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Season of Sorrow

Start date:

February 9th, 2021

End date:


Previous season:

Season of the Hunt

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Become the Ender of Sorrows

Season of Sorrow is the succeeding season to Season of the Hunt and thirteenth season of Destiny 2. Following the events of the Wrathborn Hunts, a Hive warlord dubbed the Sorrow Maker has begun to marshal an army to destroy the Last City. With the The Drifter (character), you must create your own arsenal of the Weapons of Sorrow and put an end to the Sorrow Maker.


  • BECOME THE ENDER OF SORROWS: An eldritch Hive priest stalks the system, work alongside the Drifter and Eris to defeat the Knight and his corrupted Horde.
  • EMBRACE THE CORRUPTION: A new element has come into the fray, Corruption.
  • DEFEAT THE SHADOW COURT: Hunt down the Sorrow Maker's court members through a new Hunt activity, Sorrow Hunts.
  • A NECROMANTIC LEGEND: One of the Sorrow Maker's court members is resurrecting an army of Hive to assault the City, venture deep into the dark below the Moon to end the ritual.
  • WEAPONS A PLENTY: Build your own arsenal of the Weapons of Sorrow and Hive themed gear.


After the Guardian slew the High Celebrant of Xivu Arath, the Hidden Swarm began to resurge under the new command of Forum:Esentu, The Sorrow-Maker and began to seed a new element known as Corruption across the European Dead Zone, Tangled Shore, and the Moon.

Drifter along with Eris would call The Guardian for fighting back against this new element and craft new armor and Weapons of Sorrow to fight back against the hordes of Esentu and end the rising Hive King.




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