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Focal world(s):



Create a united sovereign
Conquer the Last City

At war with:


Notable groups:

House of Shadow
Cult of Darkness
Chaos Collective
Black Legion
The Corrupted
Shadow Guardians

Notable individuals:

Nova, Herrscher of Sumeragi
Skalos, Kell of Shadows
Nikros, God of Darkness
Atlas, Chaos Mind
Xa'Lus, Dominus of Black
Consul, Slave of Corruption
Uldren Sov, Vanguard


An alliance of Fallen, Hive, Vex, Cabal, Taken, and former Guardians. Created by the mysterious leader of this alliance who called himself Nova. They believed the Traveler is the biggest threat in the universe and the Darkness was created to destroy it.



Created from the Fallen House of Shadow, Hive Cult of the Darkness, Vex Chaos Collective, Cabal Black Legion, The Corrupted Taken, Shadow Guardian and Adeptroid, a race that made up of Nova’s personal forces.




  • Nova, Herrscher of Sumeragi (leader of Sumeragi)
  • Skalos, Kell of Shadows (leader of Fallen branch of Sumeragi)
  • Nikros, God of Darkness (leader of Hive branch of Sumeragi)
  • Atlas, Chaos Mind (leader of Vex branch of Sumeragi)
  • Xa'Lus, Dominus of Black (leader of Cabal branch of Sumeragi)
  • Consul, Slave of Corruption (leader of Taken branch of Sumeragi) (Servant of Nikros)
  • Uldren Sov, Vanguard (leader of Shadow Guardians)

House of Shadow[edit]

House of Shadow


Skalos, Kell of Shadows
Nikis, Shadows Archon
Axiki, Shadows Priest
Nakos, Prince of Shadow


Shimi, Prime Servitor
Shadda-1, Sub-Prime




Taken War
SIVA Crisis
Red War
Hunt for the Scorn
Nightmare Hunt



The House of Shadow was formed from remnants of Devils, Exiles, Kings, Winter, and Wolves that believed that the House of Dusk would not be able to defeat the Guardians. Using the technology the other houses had, along with the SIVA tech the Devil Splicers had during the SIVA Crisis, they created the House of Shadow. They joined Sumeragi during the Red War. They are distinguishable by black and purple bodysuit along with additional items if they are in higher ranks.


In the aftermath of the SIVA Crisis, the Fallen Houses started to come together starts to the damages they received throughout the years. However, some members of those Houses knew that the newly formed House of Dusk would fail to defeat the Guardians. So they form their own House, one so complex that it will be impossible to take down unless they are thorough with the extermination of the house. The House of Shadow was form when the Red War started, they quickly hid but they monitored the war, taking only what they can while everyone was distracted. They were contacted by Sumeragi for the chance for of an alliance with them. Skalos, the current Kell, reluctantly accepted the offer but asked if they were be slaves to Sumeragi. Surprisingly, Nova told them they were be whatever they wanted to be but never slaves. He even granted Skalos the position of being the leader of the Fallen branch of Sumeragi.

Red War aftermath[edit]

During the last period of the Red War, the House, joining Sumeragi, continued to lay a low profile but kept stealing supplies from all factions. They learn that the crew of the Almighty securing Mercury to learn more about Vex technology. Informing Sumeragi about this development, Nova requested that they take any information of the Vex themselves and any information of the Red Legion themselves. They learn that the Vex Sol Collective are trying to shape reality to fit their future, the Vex reign supreme. They also encountered the Chaos Collective, they fought briefly but Nova came and calm the situation down. The Collective leaders came to Nova to join Sumeragi for their own future. Nova accepted it but warns that he will watch for a while until he knows that they won’t betray his family, and group.

After the Infinite Forest incident, the House, Sumeragi and Collective had intels informing them that the Red Legion was digging for energy cells in Mars. This prompt them to investigate this and possibly steal any information of this operation, however they learn that the hidden Hive faction, the Grasp of Nokris in Hellas Basin and the Worm God, Xol. They also encountered the Cult of Darkness and the Black Legion. The Cult informed them that Xol is planning to take control of Mars but the Guardian is handling it, the Black Legion informed them that Val Ca’uor has took control of the Red Legion since Ghaul’s death. They also learn that the Red Legion is invading Calus’ ship, Sumeragi decides to infiltrate the ship to distract and take down many Red Legion personal, while a Guardian Raid Team take down Ca’uor.

Scorn Assault[edit]

A few months later, an message was intercepted from Reef informing that a prison riot while happening in the Prison of Elder. This interested Nova, so he send a task force of Fallen, Cabal and Adeptroid to investigate this riot. They learn that the Hunter Vanguard Cayde-6 has died in the hands of the Scorn Barons. Needless to say, this enraged Nova that he send the Shades to assassinate the Barons, but learn that the Guardian accompanying Cayde is taking revenge for his death. So the Shades make sure that no more enemies than the ones protecting the Barons interrupted the Guardian in their vengeance. They eventually followed the Guardian to the last Baron, and Uldren Sov, which was learned that he was mind-controlled by Riven since the Taken War. The Shades was that Uldren Sov was eaten by a Taken Chimera, before being free and killed. They reported back to Sumeragi and told everyone what has happened, Novahas ordered every Shadow troops to keep an eye of the Awoken City to see any changes. They found out that an Ahamkara named Riven was Taken in the Taken War and transformed the city into an infested Taken city. They also discover that Quria has placed a curse on the city to be time-looped over the course of three weeks.

Black Armory[edit]

A few months later, an group of Shades located an Black Armory forge in Egypt and informed Sumeragi of it. An Shadow Priest, Axiki, investigates the forge and saw that it can create powerful weapons for the House and, by extension, Sumeragi itself. He and his soldiers took the forge to Axiki’s Ketch, and brought it to one of their research bases where Weapon forgers managed to create their own version of the forge. Afterwards, they gave it to the Black Legion, along with their notes of the forge itself. Weeks later, they encountered the Shadow Guardians with Uldren Sov as a representative for the group, void of his memories. They joined Sumeragi, but warns that Uldren will kill Nova if he betrayed them. While that was happening, Skalos send several Shade troops to the House of Dusk after learning the younger members of the house doesn’t have a strong culture sense. The Shades recruited many members of the Dusk. Meanwhile, they learned that a crime syndicate called the Kell’s Scourge is attempting to locate the other forges and have them create weapons for them, even as far as Servitor Prime inside a giant mech designed for said prime to the ruins of the Last City in a attempt to locate an vault containing these weapons. Skalos sent Shades troops to observe the battle between the syndicate and Guardians. One of the Shades suggested that the House would retrieve the mech and repurposed it for their own usage.

Old Tower assaulted[edit]

Skalos learned that Eramis has escaped the Prison of Elders during the riot and informed Nova of the information, while sending multiple Shades to look for information of her. The Shades reported that the Vanguard has learned that Varik has set the riot so he can leave and become Kell of Kells. They also reported that Eramis has brought multiple Devil Loyalists to her cell, thus creating a fifth Fallen faction with the weaken House of Dusks, House of Judgement, The Spider’s Syndicate, and the Scorn.


Months later, the Cult of Darkness reported Hive activities on the Moon, making Nova send a strike force consist of Shadows troops and Cult troops. The leaders of the strike force, Nakos, Shadow Prince and Ko Mal, Blade of Shira, discover that Crota have daughters and they are attempting to revive Oryx since, technically, the Guardians never took Oryx’s power. They also found a pyramid-shaped ship in the Scarlet Keep. They both inform all members of the Sumeragi leadership of this discovery, even showing a photo of the ship. Needless to say, Nova dispatch Vex and Cabal troops to recon the site of the ship. However, the force learn that Crota’s daughters create beings called Nightmares using the energy of the ship. They also learn that the Pyramid ships is right on the edge of the solar system.

Sol Divisive[edit]

The Shades in the strike force have discovered that the Sol Divisive Vex have started invading the moon. A Shade Captain informed the Chaos Collective of this development, which they learn the collective to learn that the Undying Mind have been reactivated. The Shades also discovered that Ikora have created an device to fight the Axis Mind. They use it to kidnap an copy of the Mind while the Guardians was distracted. They gave the mind to the Collective as a gift, as well as reassurance to their alliance.


