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Temple of Exultation


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Temple of Exultation, Io

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A dark presence reveals itself.

Temple of Exultation is a Raid in Destiny 2, released in Season of the Witch on September 1st, 2023.

With Io's return, Guardians must venture into a Pyramid temple that had been erected in the Cradle where the corrupted Tree rests and Hive forces of the Weavers of Sorrow attempt to claim the arbor's power. Meanwhile, Shin'ra taunts the Guardians through various speeches and summons some of his most powerful champions to cease the Lightbearers' understandings of his plans.



The Ascent begins with the players arriving at the Temple of Exultation in a cutscene, the massive fortress with a funnel of light and resonance flowing from its peak. Guardians start at the bottom of the temple and must ascend to the top while defeating Hive in the process. The ascent is divided into three section, the bottom, middle and top, with each section cut off by walls of resonance, blocking off players from easily accessing the temple. To unlock these sections of the temple, one must acquire Abated Resonance (which has a one minute timer, which will then shift to Cascading Resonance which kills the player) by defeating Resonant Winnower Wizards, (which after killing a certain amount of enemies) and "dunk" the resonance in certain pedestals in each section of the Ascent before they are killed by the Cascading Resonance. The first section starts with three pedestals, the second with five and the third with seven. When all pedestals have been infused with Abated Resonance. This encounter does not have a no respawn zone so players can die as many times as they need to complete the encounter.

On Master difficulty, Unstoppable Ogres replace the Resonant Winnower Wizards but they still possess the name of the latter.

Scourge of Io

After entering into the peak of the temple, players must go through some minor traps like crushing walls and bottomless pits that will kill players. They will eventually reach the area called the Suite which has massive main room which has T-shaped bridge and a bit below it six other rooms blocked off by resonant barriers with various murals covering the walls. In the center of the main room, Xurgen, the Scourge of Io kneels before the massive mural of the Tree of Silver Wings and the Witness. Upon reaching a certain proximity of Xurgen, he will stand up, summoning his Corruption Splinter, the players would fall into a no respawn zone, beginning the encounter.

With Xurgen being in an immune state, players will have to divide into two separate groups of three, and must acquire the Abated Resonance buff from the Resonant Winnower in the various four rooms, however, only two will spawn at a time. Players must divide up to locate a symbol above each hallway with a glowing that sits up top, being either Tree, Shard, Weaver, Maker, Pyramid or Temple. With each hallway possessing a symbol, players must keep a keen on on the one that glows as that is the room that they must acquire the buff.

Players must defeat hordes of Hive in the rooms with the glowing symbols in order to summon the Resonant Winnower. When two waves of enemies are killed, a third containing the Resonant Winnower will spawn with tougher reinforcements than the previous two, being Resonant Thief Ogres and Knights. Once the Wizard has been killed and the buff acquired, the player with the buff has thirty seconds to dunk the buff in a pedestal in next to the entrance of the room and once it has been dunked the room will be sealed off. Once two of the rooms had been sealed off, two more will become available. Repeat this process until all rooms had been sealed.

When all six rooms have been sealed off, Xurgen will summon in three waves of reinforcements in the center room, the third having the two Resonant Winnowers needed to dunk into two pedestals on each side of the room. One must take not as the Wizards will spawn on either side of the room and their buffs must be dunked on the opposite sides of the room, otherwise the dunk will instantly kill them.

Once the buffs have been dunked, Xurgen will spawn in the center of the room as the areas where the pedestals rest will be the Unmaker's Will buff that not only grants a damage boost, but will also allow the players to damage Xurgen. Xurgen will raise his arms at the beginning of the damage phase, giving all of the players the Unwaking Resonance debuff with a one minute timer that will kill each player when it reaches zero, requiring the players to dunk this debuff and remove the Unmaker buff as well. If he is not killed during the damage phase, the pools of the Unmaker's Will buff will disappear and players must defeat the Wizards in each room once again.

