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Weavers of Sorrow


Serve Shin'ra and the Witness
Weapon Crafters


Zâtrox, the Necromancer
Storgor, the Great Shatterer
Ir Naziith, Spawn of Shin'ra
Kelgorath, Risen from Bones


High Forge
The Nephilim
European Dead Zone
Ocean of Storms
Tangled Shore
Temple of Exultation
Dreaming City
Rathmore Chaos
Arcadian Valley

At war with:

House of Dusk
Sol Collective
Red Legion
House of Spider
Sol Divisive (partially)
Imperial Cabal
Lucent Brood
The Coalition
Golden Legion
House of Salvation

Allied with:

The Witness
Hidden Swarm
Xivu Arath's Horde
Abhorrent Brood (temporary)
The Dread
Shadow Legion


Corruption's Insurgence
Abhorrent Takedown
Search for Nezarec's Relics
Skirmish of Titan
Return of Io
Golden War
(TBA) (Into the Light)
War of the Weavers


"Ancient weavers of a bygone era. Once long lost has now been found and mended. These weavers cannot be allowed to spread the corruption of Shin'ra and spread chaos from new Weapons of Sorrow."

The Weavers of Sorrow are a Hive brood (primarily a collective of Hive, Taken, Scorn and other Witness aligned entities) who serve Shin'ra, the Sorrow-Maker and are known as the Hive weapon masters. They act as the main antagonists of the Season of Sorrow, Season of the Wish, Into the Light and the Dread episode while playing minor roles in Risen, Plunder, Deep and Witch. They are distinguishable for their dark green chiton, brown skin and light green paint and cloth.



The origins of the Weavers date back millions of years ago when Shin'ra joined the Hive. He founded the Weavers as the creators of the Hive's weapons and eventually created the forsaken Weapons of Sorrow, using his Throne World as their contemporary lair. Curious Hive would join the ranks of the Weavers, like Zâtrox of the Hidden Swarm, who would be the first of Shin'ra's Court of Sorrow. Upon the creation of his Court, he would establish his line of tribute, which allowed Shin'ra to feed deaths that his own weapons would cause.

Through the line of tribute, Shin'ra's ranks would begin to swell with many commanders rising up the ranks. At an unknown point, he would carve his own ship from many corpses of Leviathan-type creatures, the Nephilim. His forces would continue on their hunt with the Leviathans, using various Tomb Carriers to delve into the seas of various worlds and take the beasts as prisoners. These Hive would become his Celebrants. They would serve a subdivision in the Weavers known as the Cult of Unmaking, evokers of pain and suffering to those that Shin'ra would call an enemy.

War against the Tarnished[edit]

His actions would of course put him into the good graces of the Witness, which he would be put into temporary care of the Veil. He would attempt to study the Veil and its primordial Darkness, only to unleash the Weaver's mortal enemies, the Tarnished. A war would break out aboard the Maker's warship, which would later lead to the imprisonment of the Tarnished and the banishment of their leader, Mallum, from the planes of reality.

Shin'ra would see to it that the Tarnished would stay imprisoned aboard his ship, building what would be known as the Jade Citadel, a fount of Corruption that would continue to hold the Tarnished at bay. Though banished from all realms of reality, he would continue to commune with his Tarnished servants from within the Scarlet Temple.

Arrival in Sol[edit]

Shin'ra and his brood would arrive in the Sol System shortly after the return of the Black Fleet. They would await in the Kuiper Belt for any response from the Witness to make their next move. At an unknown point, Shin'ra would tempt the Fallen of the House of Dusk to invade the Nephilim, tricking them with new power through Corruption, only to be used as tribute to be fed upon.

During the events of the War of Salvation, Shin'ra would appoint one of his spawn, Ir Naziith, to recruit Hive within the Cosmodrome to join the Weavers. Eventually, their plans would be foiled by a newly risen Lightbearer who would stop Naziith at every turn, burning down Hive strongholds and eventually killing Naziith before she could contact her master. Even through this small inconvenience, Naziith would survive the battle, with her soul escaping into her master's Throne World.

After Xivu Arath's failure to conjure any more Wrathborn in the Reef and Dreaming City, Shin'ra would commit to subsuming any remaining Wrathborn and Hive that did not submit to Xivu Arath for his own brood. He would appoint on hmof his High Conjurers, An Irvask, to assist him in the conversion of the Wrathborn into tribute and any Hive that skulked in the European Dead Zone and the Moon respectively, to be converted to worshiping the Maker. Their efforts would be stopped by the Guardian who would find out about Shin'ra's recruitment campaign and would temporarily shut it down.

