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The House of Vipers are a Fallen House, distinguishable by their Black and dark Green cloaks/armors.

Originally this House was one of the eight noble Houses within The Sol System, before the Taken War. The Vipers were known as scouts and assassins amongst the Eliksni and were usually associated with the House of Kings. But now are currently a death cult led by Kalrix, using Hive technology and power, and includes former members of the Houses of Winter, Kings, Scorpions, and the Kell's Scourge syndicate.


Before Whirlwind[edit]

"Vipers, before Whirlwind were our spies, assassins, inspired the Silent Fang and the Vanishing Claw. Always did the bidding of Kell Craask."
Divhoris, the Knowledge-Keeper

Before the events of the Whirlwind, the House of Vipers were a small House amongst the Eliksni compared to those like House of Devils or House of Wolves, but were respected and feared by their people for being their assassins and spies. They led Riis's intel rings across the system and were secretly contracted assassins for House leaders to target political threats. Inspiring Houses such as House of Wolves to form the Silent Fang. However, despite this they were often shunned by most Houses due to their secretive nature and gruesome ways of killing and even causing some to go missing. The only House that ever had close relations were the House of Kings due to Craask, the Kell of Kings supporting their operations and even give audience to Silviss, Kell of Vipers. But like all of the Eliksni, the Vipers were affected by the Whirlwind, which caused many of their forces to break and scatter. They would only survive through living under refuge by the House of Kings. They would follow the Kings to the Solar System and forged a stronghold within Hyperion.

Taken War[edit]

House Civil War and a Bladed Coup[edit]

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Recent Events[edit]

Season of Vipers[edit]

The Hissing Fall[edit]

"House Vipers were seen mighty to most, but now weak to all. House Lions, out of all of their victims, calls out to them, some answers, others do not."
Divhoris, the Knowledge-Keeper

After the defeat of the Vipers' Leadership, the House would scatter and remain refrained from combating with the Last City, with only a few entering dogfights with them, while those from the House of Lions began to call out their members to join their House, ironically similar to how Vipers called out the Lions to join them after the temporary defeat of Joskaa, many would heed their calling, while others continues to stay with the collapsing House.


The House of Vipers' structure is usual to most Houses before the Whirlwind, being that they had the usual Kell, Archon, and Prime Servitor to lead them, with of the usual crews of Dregs, Vandals and Captains. But where their strength lies were their assassins and spy networks which connected most of the Eliksni's civilization.

However, during the Season of the Vipers, the House changed drastically, becoming nothing more than a cult driven by power and death, attempting to follow the rules of the Sword Logic. Kalrix, their Kell leads their House in a sadistic view with only his strongest can be made as commanders and Barons, with his most trusted being part of his council known as, "The Slithering Fangs", which includes the House Archon, the Viper Splicers' High Priestess, and leaders of the Venomous Blades.

In order to ascending the rankings of the House, instead of proving theirselves through combat or pirate-ways, members instead have to ascend by killing either an opponent or even members of the House themselves, similar to how the Hive with their Sword Logic. Having the least or hesitant kills will result in docking to a Dreg, while having the largest kills will promote them to a Captain, or if killing a powerful opponent can elevate them to that of a Baron. However it is possible where a lowly member can immediately ascend to ranks of Captains or Barons by killing said powerful opponent (usually their crew leader or a leader) and taking their place. Higher-ranked members can also exploit that loophole if they have less kills and must maintain their position or ascend. However this said caste seems to be hypocritical due to Kalrix's Slithering Fangs do not abide by this rule, with the excuse of already having killed several nobility of the old House Vipers' leadership.

Members of the House are outfitted with armor like that of House of Salvation, except instead of the fur covering on their left arm, it is instead a chainmail covering for Dregs and Wretches or an entire chainmail sleeve for Marauders, Vandals, and Captains. Rank-in-file wear black and dark green painted armors with black capes with dark green insignia. Elite combatants are identified by their dark green armor and black capes while the higher-ranking members wear pale gray armors with green highlights and a dark green cape mark with a gold House insignia. Powerful commanders or champions can be seen outfitted with Hive ornaments such as Hive chitin or bones and with runes and crystals lining their capes. However this leads most to be driven to the point of insanity and even killing members of their crews unintentionally, but it is not shamed by most of the House. Automata don’t have much changes with Shanks, Heavy Shanks, and Walkers having Black and Dark green paintjobs with the insignia painted on the Heavy Shanks and Walkers. Servitors appear the same as House of Dusk but with a more cleaner look with silver replacing the rust, while having a black House Vipers insignia painted on their plating, Elite Servitors have a gray insignia while higher ranking have dark green insignia and gold replacing the silver.

The House has several technologies from other Houses which include the House of Scorpions and Kell's Scourge ranging from Chemical weaponry to Shield Drones. However what makes the House even more unique is their use of Hive weaponry that they gained during their raids on Hyperion after Oryx's arrival and Kalrix's enthronement. This includes the usage of Hive Traps, Poison clouds, and Cryptoglyphs. The House also wields a power that only they are able to wield derived form the Glaive Accursed Wail, a Weapon of Sorrow. This power is what they call “Corrosion”, acting similar to the effects made by weapons such as Thorn (and by extension Corruption), ranging from poison damage to coated chains with said power which cause lingering effects to combatants. Usually higher-ranking commanders or those within the Slithering Fangs council could wield these powers to their own advantage at the cost of having a constantly feed that power by killing. Meanwhile certain rank-in-file members are able to be empowered by Soulfire energy repurposed as enhancements such as more quicker speeds, stronger resilience, and the ability to summon Acolyte Grenades at whim. Making this House very dangerous.

The religious sect of the House is very much twisted as well, following the adherence of the Sword Logic, the House have built their Prime Servitor, Ralkis Prime into a large snake-like mech reminiscent of the Worm Gods, although in order to produce Ether for the House, it must "feed", leading to the sacrifice by Archon Servants to be devoured by the Prime in order to make Ether. This such ritual is headed by the House Archon who protects the Prime with such ferocity common with Archons, although more unforgiving than a usual Archon. Should an Archon die, the Prime will choose its Archon itself, leading Rising Archons attempting to fight for the right to commune with it.

The Vipers have an elite sect dedicated to commandos and elite assassins that will follow the Slithering Fangs council, called The Venomous Blades, whom are hand-picked personally the council to wield the power of Corrosion to enforce the members of the House with such ferocity. None could match the skill of the sect and are the most suited to take tasks in doing the more perilous activities. Other groups in the House include their Splicers, Pike gangs, and their Kell's Guard.




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  • They are the second Fallen Faction to utilize Darkness technology and abilities, the first Fallen Faction to do so was the House of Salvation

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