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Vuv, the Confining Nihility
Biographical information




Ice Reapers (Formally)
Dune Raiders




Psion Flayer



Combat information


VoidS.png Cabal Bronto Cannon
SolarS.png Slug Rifle


Summon Cabal
High Durability
Rapid Movement
Immunity Shield
Limited Flight
Psychic Melee
Summon Psion Commanders
VoidS.png Void Prison
Deploy Kitbashed Turrets


Vuv, the Confining Nihilty is a Psion Flayer of the Dune Raiders. The twin brother of Vov, the Oncoming Storm, they work alongside Vraltras, the Nova Eruption as commanders of the Legion's Psions and chief weapon specialists, taking whatever technology they can find and turn them into tools of destruction.


Broken Reapers[edit]

Not much is known about Vov and Vuv's past, beyond that they were students of the elder Flayer Travag, the Inferno Conductor in the Ice Reapers legion and that they had Herat passion and skill for creating weapons. However, Cabal High Command often did not provide the opportunity and often led the twins to languish in mind prisons.

However, the three would later defect to the Broken Legion after hearing promises of the technology the Awoken possessed. The three would be captured and locked up in the Prison of Elders, witnessing the Broken Legion lose its main leaders and troops over the years.

In the time after the Red War, while the trio were in cryo-pods, they spoke with Lau'urc, a Bracus of the Skyburners incarcerated during the Taken War, through the mind. In particular, Vuv showed her one of the Flayer's more outlandish ideas of controlling an army of Vex through their Psionic power. Lau'urc would eventually convince them of the pointlessness of continuing to fight for the Red Legion after they had suffered so many failures and lost so many leaders, saying they would need to fight for themselves.

Ultimately, during the massive Prison Break, Travag would be cut off from the rest of Lau'urc's crew and dismembered by the Hive. However, Vov and Vuv would escape. After hiding out in a Carrier downed during the Red War, the pair would ultimately swear loyalty to Lau'urc, help her take full control of the Broken Legion, and force Gu'uam to flee.

Twins of the Raiders[edit]

For the next few years, Vov and Vuv would continue to serve Lau'urc. However, without a Solar Flayer, the two would begin to feel some emptiness. This would change when, during the Clash of the Chosen, a Psion Flayer named Vraltras abandoned Caiatl’s forces to join the Dune Raiders and the Flayer Twins would welcome her with open arms. With their new "adopted" sister, the Flayers would lead numerous operations in claiming technology for the Raiders, often without informing other leadership.

Most notable of these was an operation to loot the infested Leviathan of anything of value, where they would come across a Nightmare Harvester that they would experiment with and accidentally cause them to be haunted by Nightmares of Travag and Vraltras' previous sisters that she lost on Torobatl. While the Flayers managed to escape the Leviathan, the Nightmares would be contained by the Guardian.

Personality and traits[edit]

Unlike his sisters, Vuv seems much more logical and reserved. He is also considered the wisest of the three.

Being born as a twin brother gives Vuv a stronger Psionic connection to his sister Vov than other Psions. One is capable of reading the other’s mind in a heartbeat and even effortlessly finishing what the other is saying.

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