The Guardians would eventually locate the Maker's ship which was held up in the Kuiper Belt, seeking to take out the danger from the source. The Guardians would learn of the newfound power of Darkness through Corruption, taking out some of Shin'r's Taken commanders, however, they were unable to locate the Maker in his massive warship. Seeing how much of a nuisance the Guardians were, Shin'ra would appoint his high-ranking commanders to continue his plan to recruit more Hive, sending Davaj, the Blademaster to the Moon, Kramûc, the Huntsman to the Tangled Shore and Ir Abzûl, the Cryptkeeper to the European Dead Zone to accomplish it.

Hunting the Court[edit]

The Guardians would return to the Moon to locate Davaj, a powerful Vanquisher and blademaster of the Weavers. He made the decree that Lightbearers would have to test their own strength before facing them. Using the very swords against the Hive, the Guardians would cut down through Davaj's forces and defenses, killing Davaj with the very blades that he wielded against his enemies.

Later on, the Guardians would locate the lair of Kramûc, the Huntsman, who retook the lair of Enkaar, the Anointed, Hellrise Canyon. They would have to escape the various traps left by the Huntsman, learning that they were the ones being hunted by the expert marksman. Turning his own traps against him, Kramûc would eventually fall to his own hubris and die at the hands of the Guardians.

Next, they would have to hunt down one of the commanders to the Taken, Ir Abzûl, the Cryptkeeper, who had made her lair deep within the Salt Mines within the EDZ. Trimming through the Taken that served the Cryptkeeper, they would find the powerful Wizard deep within the Mines, learning that she had constructed an Ascendant Rift to the Nephilim, allowing the Weavers to invade Earth on its doorstep. Using the Taken's power against her, Ir Abzûl would fall just like her predecessors.

The Guardians, with their newfound power, would continue to hunt down members of the Court of Sorrow, eventually taking their slaughter directly to Shin'ra's Warpriest Jirgâth within his own lair aboard the Nephilim. Making their way through the Tomb Carrier's docking bay, they would find Jirgâth's tower that overlooked the ship's bay. Even with Taken reinforcements, they would turn Jirgâth's command against him, ending Shin'ra's Warpriest.

Maker's First Defeat[edit]

Seeing how his court fell to the hands of the Guardians, he would issue a challenge to them, showing them visions of the power he personally saw to the creation of, including the Weapons of Sorrow. Determined to take vengeance on those who fell to the corruption of the Hive, the Guardian would make it their mission to take down Shin'ra and end the Corruption's Insurgence.

The Guardians would arrive on the Nephilim to make their way to the Jade Citadel. Through their journey, Shin'ra would commune with them with Corruption, claiming that with his power, he could end all suffering and render the pain given to them by the Light, stating that Corruption was offered to them by Shin'ra who wanted to make them his champion by killing his court. His words would be ignored by the Guardians as they would cut through the Citadel's wardens and Shin'ra's Taken forces, eventually reaching the pinnacle of Shin'ra's throne atop the Citadel. They would battle, eventually leading to Shin'ra temporarily immobilizing the Guardian in a similar manner to the High Celebrant before him. Unleashing the mighty burst of Corruption, the Maker would fall and his soul would escape to his Throne World.

Necrotic Ambitions[edit]

After Shin'ra's supposed defeat at the hands of the Guardians, his right hand, Zâtrox, was committed to conjuring an undead army of Hive slain by the hands of the Guardians in the Pit of Decay aboard the Nephilim. Kramûc and Ir Abzûl would be revived along with the undead legion of Hive to serve as their loci. His attempts to revive the Weaver commanders would inadvertently alert not only the Guardians, but the House of Dusk, who sought to steal the powers of Corruption for themselves. The Guardians would successfully kill the various Hive and Fallen, in which Zâtrox would use as a battery for tribute to finish his scheme.

The Guardians would then be tasked by Shin Malphur and Eris Morn to find and kill Zâtrox, who was held up in his namesake lair. Setting up a fireteam, the Guardians would head into the depths of the Nephilim, end the disciples of Zâtrox and kill the Weaver Necromancer. Though, much like Nokris before him, he would survive his encounter through the power of Necromancy, and would flee deep into the Ascendant Plane, continuing to summon forth more undead legions in the Pit of Decay.

