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This article is about the Fan Fiction Episode surrounding the War of the Weavers. For the enemy faction, see The Dread.

Start date:

June 2025

End date:

September 2025

Previous episode:

Episode: Heresy

Next episode:

Episode: Rebirth


Episode: Dread is the fourth Episode of Destiny 2 and the fourth Episode of the Final Shape cycle.


After the defeat of the Witness in The Final Shape, Hive forces of the Weavers of Sorrow have begun their galaxy-wide conquest of the Sol System with one of the Echoes. Understand the Sorrow-Maker's plans on conquering Sol and put a stop to them before all is consumed in the Deep.

Act 1[edit]

Activity: Invasion Battlegrounds

In this new three-player matchmade activity, stop the invasion of the Maker's armies all across Sol.

Exotic mission: TBA

Weaver forces have begun to congregate deep within the Nephilim, investigate their evil plot and put an end to it.

Act 2[edit]

Activity: Shipwreck

Push back the Weaver forces where they are at their weakest within their Warships.

Act 3[edit]

Activity: Takedown in the Forged Pyramid

The location of Shin'ra's Pyramid has been found, make one final stand against the Hive Disciple.



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