Sometimes after the events on the moon. A group of Black Cabal discover that an sizable amount of Red Legion Cabal was conversing on Mercury. They contacted the closest group of Sumeragi troops, which the Shades, who they informed of this discovery. The Shades and Black Legion troops devised a plan which they can help Sumeragi further. The Black Legion will disguise themselves as Red Legion soldiers and infiltrated the group as they learn who is leading them, while the Shades, save one to observe the situation, goes to Sumeragi to inform the leaders of this development. The disguised Black Cabals learned that a group of Psions is leading the Red Legion groups. Luckily, the Guardian managed to put a stop to the plans the Psions has for a device call the Sundial to change the fate of the Red War.

Seraph Assault[edit]

Skolas and his house has learn that the Red Legion, led by Amtec, is attempting to crash the Almighty to the Last City. They informed Nova of this, leading him to command all Sumeragi forces to find a way to stop the Almighty. Merak, a member of the Adeptroid, informed everyone that Rasputin has awaken all of his defenses, and that they have a opportunity to acquire some of its technology. House Shadow, the Darkness Cult and the Black Legion agreed and have some of their forces send to several locations while Guardians was busy with the Almighty. They managed to acquire several cache of Rasputin tech, including the Seven Seraphs weapons.

The Arrival[edit]

All branches of Sumeragi reported the arrival of the Pyramid ships in Titan, Io, Mercury and Mars, causing Nova, Skalos, Nikros, Atlas, and Xa’lus to bring back all troops from those locations to bring back all supplies and equipment and return to Pluto and Neptune where they watched as the Pyramids reversed what the Traveler did. The House of Shadow managed to relocate all their supplies from Mercury and Titan, except their bases on those locations and most of the special projects that were either mostly done or halfway completed were send away to secure locations, while the projects that were started or about halfway done were scrapped with the notes and research for them send to Shadow Lair.

House of Darkness[edit]

Season of Sumeragi[edit]

After the event of Beyond Light, Sumeragi decided to revealed themselves. Quickly taking section of the House of Darkness territory, they attack groups of Guardians all over the Solar System. Using all of their weapons, resources and abilities at their disposal, the House of Shadow conquer a section of the European Dead Zone, half of old China, and an quarter of Russia. Skalos and his children quickly turn a old military base into his main base of operations. The Archons and their Priest and Priestess turns a number of large churches into either research base or major ether supply bases. And the Prime Servitor made their home in the massive factories. The Guardians initially launched an assault on them but was quickly pushed back.


The House of Shadow is the most complex house in existence, more so than the House of Dusk. Unlike the triumvirate leadership most other houses have, the House of Shadow has more leadership roles. Kells are the political leader of house, while the Prince, or Princess, is the heir to their throne. The Princes can start their own private military sect called a Clan. Archons are the high priest like most houses, however below are the Priest or Priestess that act as the secondary Archon and heir to the Archon position should the current Archon be killed or incapable of currently serving. Prime Servitors act like the gods of most Houses, however below them are the Sub-Prime which acts like secondary Primes and replacements for the Prime Servitor should the main one be destroyed.

  • Kell
    • Skalos, Kell of Shadows (current)
  • Prince (or Princess)
    • Nakos, Prince of Shadows
    • Sikas, Princess of Shadows
  • Archon
    • Nikis, Archon Shadow (current)
    • Crikis, Splicers Archon
  • Priest (or Priestess)
    • Axiki, Shadow Priest
    • Nariks, Shadow Priestess
  • Prime Servitor
    • Shimi, Prime Servitor
  • Sub-Prime
    • Shada-1, Sub Prime
    • Shade-7, Sub Prime

Command Structure[edit]


  • Dreg - The lowest rank of Fallen who seek to prove their worth. They act as the frontline soldiers for the House of Shadow, as well as the most versatile units of the House of Shadow.
    • Pike Dreg - Dregs who ride Pikes as cavalry infantry to harass enemy forces.
    • Scout - Dregs who are equipped with Wire Rifles. They are tasked with scouting out unmarked territory and reporting enemy activity.
    • Kamikaze - Dregs whose bodies are covered with Shock Grenades. They charge at enemy forces to take out the majority of them.
    • Kell's Guard (Dregs) - Along with the Wretch Kell’s Guard, they act as the first level of defense for their Kell. They wield Scorch Cannons, Shock Pistols, Shock Rifles and/or Shock Daggers.
    • Splicer Dreg - Dregs who are apart of the Shadow Splicer branch of the House of Shadows. Upgraded with SIVA tech, they are faster than their normal counterparts and can throw SIVA charges. They act as the frontline infantry. They are equipped with modified Shock Pistols, and SIVA charges.
      • Splicer Pike Dreg - Similar to Pike Dregs except the Pike has received heavy modifications that allow faster movement and are equipped with volatile thrusters that leaves a trail of Arc energy.


  • Wretch - Wretches are two-armed, spear-wielding Fallen who serve under the House of Shadow. These Fallen warriors charge their enemies with Arc Spears, attempting to both slice and electrocute them.
    • Guardsman - Wretches who guards important locations and high-ranking fallen such as Barons and High Servitors. They are equipped with an Arc Spear and Shock Shield similar to a Scorn Lurker’s shield with an added Shock ability.
    • Executioner - Wretches who are skilled in killing Guardians and other enemy forces. They also ensure no fallen would do anything to cripple the House of Shadow if their agenda would go against the house. They are equipped with an Arc Axe.
    • Lancer - Wretches who utilize an Arc Lance instead of an Arc Spear. They are faster and more combat efficient than regular Wretches.
      • Cavalier - Similar to a Lancer but equipped with a Shock Shield.
    • Kell's Guard (Wretch) - Like the Dreg variant of the Kell’s Guard, they act as the first level of defense for their Kell. They are equipped with Arc Spear, Shock Shield, and/or Shock Lance.
    • Splicer Wretch - Wretches who are apart of the House of Shadows Splicer branch. Upgraded with SIVA Tech, they’re more faster than their normal counterpart and, using their upgraded Arc Spear, can paralyze their foes for 5 seconds.
      • Splicer Lancer - Similar to normal Lancer but can shoot electric beams with their upgraded Arc Lance.


  • Initiate - Dregs and Wretches who are ready to ascend to the Vandal rank. They have two stubby arms during their ascension to Vandal. They have either a Shock Dagger, Shock Pistol, Shock Grenade, and/or Shock Rifle if they are Dreg. For Wretches, they have either Arc Spear, Arc Lance, and/or Shock Shield.
    • Splicer Initiate - Similar to a normal Initiate.


  • Vandal - Most common troops of a Fallen crew and can fit in several roles. They are superior to Dregs and Wretches but subordinate to Captains. They wield either a Shock Pistol, Wire Rifle, or Shock Rifle.
    • Hitman - Vandals who wield four Shock Pistols, one for each arm. They're often employed to eliminate enemy leaders.
    • Marksman - Vandals who wield the Wire Rifle. They're used as sniper units to take out enemies from a distance.
    • Grenadier - Vandals who wield the Shock Launcher. They launch two to three Shock Grenades to keep enemies at a distance.
    • Kell's Guard (Vandal) - Along with the Marauder variant of the Kell’s Guard, they act as the second level of defense for their Kell. They are equipped with Shock Pistols, Wire Rifles, or Shock Launchers.
    • Pike Vandal - Vandals who rides Pikes as cavalry infantry like Dregs but are more experienced as pilots.
      • Heavy Pike Vandal - Vandals who ride Heavy Pikes as heavy cavalry infantry that assault enemy position with heavy firepower.
    • Splicer Vandal - Vandals who are a part of the House of Shadow Splicer branch. Their weaponry have been upgraded with new abilities. They can regain most of their health and enter a berserk state when prompted to.
      • Splicer Hitman - Acts similar to normal Hitmen but their Shock Pistol shoot semi-auto.


  • Marauder - Hooded Fallen with wrist-mounted blades, cloaks, and hoods, sporting gear similar to Guardian Hunters. They have the ability to cloak and are armed with either a Shrapnel Launcher or Shock Blades.
    • Assassin - Marauders that primarily use Shock Blades. They're employed to kill enemy leaders and wreak havoc within hostile territories.
    • Bladesman - Marauders that that wield Shock Blades. They're often used as fast frontline infantry, employed to sweep through enemy forces.
    • Saboteur - Marauders who've taken up the burden of sneaking into enemy bases to cause chaos and hijack technologies that could be useful for the House of Shadows, and by extension, Sumeragi itself.
    • Kell's Guard (Marauder) - Along with the Vandal Kell’s Guard, they form the second line of defense for their Kell. They are equipped with Shock Blades or the Shrapnel Launcher.
    • Shade Enforcer - A class of Marauder that belongs to an elite mercenary unit within the House of Shadow called Shades. They protect the House from assailants and traitors who could harm the house.
    • Splicer Marauder - Marauders who are apart of the House of Shadow Splicer branch. Their weaponry have been upgraded with new abilities. They can permanently cloak themselves, as well as stun and disorient enemies with their enhanced melee ability.
      • Splicer Assassin - Similar to normal Assassins but are faster due to cybernetic implants and, with upgraded Shock Blades, can slow enemies.


