Commander


Invaded Missions
Invaded Strikes

Combat information


High Durability
Rapid Flight
Midair Levitation
ArcS.png Darkness Blasts
KineticS.png Cloud of Darkness
SummonerS.jpg Conjure Hive Squad
Summoner Stagger


Protector Wizards are highly skilled Hive Wizards rich with the powers of the Darkness that enable them to pull their forces from the ascendant plane.


Much like their standard Wizard counterparts, Summoners will tend to remain far away from the conflict so that they can rain down their Arc Darkness Blasts from afar and create Poison Clouds to both inhibit the movement of their adversaries and provide a sort of smokescreen for their allies. What makes these Wizards truly unique, however, is their ability to summon Hive reinforcements into the fray. Indicated by a red glow coming from the Wizard, as well as a unique animation, a squad will spawn after the ability is cast. The longer the Wizard is locked in the animation, the more dangerous the squad is. Due to their incredible health pool and potential to be disastrous on high difficulty activities, it is advised that Guardians utilize Anti-Summoner rounds or abilities on these Wizards during their summoning animation to briefly stagger them and weaken them to incoming damage.