Further Incursions[edit]

Even with the defeat of Shin'ra's Court, their presence would continue to linger. Kaksis, the acting Archon of the House of Dusk, began to stage the total takeover of the Nephilim from within their lair of Dusk's Rest. His forces would stage a major battle against the Weavers which would inevitably bring the attention of the Guardians. They would infiltrate Dusk's Rest and take out the Archon of Dusk and his compatriots, while keeping the Weavers from reclaiming territory in their own vessel.

Shortly after defeating the Archon of Dusk, the Guardians would learn of another of Shin'ra's schemes. Shortly before his recent death, he ordered his forces to infiltrate the Black Garden in order to corrupt and sequester the Defiled Mind, a powerful Axis Mind within the Sol Divisive. The Guardians would enter the Black Garden, finding most of it had decayed due to the power of Corruption. They would break through the Weaver's and Divisive's defenses, even destroying a fully corrupted Hydra named Chronos, Dilating Mind. They would eventually breach into the Defiled Mind's lair, finding that the Weavers had already located it and began to corrupt it. Even with its Hive reinforcements, the Guardians would destroy the Axis Mind, putting a stop to another of he Maker's schemes.

Abhorrent Alliance[edit]

A year would pass following the greatest defeat that the Weavers had experienced, eventually they would turn their attention to gather more forces under their grander army to continue their great conquest of Sol.

The end of the Lucent War would spark their recruitment campaign as the forces of the Lucent Brood congregated around the Cosmodrome with reliquaries of stolen Guardian Light. In an attempt to sway more Hive under their command, they temporarily allied themselves with the forces of the Abhorrent Brood, which had grown during the Weaver's absence within the Cosmodrome. In order to enact this alliance with the Abhorrent Hive, Shin'ra sent several of his emissaries, Xeniith, Tulkoroth, Merax, and Tugorn into the abhorrent depths to make peace with the Abhorrent Brood.

Their congregation would however earn the eyre of the Vanguard, who detected their massive ritual deep below the Cosmodrome. They would send a Fireteam of six to investigate and put an end to the alliance before peace talks would be made. The failure of the alliance infuriated the Cult Wizards of the Abhorrent Brood, who demanded that Shin'ra was to repay them for the unnecessary loss of tribute.

Relics of Nezarec[edit]

At an unknown point, the Witness would employ Shin'ra and his forces to hunt down the Relics of Nezarec alongside the Old Crews under the command of Eramis. Buk'iniir, Cap'tane and Pry'vatiir would be sent to hunt down the other relics across the Reef and the Themis Cluster. After various failed attempts to claim the relics, Shin'ra would send a message to Eramis, claiming that she had one last chance to claim the relics or he would unleash the full wrath of the Weavers upon the House of Salvation.

When Eramis retreated from the failed attempt to claim the last relic, Shin'ra would release the Weavers into Riis-Reborn, only to be stopped by the orders of the Witness, who declared that she would suffer a greater pain for her failure. Shin'ra would agree, recalling his forces from Europa.

Hunting the Last Worm[edit]

The Weavers would make several attempts to hunt down the last of the Proto-Worms, Ahsa as a means to make up for their own past failures and to add another leviathan as a trophy. Shin'ra would employ his Celebrants yet again to hunt down the Proto-Worm, only to find out that she had been secured by the forces of the Vanguard and was also being hunted down by Xivu Arath and her forces, in which the former made her presence known through her bellowing voice.

The Celebrants would unite to conduct a ritual to move Ahsa into the hungry jaws of Shin'ra, only for this ritual to be stopped by one of Xivu Arath's, who successfully took Ahsa to a ritual site so that the God of War could Take Ahsa. The forces of the Coalition would put an end to the ritual, stopping the Horde's and the Weaver's attempts to claim Ahsa for themselves, depriving the Weavers of another leviathan.

Return of Io[edit]

Shortly after the failed Taking of Ahsa, the anomalous moon of Jupiter, Io, would mysteriously return from Darkness. Whatever or whoever drew it back into Sol was a mystery, but the Weavers saw it as an opportunity to study the moon and its potential of power.

The Weavers, under the command of Xurgen, Scourge of Io, saw to the construction of a massive temple that would be known as the Temple of Exultation where the Tree of Silver Wings once resided. The temple itself drew power from the Tree of Silver Wings, not only of its Light, but its Darkness as well.