Once Xurgen reaches a fraction of his health during damage phase, text will appear on the HUd Xurgen invokes the Deep and he will unleash a ten second form of Unwaking Resonance, forcing the players to dunk the debuff immediately. The surge of energy will cascade throughout the room, overloading Xurgen and his power, killing him.

On Master difficulty, each room has higher ranking reinforcements during collection phase but lacks any Champions.

Channeling the Sky

The Players must venture into the pit in the center room that has since cleared up. By going through the chambers and hallways of the temple, they will reach the center of the temple and find the corrupted Tree of Silver Wings that once graced Io, now rests in the Dark Cradle. Once reaching the room they will find three key areas that they must split into three groups of two and investigate, being the Ridge, Summit and Pool. When reaching these key areas, they will immediately be faced with a no respawn zone and must fend off summoned reinforcements in the three key areas.

Hive forces will be summoned in three waves, the first will primarily be Acolytes and Knights, the second with Knights and Wizards, and the third with Acolytes, Ogres and a Sky Winnower Knights. When a player kills the Sky Winnower Knight, they will be granted the Abated Light buff (which functions similarly to the Abated Resonance buff and will kill the player in one minute) and must take it to the center of the Tree in a Light pool and allow the buff to be siphoned directly into the Tree which would last about thirty seconds. As they do this, Hive forces will be summoned near the base of the Tree and must be fended off from reaching its center, otherwise they will begin to siphon the Light from the Tree which will cause a full wipe. Players are required to relinquish 18 buffs to be relinquished into the Tree to complete the encounter.

As they reach 6 buffs, Barrier Knights will be summoned instead of Ogres during the third waves of enemies. When they reach 12, more powerful variants of Hive will be summoned during each enemy phase and Majors will begin to converge on the base of the Tree itself.

On Master difficulty, Barrier Knights replace the Sky Winnower Knights however they still keep the name of the latter.

The All Devourer

After channeling Light into the Tree, players must venture deeper into the temple through more corridors and more dangerous traps with Hive scattered about the place. Upon reaching the location known as the Mausoleum, they will find a Hive Ogre by the name of Vorgûth, the All Devourer, siphoning the Light energy produced from the Tree through a massive Hive contraption situated above it.

Players must split into two groups of three and ascend to the second floor of the Mausoleum in order to begin the encounter, entering into a no respawn zone and Vorgûth stops the siphoning process for a moment and will begin to fire its Corruption blasts at the nearest player. Their VoidS.png Eye Blast is unique due to the fact that it uses Corruption damage and will slowly poison players overtime when the blasts makes contact.

Within the two groups of three, one player on each group must be a designated Relic Holder as a Sky Winnower Knight will spawn on each section of the Mausoleum. Thy must pick up this Embodied Light Relic and use its main attack to destroy crystals scattered all throughout the room, some hovering above the top platforms, some below them. If these crystals aren't destroyed quick enough, Vorgûth will consume the Light Crystals and cause the team to wipe.

As the relic holders are destroying crystals, another player from each group must take out adds that spawn in the room while the last of each group must kill Light Extinguisher Acolytes, Knights and Wizards that will spawn periodically and will only target the relic wielders. However a Relic holder must use their grenade button on this player to give them the Abated Light buff in order to destroy the Light Extinguishers. When a player gets this buff however, they cannot kill the regular enemies. Players must take not of the timer and return this buff to the relic holder, they will have to wait for one minute to use the buff once again as the relic holder must give the Abated Light to another player.

When enough enemies and crystals have been destroyed, text will appear on the HUD Vorgûth begins the final charge in which Vorgûth will charge the Light draining contraption, forcing the players to move down to its level and extinguish their buff onto them. The Abated Light players must go to their respective players to buff their attack on stunning Vorgûth. When said stun is complete, the damage phase may begin. However, if the players do not use the relics against Vorgûth quickly enough, he will wipe the team with the Light device.

