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Valus Zahu’ul, the Bulwark
Biographical information




Skyburners (Formerly)
Red Legion (Formerly)
Dune Raiders







Combat information


ArcS.png Modified Slug Rifle
KineticS.png Energy Shield


Summon Cabal
Fleet Bombardment
High Durability
Limited Flight
Jetpack Charge
KineticS.png Shield Lunge
KineticS.png Shield Bash
Call Dome formation


"Hold your ground. They will not break you. You will break them."
— Zahu'ul addressing his troops as they face the Guardian

Valus Zahu'ul is a Cabal Valus of the Dune Raiders who serves Lau'urc as her second in command. He also commands the Legion's Testudo Company, composed of Elite frontline troops for high-priority raids and pushing into enemy territory. As brutal as he is loyal, Zahu'ul will stop at nothing to advance Lau'urc's cause.


Originally a Bracus of the Skyburners, Zahu'ul often fought alongside fellow Bracuses Lau'urc and Mu'ull in many campaigns before they arrived in Sol. While Lau'urc and Mu'ull were deployed onto Fleetbase Korus on Phobos, Zahu'ul would be deployed to Mars, where he would earn a reputation for being the cause of the final deaths of many Guardians during their early exploration of Mars. While some had managed to leave the Phalanx with some damage and scars, they would still fall to his shield.

During the Red War, Zahu'ul would be recruited into the Red Legion where he would hunt down and kill Lightless Guardians stranded on Mars. During this time, he would be promoted to Val. However, following Ghaul's death, Zahu'ul would go into hiding and be branded a traitor by the other Cabal. He would only resurface after the mass breakout of the Prison of Elders when he learned that Lau'urc had escaped, initially believing she died with the rest of the Skyburners on the Dreadnaught.

From then on, Valus Zahu'ul would serve as Lau'urc's second-in commander and one of the best warriors among the Legion. During the Clash of the Chosen, when Lau'urc planned to have Bracus Vanum represent her in the Rite of Proving, Zahu'ul insisted that he go instead. However, Lau'urc told him once Vanum had departed that he was too important to her and the Legion for such a mission.

Years later, following the demise of the Witness in the Pale Heart of the Traveler, Lau'urc would depart the Solar System to personally secure a vital asset of the raiders, taking many of her most loyal and powerful troops with her and leaving Zahu'ul in charge of her forces in Sol. Afterwards, Zahu'ul would begin a system-wide recruitment from all Cabal in the system.

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