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Primus Lau'urc
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Skyburners (Formally)
Dune Raiders







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ArcS.png Cabal Slug Launcher
SolarS.png Primarch's Bane
ArcS.png Cabal Cluster Missiles


Summon Cabal
Blinding Effect
Slowness Debuff
High Durability
Immunity Shield
Limited Flight
KineticS.png Quake
Missile Barrage
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Primus Lau'urc is a powerful Colossus and leader of the Dune Raiders, a Cabal Legion comprised of deserters, criminals and mercenaries. Originally a member of the Skyburners, she would be incarcerated in the Prison of Elders during the Taken War where she would gain notoriety for winning multiple battles, including against a fireteam of Guardians. After escaping the Prison of Elders, she took those loyal to her and slowly worked to grow her Legion's power, but her ultimate goal remains a mystery.



"Remember this, my little warrior. "A fortress wall built for one by his thralls is easily toppled. The strongest walls are the ones we build for each other." It is a lesson the Praetorate could not learn."
— Lau'dra

Lau'urc was born the sole daughter of the Cabal Lau'dra, a renowned Colossus who served Emperor Calus during his Uprising against the Praetorate. After years of service, he hung up his Slug Thrower and retired to the Distant Plains with his wife Trar'grel. Throughout her childhood, Lau'dra would teach her how to fight, tell her stories of his battles and take her to watch parades held by Calus. In particular, Lau'urc developed a love for explosives and spent a good few days making some from whatever scraps she could find and testing them on the safe expanse of the Plains.

Skyburner service[edit]

Eventually, when she was old enough, Lau'urc enlisted into the Skyburners Legion as a Colossus, like her father. She would participate in numerous campaigns serving under Primus Ta'aun and his Bond Brothers, and would eventually earn the rank of Bracus. She would also establish a bond with a Centurion and fellow Bracus named Mu'ull as she admired Mu'ull's tactical expertise while Mu’ull found her ferocity in battle endearing, as well as meeting the Phalanx Zahu'ul. Ta'aun grew increasingly frustrated by Lau'urc's often dangerous means of accomplishing a mission but believed it could prove useful in their future assault on Sol.

Lau’urc would be deployed to Phobos, with Mu'ull and a majority of the Skyburners' initial wave of their campaign. However, this soon drove Lau'urc to boredom, with only slight respite with testing ammunition with her squad and time with Mu'ull. She desired to fight on the Martian battlefield, fighting the Vex and splashing their milk on the red sand, and once considered abandoning the Skyburners to join Valus Trau'ug and his unsanctioned assault on the Reef. Still, Mu'ull would assure her that they would find a great battle against the Guardians.

However, that changed when Oryx attacked Phobos. While Mu'ull wanted to follow Ta'aun's orders and evacuate the base, Lau'urc wanted to stay and defend the base. However, she would be knocked out by an explosion caused by a Taken Knight and would need to be dragged to safety by Mu'ull.

Lau'urc later awoke on Mars in a base and found a recording from Mu'ull telling her of Ta'aun's orders to board for the Dreadnaught to take out Oryx and say her goodbyes out of fear that she would not survive the mission. Lau'urc planned to steal a ship and join the rest of the Legion, so she stole a Harvester and set course for Saturn.

Prison Fighter[edit]

Unfortunately, Lau’urc would be intercepted by the Awoken as her ship was passing through the Reef. She would be captured and thrown into the Prison of Elders, where she encountered what remained of the Broken Legion that had been struggling since the deaths of Valus Trau’ug and Val Aru'un. However, a Val named Gu'uam had taken control in their absence.

One day, Lau’urc was sent to fight a fireteam of Guardians. However, unbeknownst to either party, Ghaul and the Red Legion had caged the Traveler. As a result, Lau'urc rose again and commanded her troops to tear the now Lightless Guardian piece by piece. This, and other fights in the Prison of Elders, would end up garnering her much respect among many of the other Cabal and Eliksni in the Prison of Elders, including three Psion Flayers and Val Thua'urn.

During the massive prison break caused by Uldren Sov and the Scorned Barons, Lau'urc and the remaining members of the Broken Legion would also escape by a few Harvesters captured by the Awoken. After fending off a horde of Scorn and escaping, Lau'urc received coordinates from Thua'urn pointing to a Red Legion Carrier that crashed onto an asteroid during the Red War.

Rising leader[edit]

Personality and traits[edit]

"None who joined my Legion were coerced into doing so. None are conscripted and all are welcome. Even those disillusioned fools who once knelt to The Witness have a place amongst us, if they pledge their loyalty."
— Primus Lau’urc

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