The return of Io also drew the attention of the Vanguard, who would send a fireteam of six to investigate the massive Pyramid temple. Climbing up the massive temple and culling through the forces of the Weavers, Shin'ra would intervene, sending in his more elite generals of the Cult of Unmaking, first by sending in Vorgûth, the All Devourer to trim away the brimming Light of the Tree, Ir Mazleth, the Unholy Silence to rewrite the foundations of the Temple, and finally Storgor, the Great Shatterer, who would seek to collapse the temple onto the Guardians.

Even with each member of the Cult of Unmaking being cut down by the Guardians, Shin'ra would taunt them, claiming that their efforts were in vein and that his forces would return to reclaim the temple and plunge Io back into Darkness.

Golden War[edit]

After a culmination of events during Season of the Deep and Season of the Witch, the Witness would make a demand to Shin'ra shortly after the excommunication of Xivu Arath, flood the Dreaming City with corruption before the last wish could be made to Riven. The Weavers would begin to infest the Dreaming City from the Shattered Throne by adding Corruption into the curse loop. As the Weavers began their invasion, their forces would be locked within the pocket realm by the forces of the Golden Legion who set up blockades in the Reef by orders of their leader, Emperor Zor, instigating the events of the Golden War.

The Guardians would be forced to take out the competing forces of the Golden Legion and the Weavers by taking down the Cabal blockades along with their commanders and infiltrating the Dreaming City and putting an end to the corruption by the Weaver's Taken forces. Shin'ra would employ old commmanders of Xivu Arath, resurrected and Taken by the Maker to take out the Guardians and imped their efforts to stop the Weavers from claiming the Dreaming City.

In the last weeks of the Golden War, the Guardians would successfully put the Golden Legion's command ship, the Aetas Imperium out of commission, even if it was only temporary. Shin'ra would send forth the now resurrected Kelgorath to finish the corruption process by entering the heart of the Dreaming City in the Keep of Voices, where he would make a last stand against the Guardians and unleash the full power of Corruption against them. He would eventually fall to the Guardians due to his own misuse of Corruption, ending the Weaver's efforts to corrupt and take control of the Dreaming City.

Battle of Many Fronts[edit]

After the multiple failures against the Guardians, Shin'ra would unleash his full wrath against humanity with an all out invasion of the Last City, coercing his Hive with the Fallen servants of the Witness and vessels of the Black Fleet as a means to elevate himself as Disciple of the Witness.


The Weavers of Sorrow are primarily made up of converted Hive from other broods, most notably the Hidden Swarm following the events of Beyond Light. Their armor is "remade" in the visage of the Hidden Swarm with black and dark green colors. However, progenitors of the Brood exist, like Shin'ra, Storgor and Zâtrox, all of which were founding members and Ascendants of the Weavers.

The leadership of the Weavers are divided into two groups, the Court of Sorrow, the Cult of Unmaking and the Maker's Hand with Shin'ra being the primary leader of the brood and groups. Zâtrox serves as second in command within the Court of Sorrow. Each member of the Court of Sorrow possesses detachments of Hive that act as "extensions" of their primary function. Zâtrox possesses a coven of Necromantic Wizards that serve as his enforcers and a "failsafe," in the case if certain members of the Court were to fall, they could easily resurrect them. Jirgâth serves as the general of the Weavers of Sorrow and commands its near-endless legions of Hive. Ir Abzûl serves as a commander for the armies of the Taken that serve in the brood's ranks. Kramûc serves as the tracker and hunter of enemies of the brood. Finally, Davaj serves as a blade master and field enforcer.

The Cult of Unmaking serves as personal enforcers and "evokers of suffering" and "pain bringers" for Shin'ra with Storgor acting as their leader. They are only ever deployed in certain scenarios of "utter importance." One such instance would be the protection of the Temple of Exultation on Io which Shin'ra sought to use to enhance the brood's power through Resonance and terraforming properties of the Light. The Maker's Hand is a subsidiary of champions and the right hands to Shin'ra. Members like Zâtrox and Storgor are presumed members of the Hand due to their close connections to Shin'ra while Ir Naziith and the resurrected Kelgorath are two of the only confirmed members.

Unlike other broods, the Weavers of Sorrow have chosen to continuously upgrade their technology and weaponry, either by developing new weapons or empowering old ones with Corruption. One of these new weapons, called the Mangonel is a "living construct" that fires long arc bolts at targets with high velocity and impact. Another would be the Onager, a massive tank like structure that is meant to rival that of the Cabal's Goliath Tank's in strength and firepower.


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