  • Captain - commanders of a Fallen crew. They are a known rank of the Fallen, carrying themselves with an air of superiority and nobility. Armed with either a Shrapnel Launcher, Shock Rifle, Shock Blades, or a Scorch Cannon. Equipped with an Arc Shield and can teleport.
    • Pike Leader - Captains who lead squads of Pike Dregs and Pike Vandals as they harass and assault enemy forces.
    • Weapon Forger - Captains who have taken up Gunsmithing to arm the house with new and improved weaponry.
    • Shade Captain - Captains who lead groups of Shade Enforcers as they roam in their lair for signs of insurgents and spies. They are equipped with Shock Blades.
    • Kell’s Guard Captain - Captains who act as the final defense of the Kell as well as serve as the leaders of the Kell’s Guard. Equipped with a Shrapnel Launcher, Shock Rifle, Shock Blades, or a Scorch Cannon.
    • Splicer Captain - Captains who are apart of the House of Shadow Splicer branch. Their weapons have also been substantially upgraded: their Shrapnel Launchers have higher muzzle velocity and their Shock Rifles have higher rate of fire and faster ballistic velocity.
      • Splicer Weapon Forger - similar to normal Weapon Forger but are more skilled in their craft, capable of upgrading Fallen weaponry to help suit the Splicer branch.

Notable Group[edit]



  • Shock Dagger
  • Shock Pistol
  • Shock Blade
  • Arc Spear
  • Arc Lance
  • Arc Axe
  • Shock Shield
  • Wire Rifle
  • Shock Rifle
  • SIVA Charge
  • Shrapnel Launcher
  • Shock Launcher
  • Shock Grenade


  • Shank - Small floating drones employed by the Fallen as scouts, fire support, or to serve as a distraction.
    • Repeater Shank - Shanks that have a built-in Repeater mini-gun, greatly increasing their firepower.
    • Exploder Shank - Shanks that act as kamikaze bots in battle.
    • Tracer Shank - Shanks that have a built-in Wire Rifle, allowing them to snipe hostiles from long range as effectively as any Vandal.
    • Scout Shank - Shanks that work with Scout Dregs as camera drones. Capable of a flash attack that temporarily blinds enemies.
    • Splicer Shank - Shanks that are a part of the Splicer branch of the House of Shadow. Splicer Shanks fire their weaponry a lot faster than their normal counterparts.
  • Heavy Shank - Heavily upgraded Shanks and a recent addition to the Fallen arsenal. Larger than their normal counterparts, they bear thicker armor and two Rotary Cannons.
    • Repeater Heavy Shank - Heavy Shanks that have been heavily upgraded to have two Repeater mini-guns on both sides of the chassis which fire heavier caliber projectiles, capable of quickly rending enemy shielding and armor.
    • Exploder Heavy Shank - Heavy Shank that acts as Heavy kamikaze units. Explosions are more violent and can coat the area of effect with napalm.
    • Tracer Heavy Shank - Heavy Shanks that utilizes a powerful version of Wire Rifle which has twice the impact and can overpenetrate targets and surfaces but requires more time to charge up.
    • Splicer Heavy Shank - Heavy Shank that is a part of the House of Shadow Splicer branch. They are more powerful than their normal counterpart.
  • Servitor - Spherical machines that supply the Fallen with ether. They utilize their own directed Void energy weapon and can teleport.
    • Pilot Servitor - Servitors that act as pilots for Ketches and Skiffs.
    • Servitor War Mech - Based on the Insurrection Prime war mech, these Servitors serve as advanced warfare troops. However, they are weaker than the original model.
    • Splicer Servitor - Servitors that are a part of the House of Shadow splicer branch. They bring artillery-style suppressive fire to the battlefield using their own directed energy weapons, and are relied on for their ally-healing abilities.
  • Walker - Spider-like assault tank used to guard key Fallen assets. Armed with a wide variety of weapons, including the main cannon that fires laser-guided explosive rounds at a high velocity.
    • Flame Walker - Walkers that had its weapons replaced with Solar-based weaponry such as flamethrowers and phosphorus-based missiles and cannons.
    • Mortar Walker - Based on the Scorn Walker, they are armed with anti-infantry weaponry such as flamethrowers and mortars.
    • Missile Walker - Walker that have anti-air weaponry to deal with ships such as flak cannons and Surface-to-Air Missiles from their back-mounted turret.
    • Splicer Walker - House of Shadows Walker that has been upgraded with SIVA-tech. They have more firepower and significantly more resilient than their counterparts.


  • Skiff - drop shuttles that are used to deploy Fallen and can teleport.
  • Ketch - large interstellar starships that act as mobile bases for high ranking Fallen.
  • Pike - light hovercraft primarily utilized as patrol vehicles
    • Heavy Pike - It has a slower rate of fire than the standard Pike but fires explosive rounds. Strafing fires bouncing Shock Grenades that will rapidly track any target before exploding. Its armor is significantly stronger than a Sparrow or Pike's.

Cult of the Darkness[edit]

Cult of the Darkness


Ensure the enemies of Sumeragi is destroyed.
Acts as a vanguard advance units.


Nikros, God of Darkness
Aivu Arth, War-Queen of Darkness
Neganul, Will of Nikros
Krota, Warpriest





The Cult of the Darkness was a Hive sect that left the main Hive army to order to help improve themselves in battle. However, some of the higher members of the sect believe the main group was weak and decided to permanently become their own sovereign army. Led by Nikros, God of Darkness, along with his Council, some of his powerful champion based on aspects of himself or his Queen and Consort, Aivu Arth, War-Queen of Darkness, and Neganul, Will of Nikros. During the Red War, they encountered the Sumeragi and joined them after seeing their strength in combat. They have a blackish-purplish coloring with a spiked growth covering some parts of their body, along with red glowing eyes.



During the aftermath of the Taken War, Nikros was a Knight in charge of a section of the Brood of Oryx. He saw how the Guardians destroy leaders after leaders of the entire Hive, he decided that they were weak, and left them. Taking his section of the brood, along with members of others brood, they went back to their home world. Nikros made a bond with the Worms Gods, they have gain new abilities and new units to take the fight to the guardians. Nikros, along with his newly born council, train themselves to gain new powers for their armies.

Red War[edit]

Two years after the Cult of Darkness was formed, they traveled to the solar system to fight the guardians. However, they learned that a group of elite cabals called the Red Legion is in a war with them. So they watched as the Red Legion defeated the Guradians in the early stage of what would be the Red War, but got beaten hard in the later parts of the war. They also discover the Leviathan ship, but decided to be hidden until a time would come to revealed themselves.

Red Aftermath[edit]

Meanwhile, a group of Hive soldiers encountered the Sumeragi and House Shadow troops in Hellas Basin, they immediately informed the cult of this development. They also encountered the Black Legion and briefly fought before Nova came and calmed everyone down. They saw how they all (except Sumeragi) hated the Guardians for either killing much of their kind or disrupting many plans. They joined Sumeragi after seeing their strength in combat. Combining their resources with the other, they became the vanguard advance force and religious members.

Scorn Rise[edit]

A few months later, an message was intercepted from Reef informing that a prison riot while happening in the Prison of Elder. The Cult weren’t interested until they learned that Riven was Taken during the Taken War, and Savathun’s Hive has control of the Dreaming City. They immediately send dozen of squads of Cult troops to secure a breach head for the rest of the Sumeragi troops. They discover that Quria have trapped the Dreaming City in a three week time-loop.

Recovering Lost Weapons[edit]

In the aftermaths of Forsaken, the Cult asked Sumeragi to go to Taken War battlefields to recover either lost troops, weapons, and/or lost commanders for their cult. A few months after, they gathered a large number of lost weapons, Taken War surviving troops, and a small number of commanders that managed to survive. Afterward, they went to the Dreadnought to take control of its system and add it to the Sumeragi fleet, combining it with the Fallen Fleet, Hive Fleet, and Cabal Fleet.

Sorrow of Gahlran[edit]

The Cult and the Black Legion accidentally discover an plot of Savathun to attack Calus in his ship. Informing Sumeragi of this, they headed inside of Calus’ ship once more to discover how. As it turns out, Savathun created a Hive artifact that controls anyone who wears it. They watched at a distance while the Guardians took a mind-controlled Cabal named Gahlran.

