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Dune Raiders
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Patrol the fringes of Cabal space
Reclaim Torobatl from the Hive


Primus Lau'urc
Valus Zahu'ul, the Bulwark
Val Thua'urn, the Glassbreaker
Vov, the Oncoming Storm
Vraltras, the Nova Eruption
Vuv, the Confining Nihility


Fleetbase Pytho
Firebase Cerberus

At war with:

Shadow Legion
House of Salvation
Sol Collective

Allied with:

House of Spider
Imperial Cabal
Cabal Deserters


"I put this crew together myself. They’re loyal to me because I’m loyal to them."
— Primus Lau'urc

The Dune Raiders are a collection of Cabal renegades, deserters and criminals from across the many Legions of the Cabal led by Primus Lau'urc.


Broken Origins[edit]

The origins of the Dune Raiders can be traced back to the Taken War when Bracus Lau'urc of the Skyburners was incarcerated in the Prison of Elders. It was here she found the shattered remnants of the Broken Legion, that had been devastated by the loss of their leaders Valus Trau'ug and Val Aru'un. For the next four years, Lau'urc fought in the arena. With every victory, every bested opponent, her renown and respect from the remnants grew. However, agents of the Red Legion had begun to grow concerned.

These agents had been sent by Dominus Ghaul to infiltrate the Reef and disable its defenses for the Red Legion's invasion. They utilised the Broken Legion as a Trojan Horse to easily slip into the Reef. While their plan was successful, many of their followers had begun to follow Lau'urc after Ghaul’s death and their promise that the Red Legion would free them proved false. In time, their leader, Val Gu'uam, would plot Lau'urc’s assassination.

In the chaos of the Scorned Barons' escape from the Prison of Elders, Lau'urc and the Broken Legion would also escape by commandeering several Harvesters that had been captured by the Awoken. They eventually took refuge in a Carrier that had crashed on the asteroid 87 Sylvia during the Red War. Before long, a skirmish broke out between Gu'uam and Lau'urc's forces over control of the group. Lau'urc and her loyalists would ultimately win, killing two of Gu'uam's commanders and forcing him to flee. Lau'urc went on to take full control of the Broken Legion's remnants, dubbing herself their new Primus, and evict the remainders of Gu'uam’s Loyalists while recruiting those willing to serve her. Among them was Thua'urn, who had sided with Lau'urc and warned her of the planned attack prior to their escape.

Not much is known about what the Broken Legion did between their rebirth and the arrival of the Pyramid Ships. They mainly looted Red Legion outposts in and around the Reef to bolster their forces and managed to recruit some members of the Red Legion, and other Cabal factions, to their side. These included Dhozoz, the Silent Brawn, who was rescued from the destruction of the asteroid Eunnomia after a battle with Red Legion remnants. They would also begin to work alongside the Spider's Crime Syndicate, offering their services in exchange for weapons and munitions.

Rise of the Raiders[edit]

By the time of the Clash of the Chosen, the Broken Legion transformed into the Dune Raiders but continued as usual with looting and pillaging the Battlegrounds of Caiatl's army to bolster their own forces. One splinter of Caiatl's army, led by a Flayer named Vraltras, who had abandoned the Empress for losing the final Rite of Proving to the Guardians would seek out the Dune Raiders to join them, bringing supplies, weapons and ships with them.

With the supplies accumulated since their escape, Lau'urc's next order would be to turn the asteroid Sylvia into their new base and repair the Carrier, which was later dubbed the Thanatos Transfuga. With the asteroid's surface clear, they hallowed it out and converted it into Firebase Cerberus with enough room within to store Goliath Tanks and all of their plunder. They also converted its moons of Remus and Romulus into orbital gun emplacements for added defence.

Later on, as the Coalition began to form, Lau'urc would express her support to the Empress in the upcoming war against the Voice in the Darkness and its forces. While most of her crew reacted with positivity to this, some like Vraltras and Shumuv were more negative, with the latter even defecting to Emperor Calus.

Discovery on Titania[edit]

When the Leviathan was haunted by Nightmares, Lau'urc would move her control beyond the Reef and so moved to claim the Uransian Moon of Titania. There, the Dune Raiders constructed a mighty Fleetbase and deployed many giant mining drills to gather resources. During construction, Dune Raider crews found a derelict Pramid buried deep under the surface of the moon. Lau'urc and the Dune Raiders would begin plundering the vessel of whatever tech, weapons, trinkets and relics they could find, intent on using them against the Witness and its servants, as well as to hopefully reclaim their home.


"In theory, any Cabal or Psion that can aid in Lau'urc's ambitions and will bend the knee are welcome, regardless of Legion. However, their flagrant use of "dishonorable" tactics limits recruitment opportunities."
— Unknown Hidden agent

Dune Raider armour is primarily Scout Legion based, but coloured pale yellow with a teal trim and with bits of Red Legion armour, such as wrist blades and jetpacks, grafted on. However, some parts of the Red Legion armor design have been removed. For example, Dune Raider Psions don't have their heads exposed and Dune Raider Phalanxes don’t wield energy shields. But Dune Raider Colossi can have access to Solar missiles and Arc missiles and be identified by differently designed helmets, similar to Scorn Chieftains.

Commanders and other high-ranking members will feature some iconography and colour to signify the legion they once served in. For example, high-ranking Skyburners have a brush on their helmet and high-ranking Red Legion have War Beast scales on their arms.



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  • The Dune Raiders are heavily inspired by the The Banished from the Halo series.

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