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Corruption is an elemental manifestation of the Darkness like Stasis and later Strand and in an equivalent manner as Arc, Solar and Void are elemental manifestations of the Light. It is related to the corrupting powers of the Hive, and is more loosely based on their arcana and how it is used to suppress and tear the life force out of unsuspecting victims. It is first introduced in the Season of Sorrow as one of the manifestations of the Darkness. It was essentially created by Shin'ra, the Sorrow-Maker through the use of Soulfire along with the knowledge and power of the Sword Logic. It is heavily associated with the poisonous effects of the Weapons of Sorrow.


The Corruption was founded by Shin'ra, the Sorrow-Maker after experimenting with the use of Soulfire and Darkness, to the point in which he would create the new element, describing it as a "physical representation of the Sword Logic."



Paladin Titans use Corruption to manifest a mighty Axe and use its unwieldy power against their enemies.

Fiend Hunters

Caster Warlocks


  • Weaver's Veil — Your body is enshrouded by a dark mist that makes you near invisible to the eye and greatly increases your durability.
  • Calcified Darkness — Enemies defeated by Corruption have a chance to leave pieces of Calcified Darkness which can be collected to restore energy.
  • Lingering Corruption — Pools of Corruption are created that deal lingering damage to enemies. It will begin to unmake any enemy that stands within the pool, the more stacks will make them rupture, causing a burst of outward Corruption onto other enemies.
  • Rend — Enemies have a small chance to be rended by Corruption. They will immediately turn against their allies in battle and fight by your side.
    • Ultras are unaffected by rend.
  • Unmake — Enemies that are being unmade will become slowed and their defenses will drop significantly, effective against OverloadS.png Overload Champions. The more stacks of unmake will make the enemies rupture.
  • Rupture — Based on the stacks of unmake, enemies will rupture, causing a burst of corruption to spill outwards onto other enemies, spilling unmake onto others which is effective against UnstoppableS.png Unstoppable Champions, stunning them.


  • Sundering Fist — Titan Melee that effectively unleashes unmake on successful hits against enemies.
  • Teething Knife — Hunter Melee that works similarly to the Throwing Knife. Successful kills grant weaver's veil
  • Maker's Hand — Warlock Melee that summons a homing bolt of Corruption that ruptures enemies on successful hits.


  • Fissure Grenade — Fissure Grenades summon in a basic pool of Corruption that damages targets over time by unmaking them.
  • Enshrouding Grenade — Enshrouding Grenades crate a small cloud of Corruption that grants weaver's veil to yourself and allies and unmakes enemies that enter the cloud.
  • Ensnaring Grenade — Snaring Grenades pull enemies closer and ruptures them. They also have a chance to be rended.


  • Shackle of Tempests


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