The Shadowkeep[edit]

The Cult discover a massive structure on the Moon, within the same location in Hellmouth, The World’s Grave, the Temple of Crota and the Shrine of Onyx. They also discover the Pyramid ship inside the the structure, informing Nikros, who in turn immediately informed Nova of this. The Cult also learned that the daughters of Crota has created phantasm apparitions using the Pyramid powers, these creatures being past enemies of the Guardians. Luckily, these only forms around the facilities of the Pyramid. The Cult took many textures of how the Hidden Swarm managed to create these nightmares. They also learned that the Pyramids ships is on their way.

Vex Invasion[edit]

A few hours after the Pyramid Nightmares Hunt, the Sol Divisive launch an invasion on the moon. This forces the Cult to defend themselves from the onslaught of Vex troops.

Almighty Crash[edit]

Weeks after Sundial, Nikros received news of the Almighty heading on a collision course to the Last City. Merak, informed everyone that they, Sumeragi, have an opportunity to receive multiple tech and weapons from Rasputin due to it on lining all of his defense.


Nikros learned though his connection to the Ascendent Realm that Savathun was planning something and it involves the Pyramids Ships that arrived. He, and the others, learned that the Pyramids Ships is undoing the works of the Traveler on Mercury, Mars, Io, and Titan. He removed his forces from Titan and Io into his fortress in Neptune. As well as figuring out what is Savathun is planning. He learned that Oryx nephew have managed to resurrect himself and became Savathun supplement, so he may teach her how to resurrect things.

House of Darkness[edit]

Season of Sumeragi[edit]

After the events of Beyond Light, Sumeragi decided to reveal themselves. The Cult, using all of their weapons, resources and abilities at their disposal, took over the Scarlet Keep on the Moon and it’s surrounding area along with a section of Hive territory on the Tangled Shore, and develop an breach head in the European Dead Zone in the territory of the Red Legion.


  • God-King
    • Nikros, God of Darkness (and leader of the Council of Nikros)
  • Queen
    • Aivu Arth, War-Queen of Darkness
  • Consort
    • Neganul, Will of Nikros

Council of Nikros[edit]

  • High ranking members
    • Krota, Warpriest (Leader of the Cult’s military)
    • Mrugor, Monster of Nikros (Nikros’ personal Ogre bodyguard)
    • Ir Nukak, Deathsinger of Order (Twin leader of the wizards rank)
    • Ir Bukal, Deathsinger of Chaos (Twin leader of the wizards rank)
    • Lomak, Son of Nikros (Leader of the knights rank)
    • Shira, Daughter of Aivu Arth (Leader of the acolytes rank)
    • Shax, Servant of Neganul (Leader of the thrall rank)
  • Mid ranking members (known mention)
    • Ma Lak, Lady of Life (wizard leader of research and development)(servant of Ir Nukak)
    • Naxx, Vanguard of Krota (Knight leader of the military assault)
    • Sha Ra, Lady of Peace (wizard leader of diplomacy) (servant of Ir Nukak)
    • Kaxx, Guardian of Krota (Knight leader of the military defense)
    • Bikros, Lord of Death (Knight leader of I&T) (servant of Ir Bukal)
    • Kugal, Lord of War (Knight leader of strikes team) (servant of Ir Bukal)
    • Iris, Daughter of Lomak (Wizard Leader of training thrall)
  • Low ranking members (known ones)
    • Aria, Mockery of Neganul (Wizard)
    • Mo Kal, Servant of Shax (Acolyte)
    • Ko Mal, Blade of Shira (Darkblade)
    • Anrux, Fist of Mrugor (Knight)
    • Navathan, Beast of Neganul (Ogre)
    • Auryx, Eye of Aiva Arth (Acolyte)
    • Gaxx, Shield of Nikros (Vanquisher)

Command Structure[edit]


  • Thrall - berserker pawns that rush into battles in groups and tear their targets apart with a pair of claws.
    • Carrion - winged Thrall that swoop down to attack their foes with mighty claws.
      • Cursed Carrion - winged suicidal bombers that creates a pool of Hive magic that damages foes upon death.
    • Cursed Thrall - kamikaze unit
    • Ogre Aspirant - Thrall that are undergoing their transformation into Ogres. They are bulkier and much taller than Knights but shorter than the Ogres themselves. They have limited eye blast abilities and can slam.
    • Acolyte Ascendent - Thrall that are midway into ascending to Acolyte.


  • Acolyte - commonly encountered foot soldiers that utilize cover and distance to defeat their enemies and are armed with either a Shredder (common) or Boomer (very rare).
    • Adherent - sniper variant of normal Acolytes.
    • Vulture - winged Acolytes that act as aerial troops for ground support. Equipped with a Shredder.
      • Adherent Vulture - sniper variant of Vulture that acts as specialist troops for long-range support.
    • Apprentice - magic servants to Wizard and Mages.
    • Knight Ascendent - Acolytes that are midway to becoming Knight, they are bulkier than normal Acolytes but not as much as Knight. Deals more melee damage.
      • Paladin Ascendant - female Acolytes that are undergoing ascension into Paladins. Can defend themselves with a pulse of penumbral fire if any opponent gets too close.
    • Wizard Ascendant - female Acolytes that are midway to becoming Wizard, they are more slender than normal Acolytes and have minor Hive magic abilities, such as an increased velocity and blast radius for their grenades.
      • Mage Ascendent - male Acolytes that are midway to becoming Mage.


  • Wizard - the source of all Hive birth and can support them with dark magic. Equipped with a Solar Absorption shield.
    • Brood Queen - unique, and extremely rare and high-ranking Hive Wizards that are charged with spawning legions of Hive.
      • Brood Mother - Wizards that are in charge of brooding their spawn of Hive warriors.
    • Deathsinger - a special kind of Hive Wizard which possesses the ability to sing the Deathsong, a powerful song that kills anyone listening when it is complete.
    • Ogre Ritualist - Wizards that are in charge of Ogre creation. Due to their skills and vitality to the Hive, they are often marked as a high-value target. They can summon Ogre Aspirant for defense.
    • Mage - male version of normal Wizard, they have the same abilities as normal Wizard. Can sacrifice weak Hive to ascend to a Major and even Ultra if enough Hive subordinates are sacrificed.


  • Knight - elite forward heavy infantry of the Hive. Most commonly armed with a Boomer, but can also be seen with either a Cleaver or Shredder.
    • Vanquisher - sub-unit of regular Hive Knights that are armed with a Cleaver and a Hive Shield.
    • Darkblade - terrifying axe-wielding elite Knights.
      • Royal Guard - a fused version of Vanquisher and Darkblade with the former's shield and the latter's axe.
    • Ogre Rider - Knight who uses Ogres as a mount. If their mount is lost, they enter an enraged state and gain a higher rate of fire for their equipped weapon.
    • Raven - a heavy, aerial version of the Knight. They are few in number but are stronger than most aerial troops.
      • Raven Vanquisher - a winged version of Vanquisher with a smaller Hive Shield to make it easier to fly.
      • Raven Darkblade - a winged version of Darkblade.
        • Raven Royal Guard - a winged version of the Royal Guard with a smaller Hive Shield.
    • Paladin - female variant of the Hive Knight seen more often defending or leading Hive rituals. They can create a field of Hive magic that heals allies within the writhing aura. More allies healed by the aura also increases the Paladin's resilience and damage output.


  • Ogre - mutated Thrall turned into mobile siege engines for the Hive; have devastating ranged and melee attacks.
    • Ritualist Guardian - Ogres who protect the Ogre Ritualists during Ogre-creation rituals.
    • Frost Ogre - Arctic Ogres who blasts their opponents with an ice beam rather than the normal Void Eye Blast ability.
    • Blaze Ogre - Solar Ogres who shoots a beam of fire rather than the normal Void Eye Blast ability.
    • Ogre Mount - Ogres who take Ogre Riders to battle like a cavalry unit. If the Rider is lost, the Ogre enters an enraged state and charges their foes.



  • Cleaver
  • Boomer
  • Hive Shield
  • Soulfire Rifle
  • Splinter
  • Shredder
  • Axe


  • Tombship - Hive troop transport ships. They seem to possess a form of teleportation, warping in and out of combat zones with distinctive green wormholes.
    • Heavy Tombship - Hive Transports with an increased troop capacity and armed with better and more numerous firepower.


