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Skalos, Kell of Shadows
Biographical information

Other names:

Skalos, the Ghost
Skalos, Shadow Kell




House of Shadow









Combat information


Shrapnel Launcher
Scorch Cannon
Shock Blade


High Durability
Rapid Movement
Ultra Smash
Summon Fallen
Summon Sumeragi troops


Skalos is the Kell of the House of Shadows and a member of Sumeragi Leadership.


The Rise of Shadow[edit]

During the aftermath of the SIVA Crisis, all the Fallen House consider a joint-mega House. However, some of the members, including a captain called Skalos knew they were fail to defeat the Guardians. Planning a escape from, Skalos, as well as other other members, took many equipment, Fallen warriors, and even three Prime Servitors. Eventually, after leaving their former houses, they band together and form the House of Shadow. Sometimes before the Red War, a group called Sumeragi offer Skalos and his house an invitation to joined them.

Red War aftermaths[edit]

While the Red War was waged, Skalos led many incursion of the Red Legion and other factions except for the House of Dusk and gathered other Fallen as well. A while in the aftermath of the Red War, Skalos manages to gather a large enough number to station multiple front in EDZ, Titan, Nessus and Io.

A few months later, some of his newly found Shade troops reported something on Mercury. Skalos reported this to Nova, with said person ordering and requesting him to send troops to Mercury. He learned that his house has encountered enemy Vex. He quickly informed Nova who went to stop the fighting. Skalos and Nova learned that this black Vex group is called the Chaos Collective. They and the Chaos Collective have joined forces into a three way alliance.

Two months later, they been getting increasingly more reports of Red Legion activity on Mars. He sends Shadow troops and asks for assistance from the Chaos Collective, which they accepted. He learned a few hours later that his forces encountered the Hive Cult of Darkness and the Cabal Black Legion. They later joined forces with Sumeragi.


A few months later, an message was intercepted from the Reef of the Prison of Elder. Skalos decided to send a few Shades troops and some of the regular troops to recruit many Fallen Prisoners, as well as Hive, Vex and Cabal prisoners to supply the other branch. He learned that his forces also encountered Scorn troops for the first time in that prison in a section unexplored before. He later learned that Cayde-6 has been killed by the Scorn Barons. Skalos sends Shade troops to intercept Scorn troops on Nova orders to preventing more of them from stopping the Guardians in their mission to kill Cayde murderers. After gaining access to the Dreaming City, Skalos and the other leaders learned that Riven have been Taken.

Black Armory[edit]

He has learned that the House of Dusk is lacking an strong cultural sense. Sending multiple Shades to the House of Dusk to recruit those Fallens to the House of Shadows. He learned from one of his Shades of a Forge in Egypt.

Zero Hour[edit]

He, along with the others leaders of Sumeragi learned that Eramis has escaped the Prison of Elders. This caused him to sends orders to half of his Shades forces to report any sighting of Eramis.


He, and the others learned that a Pyramid Ship have been inside a moon for centuries after the Collapse. Skalos decided to send Nakos and his troops to reinforce Cult troops to investigate.


Skalos send some of his Shades troops to recover Rasputin techs from his Seraph Bunkers. He took some of the Seventh Seraph weapons as his personal armory.


When learning that the Pyramid Ships have arrived in the Solar System, Skalos have every House Shadow troops take all the supplies in their bases and transport them to the Sumeragi Headquarters. He also ordered his children to recover mostly finished special projects that the Weapon Forgers and others have completed.

House of Darkness[edit]

He and his house discover that Eramis has created the House of Salvation and her plans to give Stasis to her followers. He informed Sumeragi of this discovery and was ordered to acquire this Stasis powers and the Brig War Mech they discover.

Season of Sumeragi[edit]

He and his House quickly took the House of Salvation territory along with the other Sumeragi troops and quickly conquer a section of the European Dead Zone, half of old China, and an quarter of Russia. However, he came out to Face the Guardians when they took down his forces through strike forces. He died from the Guardians, but before he did, he had his sons take the remaining of his House and return to Sumeragi Headquarters. His son have taken over his House since his death.