Worm Gods

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"In the beginning, there were five.
Yul, the Honest Worm. Akka, the Worm of Secrets. Eir, the Keeper of Order. Ur, the Ever-Hunger. Xol, Will of the Thousands. And they were Virtuous.
— Weblore, "Apocrypha"

The Worm Gods, also known as the Virtuous Worms, are the patron deities of the Hive, second only to the Darkness itself. Their larvae live within every member of the Hive, drawing power from their actions through the Sword Logic while granting their hosts paracausal abilities.

Known Worm Gods[edit]


  • Xol is the first Worm God the Guardians encounter.
  • Xol is suggested to be the weakest of the five Worm Gods through the lore tabs of armor received at the end of the campaign, as he feared Yul would target him first[1]
    • Xol also stated in those tabs that he sees himself in Nokris,
  • Yul states himself to have seemingly draconic features, saying "Behold my majesty. Behold my crushing might, my staggering size, my scales that shine with an oppressive gleam. Behold my wings, which create winds that sweep through the stars." In contrast, Xol and Akka have been shown as having dull carapaces and lacking wings. Whether this implies that the Worm Gods can shapeshift, similar to the Ahamkaras, or that Yul is simply unique with his wings is unknown.