  • Shrieker - Sentry that guards certain locations either in Hive territory or places of interest.
    • Snipe Shrieker - Shrieker that has the ability to shoot beams with an extensive range of effect.
    • Blaster Shrieker - Shrieker that shot void blasts like a Gatling gun.

Chaos Collective[edit]

Chaos Collective


Assist Sumeragi with their plans
Create a homeworld for the Vex
Destroy the Guardians

Axis Minds:

Atlas, Chaos Mind
Zeus, Thunder Mind
Hades, Hell Mind
Poseidon, Ocean Mind





This Vex collective formed from the remnants of Vex units from other collectives (with the exception of the Sol Divisive and Vex Sol Collective), forced together after facing countless defeats at the hands of the Guardians. Led by Atlas, Chaos Mind with the help of its three Grand Axis Minds, Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades. Together they led the collective to a future where they would be free to act on their own accord, no longer forced to serve the Pattern. They joined Sumeragi to enact that future. They can be identified with black plating with the head having horns similar to a Greek Minotaur as well as red lining.


Infinite Forest[edit]


They are more complicated than more collective due to having multiple Axis Minds that some of them have categorized themselves into different ranks to better identify themselves.

  • God Mind(s)
    • Atlas, Chaos Mind
  • Grand Mind(s)
    • Zeus, Thunder Mind (Hydra)
    • Hades, Hell Mind (Minotaur)
    • Poseidon, Ocean Mind (Minotaur)
  • Axis Mind(s)
    • Ares, War Mind (Troll)
    • Hermes, Speed Mind (Harpy)
    • Hercules, Strength Mind (Minotaur)
    • Apollo, Sun Mind (Hydra)
    • Thanatos, Death Mind (Cerubium)
    • Nyx, Night Mind (Seraphim)
    • Artemis, Mind of the Hunt (Throne)

Command Structure[edit]


  • Harpy - scout and patrol support units that provide covering fire in a pinch and bear heightened agility. Armed with a Harpy Slap Rifle or Vex Beam Weapon.
    • Medusa - based on the Gorgons from the Vault of Glass, they can create a stasis field that freezes enemies in place for 5 seconds and increases all allied fire on their entrapped prey.
    • Angel - small aerial Harpy drones that act as surveillance and swarmer drones. Capable of unleashing a ray of blinding light that disorients their opponents.
    • Grindylow - the aquatic version of the Harpy, they bear a sleeker design to move faster underwater. They utilize tentacles tipped with a Void paralytic agent to paralyze foes.
    • Imp - a demented and twisted Harpy frame equipped with barbed tentacles, capable of slowly strangling prey while immune to its prey's defenses.
    • Supplicant - a suicide unit with a devastating blast radius capable of killing any Guardian instantly.
    • Servant - defenseless Harpy units with immune fins. However, they will seek out the nearest Minotaur and fuse with it, either creating Valkyrie or Samaritan.


  • Goblin - cannon fodder that relies on swarming to overwhelm their targets. Most commonly armed with a Slap Rifle, but can also be seen with a Torch Hammer (rare), or a Line Rifle (very rare).
    • Gnoll - Goblins that act as melee fighters with a spear that paralyzes enemies for 3 seconds. Weak individually but strong in groups.
    • Archangel - second rank among the aerial caste. They utilize jet-packs, allowing aerial support for their grounded allies.
    • Undine - aquatic cannon fodder with a Trident as a weapon.
    • Demon - abyssal, twisted Vex frames armed with thick, jagged armor impervious to all damage. They can evolve into a Spectra.


  • Fanatic - glitched Vex that attempt to decimate their opponents with their self-destruct sequence. They can infect Guardians with Radiolarian fluid.
    • Blasphemer - glitched Hobgoblin units that explode with greater intensity and infect enemies with a burning Radiolarian fluid.
    • Heretic - glitched Harpy units that kamikazes foes with a shocking Radiolarian fluid.
    • Renegade - glitched Minotaur units that will ram into their foes and cover them in writhing Radiolarian fluid.


  • Hobgoblin - energy conduits and long-range support machines that provide suppressive fire. Most commonly armed with a Line Rifle, but can also be seen with a Torch Hammer (rare) or a Slap Rifle (very rare).
    • Bugbear - torture and interrogation units, as well as advanced melee combat units.
    • Principality - elite aerial troops that provide aerial support for ground troops. When in stasis, can magnetize enemy fire towards it.
    • Triton - aquatic long-range support infantry, armed with an aquatic Line Rifle and a shield that explodes once thrown at their target.
    • Spectra - abyssal, twisted Vex frames donning thick, jagged armor impervious to all damage. Stasis ability creates a gravity well that draws in and damages its enemies. They can evolve into a Fury.


  • Minotaur - large, extremely aggressive mobile foundries that can rapidly teleport to flank their targets. Equipped with a Void Shield. Most commonly armed with a Torch Hammer, but can also be seen with a Slap Rifle or a Vex Beam Weapon.
    • Centaur - An four-legged Minotaur that acts as an elite heavy infantry and field commanders of Vex forces, just below Hydras. Armed with a Torch Hammer and a Vex Hammer.
    • Troll - a bulkier Minotaur that acts as elite melee infantry and berserkers of the Vex forces, they are armed with two Vex Hammers.
      • Flame Troll - Trolls that acts as medium-range support units with their Vex Flamethrower and jetpack.
      • Shock Troll - Trolls that acts as rare elite melee infantry with their Vex Shock Hammer.
      • Void Troll - Troll that acts as captains of the Troll units. They are a bit sleeker than their counterparts. They are capable of throwing Vex Grenades and using the Torch Hammer as a weapon.
    • Power - aerial support units for ground troops, as well as elite infantry units with their wings.
    • Virtue - higher than Powers, they act as healer support units with arms modified to repair Vex allies.
    • Dominion - mobile weapon foundries as well as grenadier units for the aerial troops.
    • Adaro - elite aquatic Minotaur that acts as captains for the aquatic subtype. Armed with a Slap Rifle and Torch Hammer.
    • Fury - abyssal, twisted Vex frames covered in thick, jagged armor resistant to small arms fire. When shot at, the Fury will disappear into a cloud of smoke. It's bright, irate eye is the only thing seen when in this stance. In this rage, the Minotaur can only be seen by its assailant, where they should track and stagger the Fury before they are struck down by its powerful melee attack. The final form of the Demon.
    • Valkyrie - Minotaur fused with a Servant, now capable of limited flight. It now gains an Arc sword capable of quickly rending its opponents and launching razor-sharp projectiles from the blade. Capable of a ground slam that releases volatile, tracking energies.
    • Samaritan - Minotaur fused with a Servant, now capable of using the Harpy symbiote as a shield. Capable of creating a dome shield for allies and snaring enemies with a Vex net.


  • Hydra - aggressive, levitating robotic centipedes that provide heavy support for other Vex units; they also serve as processing nodes. Armed with an Aeon Maul and equipped with a rotating shield that blocks all damage.
    • Giant - elite Hydra that acts as commander unit among the Trolls and as processing nodes for Axis Minds.
      • Fire Giant - Solar based Giant that is armed with Vex Flamethrowers and an Aeon Maul on top of its head and acts as commander units for the Flame Trolls. They also have rotating shields.
      • Storm Giant - Arc based Giants that act as commander units among the Shock Trolls. Protected by three rotating shields that reflect enemy projectiles.
      • Void Giants - Giants that act as commander units for the Void Trolls. They wield a Gatling version of Aeon Maul.
    • Throne - Commander units and heavy aerial troops for the flying Vex. Compared to the lower ranks, there are few of them but are extremely powerful.
    • Cherubim - Higher and fewer than the Thrones, their Gatling-styled Aeon Maul and Healing aura makes them a high-priority target in Strikes and, in some cases, Raids.
    • Seraphim - the highest level among the aerial troops. Only 6 of them can exist at a time, else the whole time-space continuum will collapse due to their power. This power makes them equal to Atheon, Time’s Conflux.
    • Typhon - aquatic-based Hydras capable of submerging and reemerging in water. They utilize their water-based abilities to lift up rocky shields, as well as toss them towards their opponents, disorienting and knocking them back.
    • Leviathan - higher class aquatic Hydras equipped with arms pulsing with Arc energies. Capable of launching powerful Arc volleys at their opponents and shock a watery arena with its voltaic grip. It can catch rockets and grenades with their water abilities and heal in water. Can grab enemies and instantly kill them with a drowning ability.
    • Archdemon - twisted Hydra frames equipped with a Solar Aeon Maul capable of creating areas-of-denial. Capable of summoning a massive, tracking ball of Void energy capable of disintegrating anyone trapped in this field for too long. Damage taken from that heals the Archdemon. Also capable of tunneling underground to get a new vantage point.
    • Harbinger - higher demented Hydra frames armed with its standard Solar Aeon Maul and Void Mortars on its posterior fins. Now capable of launching an entrapment field that suppresses weaponry and slowly damages the target inside. Anyone killed by this ability empowers all allies in its vicinity, also making them melee-focused monstrosities. The entrapped player should call out which vents are glowing to break free. Its Void ball is quicker. Tunneling ability kills anyone caught within its emergence point.


