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Unstoppable Taken Knight
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The Taken
The Drifter's Taken
The Corrupted
Null Taken


Reserve Heavy Enforcement


Taken Knight

Combat information


The Ordeal
Into the Dark
Hunt the Fragments of Apithalos
Into the Void


VoidS.png Taken Boomer
ArcS.png Taken Shredder
KineticS.png Taken Cleaver


SolarS.png Burn Projectiles
High Durability
Rapid Movement
KineticS.png Weapon Melee
UnstoppableS.png Unstoppable Rage
Unstoppable Stagger


Unstoppable Taken Knights are powerful Taken, bestowed with the power of unstaggering and faster movement, that only match with their powerful rage.


These unrelenting beasts usually have the same abilities as a normal Taken Knight. However, they do have a faster movement and will sprint at their enemies if at close-range and use their weapon to melee their opponents (similar to that of Knight being enraged), which will causes Arc damage and will knock back the player, but if at a far distance, they will utilize their Taken Boomers, Shredders, or will use their burn projectiles ability, in which will be blasted at a far distance and cause an area of denial, but they will not stop, nor stagger, unless a Guardian, has Unstoppable rounds equipped for one of their weapons. Which will cause these foes to stagger, allowing Guardians or allies to sink in damage, until it is killed.


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