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Shin'ra, the Sorrow-Maker
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Biographical information

Other names:

Setak (formerly)
Osmium Advisor
God of Forge
God of Artificing
God of Judgment
Founder of Corruption
The Black Hammer
Creator of the Nephilim
Tarnished Father
The Blunted Edge
Seeker of the Divine Truth




Weavers of Sorrow







Combat information


Seeking the Seeker (briefly)
The Warpriest (briefly)
The Sorrow-Maker
Temple of Exultation (Voice only)
Subjugated Vault (Voice only)


CorruptionS.png Corruption's Edge


High Durability
Immunity Shield
Rapid Movement
CorruptionS.png Blast
CorruptionS.png Lingering Corruption
CorruptionS.png Felled Omen
Death Marked
Summon Hive
Summon Taken


"Oryx was felled due to his own curiosity. Savathûn excommunicated for heresy. Xivu hides in the shadows like a coward.
This was not the legacy I sought for the Osmium lineage.
Perhaps I should make my own.

Shin'ra, the Sorrow Maker is a Hive Knight and founder of the element known as Corruption. Acting as the Hive's weapons master, he commands a Hive Brood devoted to his craft of the Weapons of Sorrow. He is a reoccurring antagonist in the Destiny franchise, he is most notable for his major roles in Season of Sorrow and Season of the Wish along with minor roles in Season of the Deep and Season of the Witch.



"I am Setak, great advisor to the Osmium King and his court. I watched as the endless storms raged against the Fundament. I bid my time by training the youngest of the daughters to hunt the Bait Stars that sought our frail forms."
— Setak

Shin'ra, born as Setak, was a proto-Hive Krill on Fundament in the Osmium Court. He was nothing more than a mere scribe and advisor to the Osmium King. He would be a secondary teacher to the daughters of the Osmium King and favored the youngest, Xiro, as she would become his prized pupil. He would help to teach her to catch the Bait Stars that threatened the weak Krill with his own special form of cunning, and that be to study and strategize the enemy's movements.

When the Osmium King reached the end of his ten-year lifespan, Setak sought to study his madness by navigating the royal orrery and understand the words of the dead Worm familiar. He would fall into the influence of the same lies of the Witness, believing that a great cataclysm would befall the Fundament, the Syzygy. Though he had been driven mad by the whispers of the worm familiar, he would still assist the Osmium daughters by readying the craft that they would escape on. Shortly thereafter, Setak would flee from the Osmium Court towards Kaharn Atoll to find the means to escape the Fundament.

Prior to the Hive's emergence in the Fundament, Setak would reach the end of his ten year lifespan and had grown senile, much like the Osmium King before. Called a mad hermit by those at Kaharn, he still held onto what little remained of his sanity, believing that there was still a fragment of hope left for his people to survive.


  • Shin'ra's name is likely derived from Shinra Myōjin (Japanese: 新羅明神), a Buddhist god associated with the Jimon branch of Tendai, a school of Japanese buddhism.
  • It is possible that the Shin'ra himself is one of the Disciples of the Witness due to his strong connection and influence with the Black Fleet as seen with the shackled servants of the Witness.
  • While he knows much of the history of the Hive, Shin'ra however does not know the origins of Wizard and sees her as an anomaly in the Hive history.
  • The Eternal Variant of Shin'ra suggests that he found himself lost in the Vex Network at some point and was split in between timelines, or the Vex managed to successfully simulate a converted copy of him. It is unknown whether either theory is true.

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