  • Cyclops - Vex artillery units that lay down Void mortar fire that deals heavy damage. They can be pushed into a berserker rage that causes it to rapidly fire Void blasts in a wide area.
    • Greater Cyclops - Vex artillery unit that have been upgraded to have three Void Mortar.
    • Cerberus - a quadrupedal walker tank with three Cyclops heads as well as two Torch Hammers.



  • Slap Rifle
  • Line Rifle
  • Torch Hammer
  • Aeon Maul
  • Vex Flamethrower
  • Vex Hammer
  • Vex Sword
  • Vex Grenades

Black Legion[edit]

Black Legion


Conquer the Last City
Destroy or Absorb the Red Legion
Reformed the Cabal Empire


Xa'Lus, Dominus of Black
Me’tron, Primus of Dark
Sta’tra, Primus of Black


Firebase Ares
Firebase Athena
Firebase Neptune





Formed from the remnants of the Red Legion and Loyalists deserters, those that left the solar system return to the Cabal Homeworld and report the failure of their mission and the death of the Red Legion leaderships. Seeing the threat, the Cabal council summoned Xa’Lus to lead the remnants. Forming the Black Legion, they have greater tech from the Guardian, Vex and Fallen. They returned to the solar system to learn about the Guardians to see how to defeat them. Sumeragi contacted the Black Legion for an alliance, as well as the chance to beat the Guardians. They reluctantly agreed but ask to leave if Sumeragi fails to beat the Guardians. They are seen in black, and grey armor with an hit of red linings in their armor with spiked shoulders pad.




  • Xa'lus, Dominus of Black


  • Me'tron, Primus of Dark
  • Sta'tra, Primus of Black


  • Valus Maru'usk, Umbral Scourge
  • Valus Tulthem, Harrowed Blade


  • Val Seng, Crushing Jaw
  • Val Umu'urn, Shadowing Volley
  • Val Zalvahn, Black Partisan

Psion Flayers[edit]

  • Lethoc, Servant of Tulthem
  • Kratch, Standard of Fire
  • Nohtem, Standard of Entropy
  • Ahrtil, Standard of Polarity
  • Susansoo, Standard’s Tribune

Command Structure[edit]

War Beast[edit]

  • War Beast - vicious, four-legged Cabal creatures
    • War Hound - larger version of the War Beast that acts as elite hounds.
    • Beastmaster's Dogs - War Beasts that are under the command of a Beastmaster.
    • Skewer Hound - Tusked War Beasts with a thick, scaly plate covering its head. Capable of charging it's opponents to gore them with their razor-sharp tusks.
    • Royal Beast - elite War Beasts that protects Primuses and Valuses from threats.


  • Psion - non-Cabal slaves that have powerful psionic abilities and clairvoyance. They are armed with Slug Rifles or Cabal Headhunters. They can move around quicker than other Cabal units.
    • Psion Flayer Aspirant - Psion that are ready to ascend to a Psion Flayer.
    • Inferno Psion - Psions that have a small version of the Magma Launcher.
      • Ice Psion - Psions that have a small version of the Cyro Launcher.
    • Pulsar - sniper specialist that attack high-value target.
    • Venator - cloaked Psion that acts as assassins and infiltration troops.
    • Vilicus - high-ranking Psion troops that serve as enforcers for their lower-ranking kin. They can carry heavier weaponry, have access to all Psionic powers, can use a Quake ability, and launch rockets.
    • Intercepter Psion - Psions that rides Intercepter as cavalry infantry.


  • Legionary - frontline heavy infantry that form the backbone of the Cabal military. Equipped with jump jets, and armed with either a Slug Rifle, (common), Projection Rifle (rare), or Cabal Slug Shotgun.
    • Deadshot - specialist sniper units often seen in the back lines or as assassin troops. Enhanced jump jets are quieter and allow the Legionary to travel further. Frag Detonator is replaced by a Mine Launcher.
    • Ballistarius - Legionaries that specializes in placing turrets in area of value, firebases, as well as land mines.
    • Venator Prime - cloaked Legionary units that provide leadership and enforcement over their Venator subordinates. Solar sword is replaced by the Necator Sword that instantly kills any target it hits.


  • Phalanx - defensive troops that create impenetrable walls for support. Equipped with Slug Rifles, Cabal Slug Shotguns, and Cabal Shields.
    • Lancer - Phalanx that has discarded their shield in exchange for a lance of pure Arc energy.
      • Hoplite - A fusion of both a Lancer and a Phalanx, having the former's Lance and the latter's Shield. They acts as elite guards for Bracuses and Vals.


  • Incendior - pyrotechnic Cabal units. They are armed with Cabal Magma Launchers.
    • Cryo Incendior - specialist Incendior armed with a specialized Cryo thrower that freezes any enemies caught in the ice pools. A compression blast completely engulfs a Guardian in Ice, negating movement and the ability to fire, also doubling incoming damage.
    • Beastmaster(Incendior) - Incendiors that have experience in training War Beasts. Can summon War Beast backup if any enemy threatens the Beastmaster.


  • Gladiator - large cleaver-wielding Cabal. They are armed with Cabal Severus.
    • Barbarian - smaller, yet more agile variants of the Gladiator. Lighter armor is compensated by their customary Rendis Gauntlets that provides shielding and rapid melee attacks.
    • Taskmaster - bulkier and more imposing variants of the Gladiator. They trade their agility for a powerful Void Ripsaw capable of instantly killing a Guardian. Can launch these blades, as well as whip them at targets.
    • Great Beastmaster - Gladiators that have experience in training Skewer Beasts. Can summon Skewer Beast backup if any enemy threatens the Beastmaster
    • Viking - Larger variants of the Gladiator. They use the their Solar Greataxe to fight foes.


  • Centurion - field commanders and special operation troops of the Cabal. Equipped with a Solar Shield and jump jets, and armed with either a Projection Rifle (common), Slug Rifle (rare), or a Cabal Bronto Cannon (common).
    • Tesserarius - specialist defense coordinators armed with a barrier-shield device that creates a dome shield that protects their allies while also providing limited healing abilities.
    • Phoenix - specialist Centurion units armed with an enhanced jet pack that allows the Phoenix to travel higher and move around to flank targets. Can slam the ground from the air to knock their opponents back.
    • Dragoon - special ops Cabal distinguished by their jet black armor and red optics. Can suppress light-based abilities with their aura generators, entrap enemies with a Solar net, cloak, and summon an Accipiter Drone to provide support. Weaker than their commanding brethren, but has a higher sense of mobility.
    • Tulthem's Chosen - Centurion's anointed by Tulthem and granted Psionic abilities. A more elusive target, they can teleport across the battlefield and can conjure Solar Seekers to track and disintegrate their enemies. They can lift debris from the field to protect themselves and damage their assailants.


  • Colossus - elite heavy infantry units that lead the battle with their own ferocious size and strength. Armed with a Heavy Slug Thrower or a Cabal Slug Launcher, and have the ability to fire homing missiles from pods on the back of their armor. Can also unleash a three-hundred-sixty degree melee attack to inflict tremendous knockback and serious damage.
    • Aestus - ironclad pyrotechnic units armed with a Magma Thrower that launches a steady stream of Magma fire. Missile pods on its back fires Missiles loaded with a Magma payload. Magma Malfunction is more violent and temporarily denies the area.
    • Argonaut - thickly armored Colossus that trades their heavy weaponry for a massive shield and a Slug Repeater. Shield bash takes longer to wind up, but can instantly kill a Guardian. Has access to Solar Missiles.
    • Juggernaut - specialist Colossus units gifted state-of-the-art Cabal technology. Torque joints allow greater movement, a back-mounted Mortar allows a cluster bomb volley to rain death on their enemies and shield tech allows enemy projectiles to be deflected back. Quake ability kills anyone regardless of power and buffs.


