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The Darkened Path


Season of Sorrow


Hive forces of the Forum:Weavers of Sorrow plague the system. Stop them before their plans are fulfilled.

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We cannot allow these Hive to plague the system, especially when their power rivals the corrupting influence of the Weapons of Sorrow.

The Darkened Path is a Quest players acquire after completing the Wrathborn Requiem Mission and speaking to Shin Malphur aboard the helm. The Guardian is tasked by Shin to hunt down the Hive commanders of the Forum:Weavers of Sorrow before they plague the system with Corruption.

Quest Steps[edit]

Part 1[edit]

"Dark forces have arrived in droves. The Wrathborn were only just the beginning of what Hive corruption can really do."


{Vendor Cutscene}

  • Shin Malphur - Glad to finally meet you face to face Guardian. This meeting has been long overdue after all. The name's Shin Malphur, the Man with the Golden Gun. I was asked by Drifter to help you out in hunting down the Hive that you now pursue. But they are not regular Hive. They wield a dark power, that which rivals the corruption of the Weapons of Sorrow. So, how about we go hunt some Hive then, shall we?

"Hive forces have begun to congregate deep within the Hellmouth. Investigate the origins of the strange new corruption they have brought."

  • Return to Shin Malphur in the H.E.L.M. with your new intel from the Moon.

"Inform Shin Malphur of the Hive general that you found while exploring the Hellmouth."


{Vendor Cutscene}

  • Shin Malphur - So, it would seem that we have a new Hive general in our midst. The way they used that power is, unlike anything I have ever seen before. Corruption given from. Imagine if this power were to spread all across the system. We must find its source and destroy it by any means.

  • Kill Hive anywhere in the system. Powerful Hive grant more progress. More powerful Hive grant increased progress.

  • Visit the radio in the H.E.L.M.

"A message waits for you in the northern wing in the H.E.L.M."


{Radio Message}

  • Drifter - So the Man with the Golden Gun finally steps out of the shadows.
  • Shin Malphur - We're done with formalities Drifter. We have a new threat in our midst.
  • Drifter - I was wondering when you'd call me. I've been noticing these Hive sneaking around and smuggling this new power into my Gambit.
  • Shin Malphur - Do you know what it means?
  • Drifter - No clue. But this corruption has been infecting my best customers. It's bad for business brother.
  • Shin Malphur - Well I need your expertise on where I can find its source.
  • Drifter - What you need is a Hive expert. And I know where to find one.

  • Shin Malphur will inform you when he pieces together the information you have gathered for him. He encourages you to be cautious out in Sol and be warned for anyone that wield this new power.

Part 2[edit]

  • Return to Shin Malphur

"Shin Malphur believes that he has found the source of this new power and has requested you to return to him."


{Vendor Cutscene}

  • Shin Malphur - I believe I have found the source of this "Corruption" as we have called it. I located a mass quantity of this power being funneled into the far reaches of the system in the Kuiper Belt. I was hoping to get the Vanguard to assist, however I managed to get someone of Hive expertise to help out.

"Investigate the massive source of the Hive's corruption in the system.