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This mighty dreadnought must be felled before it spreads the chaos of corruption.
The Nephilim
The Nephilim.png
Production information


Shin'ra, the Sorrow-Maker

Product line:

Enhanced Tomb Carrier


Capital ship

Technical specifications



Other system(s):

  • Portals
  • 3 Soulfire powered spires
  • Predator genetics
  • Bio-energetics
  • Spell-towers
  • Statues
  • Arcane faster-than-light systems
  • Arcane cloaking systems


Various Leviathan corpses


  • 1 Leviathan Vertebrae Cannon
  • Interdimensional rifts


Potentially millions of Hive


Karve Scoutships





Weavers of Sorrow

The Nephilim


Kuiper Belt

Hostile races:

Fallen (House of Dusk)
Hive (Weavers of Sorrow)


Complete Seeking the Seeker

Landing zones:

Dread Harbor


"My mighty ship will raze sol into oblivion."

The Nephilim is a massive Hive Tomb Carrier, which serves as a mobile base of operations for Shin'ra, the Sorrow-Maker, who came to the Sol System to "raze it to oblivion." It acts as a dark omen and herald to Shin'ra's presence due to its oppressive size and firepower. It is a Destination added in Season of Sorrow and serves as one of the season's settings.




Unlike the Dreadnaught, the Nephilim's hull was carved from the corpses of Leviathans[note 1], that were hunted down and skinned of their chitin by Shin'ra who was assisted by his own Celebrants. Their bodies rewritten in Ascendant fabric and Hive arcana to reforge them into their new shape of the Nephilim.

Its design is similar to that of the Tomb Carriers, being a large rectangular hexagon with large spikes protruding from each end. From its front resting its main weapon, being that of an enormous Leviathan vertebrae.


The main form of propulsion comes from its central engine, which is powered exclusively by its Soulfire core. However this same core is what powers the entirety of the ship, from its weapons, cloaking and its engines. It is however entirely fortified by layered chitin, practically impenetrable by any known means, even Cabal munitions were noted to have no effect on its shielding.

Another form of transport would be its ability to make "wounds" in space by opening rifts into the Ascendant Realm. The method for doing this would be a coven of Hive Wizards that Shin'ra employed to open these rifts and allow the Nephilim to travel vast distances, even one instance being from to Kuiper Belt, directly into the skies of the Dreaming City during the Golden War.


The main feature of the Nephilim is its massive cannon situated on its front bow which fires a devastating beam capable of wiping out entire fleets and quite possibly entire planets from existence.[note 2] The weapon is made from a Leviathan vertebrae covered in many runes that are meant to help channel the power that flows through the gun. Its power is funneled from the Nephilim's core and travels through the vertebrae and erupts and massive green of sickly green Soulfire. This is seen as a concentration of Corruption that tests the will and strength of whatever it is fired upon, but with all that it makes contact with, never survives the blast.

It also possesses weapons that align the starboard and port side of the ship. They are linear motor devices that uses electromagnetic force to launch high-velocity projectiles, similar in aspect to a rail gun but they fire concentrated Soulfire. These weapons are also utilized within the Dreadnaught.


The Nephilim is unique as it possesses its own cloaking field. Virtually undetectable by scanners and the naked eye, the cloaking field is generated by internal systems within the ship. The field dissipates when someone or something comes into firing distance from it, allowing the Nephilim to make near perfect ambushes against enemies.



The Nephilim is a massive Destination, containing many activities from story missions, dungeons and even takedowns, most of which take place deep within the heart of the Nephilim itself. While it doesn't have any new Public Events, it does make up for it with the 6-Player activities with the Pit of Decay and Takedwon within the Nephilim.

Story missions[edit]






  1. ^ Two of these Leviathans are named, Camuul and Xivo, both of which were "honored" as two of the Nephilim's Lost Sectors would be named after them
  2. ^ While it is a common belief in Humanity and the Hive, it has never been truly proven that the Nephilim's main weapon is capable of destroying entire planets.


  • "Nephilim" comes from the term of mysterious beings or people in the Hebrew Bible who are described as being large and strong.
  • Much like Lightfall's destination of Neomuna, enemies in the Nephilim patrol are permanently capped to be +15 above the player's current power level.
    • However this is not carried over to its various activity's power levels as some like the Shadow's Dawn Dungeon on Master difficulty being 30 above the current max power level and the Pit of Decay being the lowest power level of the current expansion.

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