  • Thresher - a Cabal gunship
    • Heavy Thresher - a variant of Thresher that carries Colossus to battle.
    • Goliath Thresher - a large variant that can deploy Goliath Tanks to the field of battle.


  • Goliath - a Cabal super-heavy hovercraft tank.
    • Rattler Goliath - small Goliath tanks that act as swarmers due to their size and numbers.
      • Twin Rattler Goliath - Rattlers that are slightly larger and have twin barrels.
    • Diamondback Goliath - medium-sized Goliath tank with triple barrels.
    • Mambas Goliath - Goliath Tanks armed with multiple rocket pods rather than the customary cannons.
    • Cobra Goliath - a Heavy variant of Goliath Tank with durability armor.



  • Slug Rifle
  • Cabal Headhunter
  • Magma Launcher
  • Cyro Launcher
  • Projection Rifle
  • Cabal Slug Shotgun
  • Cabal Shields
  • Cabal Lance
  • Cabal Severus
  • Rendis Gauntlets
  • Void Ripsaw
  • Solar Greataxe
  • Cabal Bronto Cannon
  • barrier-shield
  • Aura Generator
  • Accipiter Drone
  • Solar Net
  • Heavy Slug Thrower
  • Cabal Slug Launcher
  • Slug Repeater

The Corrupted[edit]

The Corrupted


Serve Nikros

Average height:


Average weight:



Same as regular Taken but their eyes are red.

Average lifespan:


Notable individuals:

Consul, Slave of Corruption
Thumos, the Broken
Atheon, Time’s Broken



The Corrupted were born from Nikros' studies on the Taken themselves. However, he made a mistake; using Void and Darkness as a template, both of these energies collided in on each other and created a new version of Taken. They have new abilities along with their old ones or replaced the old ones with newer abilities. They are also able to revive and corrupt old enemies of the Guardian, granting them new abilities compared to their old ones. They have the same appearance as regular Taken but have a purplish flame and red eyes as a sign of their corruption. They serve Nikros as his loyal servants and reserve force.



  • Leader
    • Consul, Slave of Corruption (Cabal)
  • Twelve Grand General
    • Atheon, Time's Corruption (Vex)
    • Crota, Corrupted Prince (Hive)
    • Skolas, Corrupted Kell (Fallen)
    • Oryx, the Corrupted Knight (Hive)
    • Aksis, Corrupt Archon (Fallen)
    • Ghaul, Dominus of Corruption (Cabal)
    • Panoptes, Infinite Corruption (Vex)
    • Riven of the Thousands Corrupted (Taken)
    • Siviks, Lost to Nikros (Fallen)
    • Gahlran, the Corruption-Bearer (Cabal)
    • The Corrupted Mind (Vex)
    • Inotam, Corruption's Triune (Cabal)

Command Structure[edit]

Demodand (Fallen)[edit]

  • Tarry - Fallen Vandal that summons a spherical shield similar to Ward of Dawn that traps foes and damages them over time. They are armed with Solar Wire Rifles, Arc Shrapnel Launchers, or Void Blades.
  • Shaggy - Fallen Captain that sends out moving balls of Darkness to blind Guardians and boost the power of other Corrupted, making them immune to damage for 10 seconds. They are armed with either an Arc Shrapnel Launcher or Arc Blades and enveloped in a Solar Absorption Shield.
  • Slimy - Taken Servitors. Fires blasts of Void energy and occasionally bursts of Axion Darts. Can summon Blights that grants them immunity until they are destroyed. They are also capable of spewing out a slime that paralyzes foes for 6 seconds and increases incoming damage by 20%.

Demon (Hive)[edit]

  • Dretch - Taken Thrall that have the ability to teleport short distances in an instant and do Solar-damage with their melee. They split apart up to 5 Dretches upon death depending on how many headshots it receives. However once split, they can no longer teleport.
  • Schir - Taken Acolytes that deploys Acolyte's Eye turrets and are armed with Arc Shredders which fires projectiles in an arc that can attack from over short cover. They can create a spear of Arc energy to blind foes and damage them.
  • Succubus - Taken Wizard that can summon Shadow Thralls. They fire Solar Darkness Blasts and are Void-shielded. In certain cases they can use "Succubus Gaze", firings beam of light that mind-controls foes and make them do as she pleases.
  • Ghalzarokh - Taken Knight that spreads an aura that boosts the powers of other Corrupted, and teleports short distances to evade attacks. They are armed with Void Boomers which fires bolts at a higher velocity and does not suffer gravitational drop.
  • Balor - Taken Ogre that does Arc damage with both its eye blast which also knocks opponents back if they're in the air along with a ground slam if a enemy comes too close. They can switch their Rotted Surge ability to do either Solar or Void damage.

Div (Vex)[edit]

  • Doru - when in close proximity to an ally, the Taken Goblin will generate an invincible shield for it. Armed with either a Void Slap Rifle or a Solar Torch Hammer. They also have the ability to go invisible much like the basic Taken Minotaurs.
  • Pairaka - Taken Hobgoblins that fires a fast-moving, Shrieker-like projectile when struck in self-defense. Equipped with a Void Line Rifle. They can summon a swarm of small Taken Harpies to immobilize enemies.
  • Speid - Corrupted Taken Minotaurs that are skilled in summoning Div reinforcements. Equipped with a Solar Torch Hammer.

Daemon (Cabal)[edit]

  • Cacodaemon - Corrupted Taken Psions that have the ability to multiply themselves, splitting and creating another Taken Psion with full health and wield an Arc Slug Rifle. Taken Psions fire their Slug Rifles rapidly. They also go into a berserk-like state that makes them immune to damage.
  • Hydrodaemon - Corrupted Taken Phalanx that can fire Arc blasts from their shield with the ability to launch away their opponents, much like the physical shields themselves, and are armed with an Arc Slug Rifle. Can summon Taken aquatic creatures.
  • Olethrodeamon - Corrupted Taken Centurion that has an Arc-shield, can teleport short distances, and is armed with a Void Projection Rifle. They are capable of conjuring slower-moving Axion Darts, much like the Voidwalker's Axion bolt, that tracks targets and deals Void-damage. These will track their enemies around corners easily and can be shot and detonated to avoid damage. Can switch elemental powers periodically.
  • Obcisidaemon - An Corrupted Taken Colossus that have been given the ability to grant its fellow Corrupted an boost in either offense or defense by 25 percent at the cost of either offense or defense, depending which one they want boosted.
  • Suspiridaemon - An Corrupted Taken Incendior with the same abilities as the Taken Incendior but with the ability to summon Void poison cloud that damages foes over time.

Shadow Guardian[edit]







Elite Commander and Warrior


Red War
Hunt for the Scorn
Nightmare Hunt


Uldren Sov, Vanguard
Claudius, Titan Commander
Alicia, Warlock Commander
Drago, Hunter Commander

Notable information:




The Shadow Guardians were formed from Guardians that left the Last City to fight the forces of Darkness. They formed dozens of bands of bandits and marauders during the Red War but slowly formed up together in the aftermath of the war. Uldren Sov's actions eventually led those bands to form into a massive coalition of former Guardians, they would eventually find Uldren as a Guardian and trained him as a Guardian. Uldren rose through the ranks, eventually becoming a Vanguard. Uldren reformed the group, selecting three commander to led the Titans, Warlock, and Hunter ranks. They would be found by Nova, asking them to join his group, the Sumeragi. Uldren accepted but warns that if he betrayed them, he would kill him. They are seen in multiple types of armor with a primary colorization of black, grey, and purple.



The leadership of Shadow Guardians is largely more complex than the simple command structure of the Last City. Unlike the rule of three the Last City had, the S.G. have multiple former members of the Guardians: Dead Orbit, New Monarchy, and the FWC. Among them are the Iron Lords (or Ladies) who joined. In the leadership, there is the Vanguard position, assumed by Uldren Sov, where he or she rules the entirety of the S.G. Under that are the Commanders, which are leaders of their own classes, Titan, Hunters, or Warlock. Under them are the leaders of Dead Orbit, New Monarchy, and FWC deserters who act as the leaders of the Shadow Guardians main force. The Iron Lords are a separate division that acts as elite guards for Uldren and elite commanders for all Shadow Guardians force.