When upon reaching the final stand at a single percentage of health, Vorgûth will raise its arms into the air, draining whatever remains of the Light draining device. Certain parts above the device will light up, giving the players the opportune moments to destroy it. When the chains have been destroyed, the device will fall, crushing and killing Vorgûth, ending the encounter.

Channeling the Deep

Players must return back to the Dark Cradle from the Mausoleum. The Channeling the Deep encounter is similar to the Channeling the Light, however players must dunk the Abated Resonance into the heart of the Tree rather than Abated Light, with Resonant Winnowers instead of Sky Winnowers.

On Master difficulty, Unstoppable Ogres replace the Resonant Winnower but they keep the name of the latter.

The Unholy Silence

Players much reach the Singer's Altar after channeling Darkness into the Tree. Along the way, they must go through even more traps and reinforcing Hive, along with Resonant Thieves and Light Extinguishers with no mechanics. Upon reaching the altar, they will find he massive Wizard, Ir Mazleth, the Unholy Silence hovering above the altar with Sky and Resonant Winnowers surrounding her.

In order to start the encounter, one must either get close to the Hive or shoot at them, which will trigger a no respawn zone. Ir Mazleth will begin to sing her Dark Liturgy which will kill all players in two minutes and thirty seconds. Players must separate into three pairs of two, one group must stay in the middle to kill respawning enemies and to keep an eye on Ir Mazleth, while the other two groups move away from the center of the arena.

The two players that stay in the middle will see one of the previous symbols, Tree, Shard, Weaver, Maker, Pyramid or Temple appear above Ir Mazleth. Only one of these symbols will appear to a single player, making it only two symbols that the other teams must coordinate and locate their respective Sky and Resonant Winnower in the area.

The Sky and Resonant Winnowers will spawn in the part of the arena of their respective symbol. One of the two players must defeat either the the Extinguisher or Thief and must quickly move to the other symbol that had appeared in order to destroy Light Extinguishers and Resonant Thieves that will try to empower Ir Mazleth by moving into the center of the arena. The relic holders must kill them quickly otherwise they will begin to speed up the Dark Liturgy and wipe the team. When a squadron of Light Extinguishers and Resonant Thieves have been killed, they will be granted an additional minute to kill another group.

The relic holders however must also dunk the relics into the center plate in order to extinguish their respective debuffs. It will also help to kickstart the damage phase.

When the six symbols have been charged, Ir Mazleth will begin to channel her Dark Liturgy once again, with only a one minute timer. Part of her health bar will be highlighted to indicate how much damage must be done in order to negate the Dark Liturgy and stop Ir Mazleth from wiping the team. After a successful damage phase, an icon will appear stating Ir Mazleth's liturgy begins to fade after a successful damage phase. Complete this enough times until Ir Mazleth is killed.

The Great Shatterer

Players must return back to the Tree of Silver Wings, noticing that Corruption has consumed the walls and parts of the Tree itself. Upon reaching the base of the Tree, a large summoning circle aligned with runes rests, spewing ruptures of Soulfire in the ground.

In order to start the encounter, a player must reach a close proximity to the summoning circle. A massive whirlwind of Darkness and fire will appear in the circle and a massive Corruption wielding, sword bearing Knight, Storgor, the Great Shatterer, appears from said summoning circle. Players must quickly leave the base of the Tree as Storgor will summon a massive shield around the base. Standing in said base will quickly kill the player.

As the enter into the no respawn zone, Storgor will summon in Hive reinforcements around the area. Players must divide into two groups of three, Light and Dark. Throughout the room, the Tree, Shard, Weaver, Maker, Pyramid and Temple symbols will appear in randomly selected set areas around the Dark Cradle. Players need to find the symbol that appears above the Tree. A single symbol will appear the same for three players, so it will be two symbols in total for the beginning. Players must locate the Sky or Resonant Winnowers underneath said respective symbol, if the incorrect Winnower is killed, Storgor will immediately initiate a team wipe under Light Cascade or Resonant Cascade depending on the incorrect Winnower that is killed.

