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Complete Ghaul's mission in subverting the Last City as well as the Traveler's Light.
Prove to the Empress that her goal's are misaligned.
Restore the Cabal to their former glory.


Primus Kra'torn, Might of the Thousands
Valus Man'gor, the Invested
Val Ingot, Seeker of the Collective
Val Cagur, Loyal to the Collective
Warrior Dra'ang, the Bold
Field Commander Orcous, the Spearhead
Ival, Lost Star-Seeker


Terrabase Charon
Terrabase Severus
Excavation Site Delta
Excavation Site Agasias
Excavation Site X


The Ironmongers is an elite Cabal legion, headed by the famed warrior Primus Kra'torn. They are distinguishable by their shiny white armor with dark-grey outlines. Their purpose is to restore true glory to the Cabal through unconventional means, an objective they believe cannot be completed by the Shadow Legion or their Light-allied counterparts.

They are seen all over the system, sticking to mostly resource-rich areas of Sol.


A Legion of Have's and Have Not's[edit]

During the reign of Emperor Calus, the rise of a new Primus had the ambitious (then val) Kra'torn in a cloud of jealousness. After the Midnight Coup, Kra'torn saw an opportunity, and began to make an ally out of Ghaul. Thus came the Ironmongers, a legion built to suffice Ghaul's needs, while serving Kra'torns unending ambitions.

After the demise of Ghaul and his famed Red Legion, Kra'torn thought it best to keep his elite legion far from the dangers of Sol, until a certain Empress came along. His collective of bloodthirsty and greedy goons believed Caiatl was defaming everything the Cabal stood for, which left Kra'torn no choice but to move his large scale, mechanized fighting-force to the system.


The Ironmongers have a different setup then the rest of the Cabal legions, but with an idea of former traditions. The legion is headed by a Primus, followed by his entourage of the regular commanders.

However, the Ironmongers also have a group of expert Heavy Engineers who's duty is to both protect and lead the large drilling sites of the legion. There is also the case of the Steel Guard, Kra'torns best forces who are trained in the most rigorous sites, whilst withstanding heavy combat.