  • Vanguard
    • Uldren Sov: Leader
  • Commander
    • Khan Laius: Titan Commander
    • Lisa Kora: Hunter Commander
    • David King: Warlock Commander
  • Leaders
    • Dervek Kora: Dead Orbit leader
    • Adora Weaver: New Monarchy leader
    • Blake Schnee: FWC leader
  • Iron Lord(Lady)
    • Ozpin Qrow: Lord of Justice
    • Raven Rose: Lady of Love
    • Salem Cinder: Lady of Vengeance
    • Metal Wood: Lord of Hate
    • Demerzel: Lord of Thunder
    • Atlantic: Lord of Ocean
    • Zarc: Lord of Hell

Command Structure[edit]

Due to the complex leadership in the Shadow Guardians, there are multiple military branches within the lower members but separate in terms of Solar, Arc and Void energy.

FWC deserters[edit]

  • FWC Hunter - the Scout among the FWC deserters. They can channel Arc Light to summon either an Arc Staff or an Arc Blade. Uses a Bow archetype, a Scout Rifle archetype, and a Sniper Rifle archetype. They wear the FWC armor from D2.
  • FWC Titan - The Soldier among the FWC deserters. They can channel Arc Light to cast a Fist of Havoc to wipe out enemy forces or turn himself into an living missile. Uses an Auto Rifle archetype, a Shotgun archetype, and a Rocket Launcher or Machine Gun archetype. They wear the FWC armor from D2.
  • FWC Warlock - the Warrior-Scientist among the FWC deserters. They can channel Arc Light to chain lighting to kill enemies or summon a beam of electricity. Use a Hand Cannon archetype, a Sidearm archetype, and a Grenade Launcher archetype. They wear the FWC armor from D2.

New Monarchy deserters[edit]

  • New Monarchy Hunter - the spy among the New Monarchy deserters. They can channel Solar Light to conjure a Golden Gun or summon a dozen of Solar knives. Uses a Scout Rifle archetype, a Sniper Rifle archetype, and a Linear Fusion Rifle archetype. They wear the New Monarchy armor from D2.
  • New Monarchy Titan - the Royal Guard among the New Monarchy deserters. They can channel Solar Light to summon a flaming hammer or a massive flaming sledgehammer. Uses a Pulse Rifle archetype, a Fusion Rifle archetype, and a Sword archetype. They wear the New Monarchy armor from D2.
  • New Monarchy Warlock - the Commander among the New Monarchy deserters. They can channel Solar Light to summon a flaming sword or summon a well to empower and heals allies. Uses a Scout Rifle archetype, a Fusion Rifle archetype, and a Sniper Rifle archetype. They wear the New Monarchy armor from D2.

Dead Orbit deserters[edit]

  • Dead Orbit Hunter - the Ship raiders of the Dead Orbit deserters. They can channel Void Light to summon a bow to tether foes to an anchor point or summon two spectral blades to slash foes. Used a Scout Rifle archetype, a Submachine Gun archetype, and a Machine Gun archetype. They wear the Dead Orbit armor from D2.
  • Dead Orbit Titan - the Ship defenders of the Dead Orbit deserters. They can channel Void Light to create either a Void-powered shield or a force shield dome. Used an Auto Rifle archetype, a Shotgun archetype, and a Machine Gun archetype. They wear the Dead Orbit armor from D2.
  • Dead Orbit Warlock - the Ship Captains of the Dead Orbit deserters. They can channel Void energy to summon a ball of explosive Void energy or rapidly blink towards enemy strongpoints and explode. Uses a Scout Rifle archetype, a Fusion Rifle archetype, and a Shotgun archetype. They wear the Dead Orbit armor from D2.

Iron Wolf deserters[edit]

  • Iron Wolf Hunter - the elite Scout leader of the Iron Wolves deserters. They have all the abilities as each of the other Hunters from every deserter factions but are more powerful. Uses a Hand Cannon archetype, an Auto Rifle archetype, and a Machine Gun archetype. They wear any Iron Banner armor from D2.
  • Iron Wolf Titan - the elite Commander of the Iron Wolves deserters. They have the same abilities as each of the other Titans form every deserter faction but are more powerful. Uses an Auto Rifle archetype, a Shotgun archetype, and a Rocket Launcher archetype. They wear any Iron Banner armor from D2.
  • Iron Wolf Warlock - the elite Scientist of the Iron Wolves deserters. They have the same abilities as each of the other Warlocks from every deserter faction but are more powerful. Uses a Scout Rifle archetype, a Fusion Rifle archetype, and a Sniper Rifle archetype. They wear any Iron Banner armor from D2.






Human with abilities not related to Light or Darkness.


Elite Special Force


Taken War
SIVA Crisis
Red War
Rise of the Scorn


Nova, Herrscher of Sumeragi
Zonda, Mirage of Sumeragi
Demerzel, Demon of Sumeragi

Notable information:

Have armor color similar to rainbow



Adeptroid are humans who, through mysterious circumstances, gained abilities not related to either the Light or the Darkness. Each of them has an power called Septima, which allows them to use energies never seen before. Among them came a human named Nova, who inspired many into joining him while letting others who didn't leave to parts unknown, giving them an offer to join his group should they feel like they are not going anywhere better. Much of their armor in their arsenal bears a heavy resemblance to an animal, mythical creature, or legend, bearing a black, white, and another color seen in nature.



  • Leader
    • Nova, Herrscher of Sumeragi
  • General
    • Jota, Pride of Sumeragi
    • Zonda, Mirage of Sumeragi
    • Demerzel, Demon of Sumeragi
  • Elite Members
    • Merak, Portal of Sumeragi
    • Viper, Flame of Sumeragi
    • Tenjian, Ice of Sumeragi
    • Asroc, Machinist of Sumeragi
    • Blade, Striker of Sumeragi
    • Bakto, Tempest of Sumeragi

Command Structure[edit]

The military structure is a bit more flexible due to it having multiple Adeptroid being ranked not by age but by skills and intelligence. Their armor is colored either red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple or pink, referring to what class they serve.

  • SS04-Wormhole: an Adeptroid with the ability to summon portals used to either move to one place to the other, summon troops to the battlefield or displace any enemy hiding behind cover. They wear dark blue armor with glowing light blue highlights and white gloves. They are also seen sitting in a hover-throne with two large mechanical arms.
  • SS05-Lightspeed: an Adeptroid with the ability to control photons to manipulate light. They can transfigure their body into photons to move at the speed of light. They can levitate in the air and can summon automated guns that shoot photon projectiles. They wear black and grey armor with green highlights. Their feet have the ability to turn into jets. On their back is a white halo with detachable spearheads that act as lasers cannons.
  • SS10-Mirror: an Adeptroid who can use illusions via cards, allowing them to create mirrors of reality to fight their foes as well as create fake projections of their allies. They are also hermaphroditic. Both versions have black eyes with pink irises, long pale pink hair, and black and white armor with pink highlights. The male version has large pieces of armor on "his" shoulders, and a large, pink, crystal-like spike in "his" crotch. The female version has large armor around "her" hips, and a black armored tail with a large spike at the end.
  • SS14-Prism: an Adeptroid with the ability to generate and control crystals with a limited ability to control light. They can also cover the ground in jagged crystal. They are covered in black and white armor with purple highlights and large purple crystals sprouting from their knees.
  • SS18-Wool: an Adeptroid with the ability to generate energy wools to create weapons such as a scythe sharp enough to instantly kill anyone who bites its blade or a Gatling gun capable of rapidly firing bullets. They are also capable of teleportation via transforming into the energy fibers they control. They wear black and white armor all over their body, with emphasis on their collar, forearms, and hips, from which two large pieces of armor sprout. They also have two large, black, ram-like horns on their head.
  • SS19-Detonation: an Adeptroid with the ability to compress energy into sphere, creating a volatile, explosive mass they can toss like a grenade. They can also utilize these masses to propel themselves into the air. Their body is covered in a grey skin-tight suit layered with black and grey armor with orange accents, their legs, in particular, are covered in large, stocky armor. They carry two large shields, each tipped with sharpened "claws", giving the impression of crab claws. These are complemented by two large orange armor pieces attached to their back.
  • SS20-Vector: an Adeptroid with the ability to create a translucent fabric that can manipulate vectors, altering the direction and inertia of anything it touches. These fabrics can be used to either create a teleportation point or capture enemies. Their body is covered in black, white and yellow armor, with emphasis on their chest and hips, and their forearms, in particular, bearing thick yellow gauntlets. Sprouting from their headpiece are two large yellow horns, in addition to black spikes on their feet. Most prominent of these armor pieces is the large shoulder piece in the shape of a bull's head, complete with teeth, a pair of horns and a nose ring. A matching ring can also be found on their chest. As part of their powers, they can also summon a long black cloth with a single yellow stripe.