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The Golden Legion are a Cabal detachment and legion that act as the direct force of the Cabal Praetorate. Their commander, Zor, was once a previous emperor long before the reign of Calus, who sought to use the legion to conquer the entire universe in his name. But, when Calus purged the Praetorate, the legion would splinter and disband. Now, their leaders seek to rise to their former glory by banding together, in order to bring their Praetorate Emissaries, Statesman and Loyalists to their cause to reforge the Golden Legion back to its former glory.



Being one of the oldest living Cabal Legions, the Golden Legion had predated Calus's regime by several decades or rather centuries. It had been formed by the Cabal Praetorate's high command, Emperor Ganag Zor to be his personal army and the will of the Praetorate, thus the Cabal Empire.

While a majority of its history had been scrubbed from the Cabal's ancient history, it would be recorded within the legion's data stores. They had been mentioned to have conquered and/or destroyed thousands of planets under what they called the "Golden Fleet" and its munitions. Many of the worlds that were conquered were enslaved and many of those who disobeyed suffered a similar fate like those brought by the Red Legion centuries later.

Reign of the Emperor[edit]

Due to the corrupt will of the Cabal Praetorate and their Legion, the people staged an uprising in the form of Emperor Calus and his Loyalist regime. Much of the legion was forced to disband or went into hiding in Zor's case who managed to survive a manhunt and the death of the Cabal Council. In secret Zor and his remaining emissaries would hide in the shadows, corrupting Calus's own court from the inside. Many of whom were reluctant to join Zor's cause to reform the Golden Legion as Calus's own greed had seemingly surpassed that of Zor's previous reign as Emperor.

Zor would also help the Consul in raising the youthful and albino-born Ghaul in order to become the war machine to start the chain of events that would lead to the end of Emperor Calus. Eventually his emissaries of revenge varied from Calus's own bodyguard Lictor Shayotet the Psion Freeborn Otzot, chief of festivities Aedile Moli Imoli, commander of all legions Umun'arath, the imperial tea seller Iska'al and Calus's own daughter Caiatl.

Rise of a Dominus[edit]

Skyburner's Folly[edit]

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The Sundial[edit]

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Emperor's Disappearance[edit]

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  • The Golden Legion is one of if not the largest legion to ever enter into Sol.
    • This may be due to the fact that fractions of the Red Legion were a part of the Golden Legion.
  • The Legion is by far the oldest to ever be encountered by the Guardians, predating Calus's Loyalists and the Red Legion.

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