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Corruption is an elemental manifestation of the Darkness, in an equivalent manner as Arc, Solar and Void are elemental manifestations of the Light. It is related to the corrupting powers of the Hive, and is more loosely based on their arcana and how it is used to suppress and tear the life force out of unsuspecting victims. It is first introduced in the Season of Sorrow as one of the manifestations of the Darkness. It was essentially created by Shin'ra, the Sorrow Maker through the true Sorrow Maker's curse.


The Corruption was founded by Shin'ra, the Sorrow Maker after a ludicrous amounts of experimentations of the curse set onto him by claiming the name of the Sorrow Maker. Eventually he would succeed by creating the new element as he described it as a "physical representation of the Sword Logic."


Corruption as the name implies appears as a corrosive green gas that's able to infect, or in some cases force the contact to decay and die. {TBC}





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