Eir, the Keeper of Order

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Eir, the Keeper of Order
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"Eir yearns for nurture. It does so through order."

Eir, the Keeper of Order[1] is one of the five Worm Gods and children of Xita, these ancient, paracausal creatures are second only to the Darkness itself in the hierarchy of the Hive's pantheon.[2] It is patron to Oryx, the Taken King after the latter slew Akka to claim its secrets and the power to Take. When Crota unintentionally brought the Vex into the Hive's Ascendant Realm, it was Eir who came to Oryx and demanded that he stop the Vex and keep his spawn in line.[2]


  • Eir is the name of a Norse goddess (or valkyrie) of healing.
  • Merok uses Eir's name as part of his title.

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