Resonant Fury Suit (Titan)

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Resonant Fury Suit


Resonant Fury Suit






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Vow of the Disciple


The Resonant Fury Suit is a Legendary Titan armor set that can be acquired from the Vow of the Disciple Raid.

Resonant Fury Helm[edit]

Resonant Fury Helm

"Ur yearns for nurture. It does so through hunger."
— Armor description


"I am Xita, the nurturing worm. Behold Yul, and Eir, and Xol, and Ur, and Akka. The virtuous worms. Look upon us and know that We are go[o]d. You, however, are not. You are inconsequential. And this is not your—"

"My what? Place? Privilege? Destiny?"

"You disrespect—"

"There are no pleasantries in the Deep. Only the decaying husks of oversized parasites towering before me. You take me for a fool, believing I am like all else—manipulated by your psychic machinations. But I will not be controlled, for I am wrath."

[He allowed us no audience. He knew of our hunger. Abandoned. Imprisoned. Our vulnerabilities stood clear, and he wasted no time in cracking them open with the rib he tore from the cruel Leviathan.]

"You desire life. My Witness desires your power. A trade is in the stars: your servitude for their lives," he said, lifting the rib and pointing it at my children.

"Their power requires sustenance. Without it, your Witness will have none."

"The surface of this disgusting rock is lined with their sustenance. Primitive beasts now stand at the verge of new purpose—giving life to your kind once again. I, kind Rhulk, will ensure your children survive. And you will aid a righteous cause in return."

[Outmatched. Death would one day be our recompense. But our part was still left to play.]

"Go on, then," [he snarked, holding the rib out.] "Sustenance has arrived."

[I grasped it, and he swam upwards, dragging me in tow. Rising, up from our Deep. Taking me from my children. Up and up, away from one prison, and toward another…]

Resonant Fury Gauntlets[edit]

Resonant Fury Gauntlets

"Yul yearns for nurture. It does so through honesty."
— Armor description


++Stench follows. You drag it before you—

—It will not consume you, for you have conquered it—

—Or so you prefer to believe++



[In this life, there are beings that bring light to others. And there are beings that bring dark. He brought dark. Only dark. And was naught more than an unbreakable, unstoppable force.]

[The cruel Leviathan learned this truth the hard way—he pulled from its chest a rib many times larger than the Subjugator himself. Yet he wielded it as nothing.] [The Leviathan, winded, broken, cast its gaze on the Deep below.]

"You would not look upon the one who bested you, beast? Lift your eyes and meet mine."

[The Subjugator placed the rib beneath the beast's skull and raised it level.]

"What lies beyond belongs not to you. Nor to your false god hiding amongst the many moons. It belongs to that which witnesses all. You would do best not to forget it, regardless of your misplaced loyalties."


[The rib dropped into our dwelling. Our Deep. With force, it landed before us, uplifting the sediment of the Fundament floor into a dense cloud—from which he emerged.]

"You—who stand on the naked hull of an ancient ship. You—who stand exposed, should be annihilated by the crushing pressure and ferocious heat of the deeper Fundament. But you—survive of your own will. You… are not known to us."

[He was to be our fate…]

Resonant Fury Plate[edit]

Resonant Fury Plate

"Xol yearned for nurture. It did so amongst the thousands."
— Armor description


[Madness. Whether he knew it or not, the Subjugator shared this characteristic with his very target, the Osmium King. Larvae in hand, the king was surrounded by whispers—whispers of the end of all things. Designed to incite madness.]

[And then the movement of a silver moon in the sky made his madness fester. He raved. Ranted. Until others were so sick of listening that they tore him from this life. His daughters, fearing for theirs, fled.]

[From on high, they watched—the Witness and its Disciple—plotting their next move.]

"It toys with us, my Witness, as it always has. Our enemy in Fundament's sky. Its movements are a message, one that that belies our machinations."

—-It delays our desires so that it may seek its own. These frail siblings… will soon be claimed by the Light. Unless we claim them first. Our whispers were fed to a weak mind. But we have watched these siblings. These children of the king. They are brave minds. Clever minds. Ambitious minds. Yet unsullied by the weakness of aging that plagues their kind.—-

"Then what compels them to hear our whispers?"

—-Desperation. We will tell the most cunning sibling of a cataclysm. A prophecy… of great loss. We will feed her fear. Her pride. We will say… Young Sathona. The end is coming. A great cataclysm. A God-Wave. In the Sky… there is only death. But salvation… lies in the Deep. Lead your sisters down. Your cunning will spare their short lives. And you… will be reborn. The Witch Queen… Savathûn.—-

"Quite the embellished lie, my Witness."

—-Lie? Or perhaps a truth in the making? That will be of her choosing. She may even stand alongside you one day. In service of the final shape.—-

[In that moment, jealousy, envy- or something more was all but painted across the Subjugator's expression.]

Resonant Fury Greaves[edit]

Resonant Fury Greaves

"Akka yearned for nurture. It did so through secrets."
— Armor description


[The Subjugator did what he does best. Conquer. Capture. Many of his victims fell. But those who proved useful served.]

[From a prison within Fundament to another in the dark expanse of his making, I was taken… And that was only the beginning.]

[He knew of our strengths. Our powers. To grip the mind and guide. To fill it with vitality and power. To reduce it to rot and waste.]

[—-The universe is wide, my child—- his Witness would chide. —-With wrath matching if not exceeding yours in its vastness. Seek it before it seeks you. Or it will be your end.—-]

[He claimed to desire our powers for his Witness. But I overheard eons of their discussions. His omniscient god always reduced him to that which he claimed—wrath.]

[Though he wore such a designation proudly, he wanted more. Wanted our power for himself. To continue to do what he does best, better than before, alongside his Witness.]

[This is why I was kept. The desire for domination of all things.]


[The Subjugator returned living pieces of me to Fundament: segments he called larvae. He set them adrift on the ocean, knowing full well where the current would carry them…]

[To the shores of the Osmium Kingdom.]

Resonant Fury Mark[edit]

Resonant Fury Mark

"Eir yearns for nurture. It does so through order."
— Armor description


[The Witch Queen rarely paid visit to my prison. And when she did, it was not for me. She knew what I was, what I produced. I was a servant of the Subjugator. A servant of the Witness. A provider of that which took sustenance from her and many like her. She never cared for that. And as such, she never cared for me. Or for him. And he knew it.]

[She was cunning. Where wrath consumed Oryx and Xivu Arath, it always eluded Savathûn. Or perhaps, it was she who eluded it.]

[Of this, my Subjugator was not fond. Placed indefinitely in her throne world, he was made to watch her every move. To mentor and guide, to keep a close eye—so that one day, she, too, could serve the Witness. A Disciple in the making.]

[It was as planned. The Krill became the Hive. The enemy amongst the moons of Fundament disappeared. My Subjugator served his Witness well. But he could not escape the very words of his Witness, which beat against his mind whenever Savathûn stood in his presence. —-The universe is wide, my child. With wrath matching if not exceeding yours in its vastness. Seek it before it seeks you. Or it will be your end.—-]

[I became a vessel for his jealousies. A source of power for his Upended to consume. To see Savathûn's world shattered should she ever step out of line.]

[In the Deep, my children pay a price in servitude, for survival. In ascendance, the Hive pay a price in servitude, for power. And in the dark, I pay a price in servitude, so that others may be nurtured.]

[It must not be in vain.]

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