Once the Winnower is killed the the relic collected, each team must use the relics to defeat Light Extinguishers and Resonant Thieves in order to "charge" their relics. Once they have been charged, the relic holders must use their grenade ability on the Storgor's barrier, which will immediately start damage phase.

For the damage phase, players must enter the base of the Tree as it has become imbued with the Equinox buff that allows the players to damage Storgor, however they cannot leave the base until the end of damage phase. Players must be careful when fighting Storgor as he is mobile and will target players and strike them with his Corruption Cleaver which can easily two hit players even with life restoration buffs. Nearing the end of the damage phase, Storgor will strike his blade into the ground and players must dunk their relics onto him in order escape the barrier.

When Storgor reaches a single percent of health, he will begin a wipe mechanic with the text Storgor channels the Deep and strikes his blade into the ground. This is where the relic holders must use their grenade abilities on the other players in order to buff them with their respective Light and Dark powers. They must use this buff to damage Storgor and eventually kill him.

Unique Enemies





  • Shattered Slayer (Titan set)
  • Silenced Cartographer (Hunter set)
  • Devoured Astrologist (Warlock set)

Other rewards


Mission Starts

  • Shin'ra: Ah, the Light spawn have arrived. I was wondering when your curiosity would get the better of you. Welcome to my… Temple of Exultation. And please, be nice to your gracious hosts.

After getting through the first phase of the Ascent

  • Shin'ra: Yes, I can fell that coalesce of energy in offering on my fingertips.

After getting though the second phase of the Ascent

  • Shin'ra: More offerings for mine court. If you wish to continue.

After completing the Ascent

  • Shin'ra: How you tore through mine Hive. I could hear them screaming their way into the Sea of Screams. Do you ever think.

When reaching Xurgen

  • Shin'ra: Xurgen, Exuberant Warrior. Scourge of Io. Bane of the Witch Queen's failure. You will see to a new understanding of the Deep by tearing these Light spawn asunder.

When Xurgen is defeated

  • Shin'ra: A lowly champion of mine court. His death meant nothing to me. Soon, O godslayer mine, you will see what I had made in mine temple.

When reaching the Tree of Silver Wings

  • Shin'ra: Mine corruption has taken its roots. But will you do the impossible and burn its darkened shell?

After empowering the Tree of Silver Wings with Light

  • Shin'ra: Its Light is blinding. The All-Devourer will see to an endless Darkness that will sweep through mine temple and cleanse it of this heresy.

When reaching the Mausoleum and Vorgûth

  • Shin'ra: Mighty Vorgûth, cleanse mine temple of this blasphemy that curses thine master. Cleanse this temple by killing these Light spawn.

When Vorgûth is defeated

  • Shin'ra: That beast's hunger knew no bounds. Perhaps it deserved the death you gave it.

When reaching the Tree of Silver Wings

  • Shin'ra: Disciples of mine will shall cleanse this tree of the rot. And your Light shall fall.

After empowering the Tree of Silver Wings with Darkness

  • Shin'ra: Your skills are unmatched, perhaps you are worthy of the singer's choir.

After reaching the Singer's Altar and Ir Mazleth

  • Shin'ra: Ir Mazleth, the Unholy Silence. Servant of the Mighty Zâtrox. Unweave the Light of their existence.

When Ir Mazleth is defeated

  • Shin'ra: She sung the most beautiful liturgies. But the formalities are over. Now the Great Shatterer shall destroy what remains of your hope.

After reaching the Tree of Silver Wings and Storgor

  • Shin'ra: Storgor, mine Champion of Unmaking, the Great Shatterer. Tear these fledglings apart on thine sword and offer their dead things in offering to thine master.

When Storgor is defeated

  • Shin'ra: Your blade is sharp, but your wits are no less sharper. Take your spoils but heed my warning. You have defeated my champions, but they will return and plunge this place back into the Deep. You will never cleanse this temple of my corruption. It will last as long as I persist and I will persist as the corruption lasts.