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Quartermaster Heavy Shank
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Heavy Shank


House of Salvation
House of Dusk
House of Vipers
Anarchy's Children
House of Lions




The Ordeal
Deep Stone Crypt
Invaded Missions
Invaded Strikes
Operation: Silver Scorpion

Combat information


VoidS.png Rotary Cannons


High Durability
Rapid Flight
Midair Levitation
ArcS.png Shock Emission
QuartermasterS.jpg Quartermaster Rally
QuartermasterS.jpg Quartermaster Empowerment
Quartermaster Stagger


Quartermaster Heavy Shanks are powerful, Darkness enhanced war machines armed with an Ether dispenser and an advanced A.I. connected to nearby automata and weaponry.


Much like their minor counterparts, these Heavy Shanks will often stray further away from the battle to pin down their opponents or will press them out from cover. However, these Shanks also get the added ability to charge up a concussive blast of Arc energy to blast their opponents away from them and have unlimited use of this AoE melee capability. What makes these Heavy Shanks truly unique, however, the aura surrounding it, as well as its ability to rally all nearby allies to it. All allies within this aura regenerate any lost health and gain a boost to their health pool as well as their damage, making them a more resilient and dangerous opponent to deal with. To prevent any nearby enemy from gaining such an advantage and to take out the considerably tough Heavy Shank, a Guardian is recommended to utilize Anti-Quartermaster rounds to both stun and weaken the Heavy Shank, as well as temporarily remove the empowering aura around it and lift it's effects from any of it's supported allies.


  • These Heavy Shanks bear a slight resemblance to the Shank Taniks, the Abomination is fused to in the Deep Stone Crypt Raid.
    • Its kill taunt also bears a similar animation to that when Taniks calls in the pillars of Void energy in the Raid.