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The House of Vipers are a Fallen House, distinguishable by their Black and dark Green cloaks/armors.

Originally this House was one of the eight noble Houses within The Sol System, before the Taken War. The Vipers were known for their cunning and trickery, which was known to match that of the House of Kings. But now are currently more of a amalgamation of Remnants from Kings, Scorpions, Scourge and many more, seeking to utilize technology stolen from the Hive as means of survival for the House and the Eliksni itself.


Before Whirlwind[edit]

"The House, in particular, were known in the Riis Golden Age, as a deceitful House, one that many do not trust, the trickery of all tricks, even bringing close to that of House Kings."

Before the events of the Whirlwind, the House of Vipers were one of the many Houses that thrived in their Golden Age. They were known for their trickery and cunning, even sometimes besting that of the House of Kings, which led to a alliance between Craask, the Kell of Kings, and Silviss, the House of Vipers' Kell. Even catching eyes from members of House Judgment and House Lions, whom attempted to put down the House for their ways. But like all of the Eliksni, the House of Vipers were affected by the Whirlwind, which caused many of their forces to break and scatter. They would only survive through living under refuge from the House of Kings. They would follow the Kings to the Solar System and forged a stronghold within Hyperion.

Taken War[edit]

House Civil War and a Crying Plea[edit]

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Recent Events[edit]

Season of Vipers[edit]

Rebirth of Kalrix[edit]

The Hissing Fall[edit]

"House Vipers were seen mighty to most, but now weak to all. House Lions, out of all of their victims, calls out to them, some answers, others do not."
Divhoris, the Knowledge-Keeper

After the defeat of the Vipers' Leadership, the House would scatter and remain refrained from combating with the Last City, with only a few entering dogfights with them, while those from the House of Lions began to call out their members to join their House, ironically similar to how Vipers called out the Lions to join them after the temporary defeat of Joskaa, many would heed their calling, while others continues to stay with the collapsing House.


The House of Vipers' structure is usual to most Houses before the Whirlwind, being that they had the usual Kell, Archon, and Prime Servitor to lead them, with of the usual crews of Dregs, Vandals and Captains. But where their strength lies is deception and cunning. Being the most known House for their trickery, matching that of the House of Kings. Which gain the respect from Kings, even both the House's own Kells admires the cunning of their Houses.

However, during the Season of the Vipers, their structure would change dramatically, their forces being filled with Remnants of the Kings, Scorpions, and the Kell's Scourge. Their Kells retains their usual political leadership roles, while being somewhat of a dictator. Their forces are a little bit more organized than any Fallen House, inspired by the military of the House of Salvation. As well as their weaponry hailing from the stolen Black Armory tech, to even some strains of SIVA, and utilizing Hive at some point. Their rank-in-file bearing the "Salvation"-styled armors: minor units bearing Black-colored Armors with some Dark Green, their Elites being Dark Green-colored armors instead of the usual black, and their Major/Ultra units are colored with a worn gray with some green wraps and such with Gold-colored Viper symbols or glyphs. Vipers continues to utilize the use of Shanks, Heavy Shanks, and Walkers, but also uses Brigs as well. Servitors continues to be seen as Machine Gods, but the way they worship them is more radical than any Fallen House, Their Prime Servitor, Raxkis utilizes a enormous Snake-like mech and is given a daily sacrifice by Archon Servants, who are specifically bred to be eaten by Raxkis so that it can give Ether to its peers and House. Archons and Archon Servants doesn't usually wear the Salvation-styled armors, more so uses the usual House of Rain armors, due to Servants' only purpose to is be consumed by Raxkis, as for their Archon, it is probably more ceremonial. The House is also more known for utilizing Champions, hoping to take out to whoever has brought to their weak state. This House being more vengeful, rather than relying on their wits, masking what was once this sly House.




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  • They are the second Fallen Faction to utilize Darkness technology and abilities, the first Fallen Faction to do so was the House of Salvation

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