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Valus Zahu’ul
Biographical information




Skyburners (Formally)
Red Legion (Formally)
Dune Raiders







Combat information


ArcS.png Modified Slug Rifle
KineticS.png Energy Shield


Summon Cabal
Fleet Bombardment
High Durability
Limited Flight
Jetpack Charge
KineticS.png Shield Lunge
KineticS.png Shield Bash
Dome formation


Valus Zahu’ul is a Cabal Valus of the Dune Raiders who serves Lau'urc as her second in command. He also commands the Legion’s Testudo Company, composed of Elite frontline troops for high-priority raids and pushing into enemy territory. As brutal as he is loyal, Zahu’ul will stop at nothing to advance Lau’urc’s cause.


Originally a Bracus of the Skyburners armed with a shield, Slug Rifle, and nigh-unstoppable willpower, Zahu’ul was personally responsible for the final deaths of many Guardians during their early exploration of Mars. While some had managed to leave the Phalanx with some damage and scars, they would still fall to his shield.

He was close friends with fellow Skyburner Bracuses, Lau’urc and Mu’ull. While he had been deployed to Mars and then to Phobos, he would find a way to communicate with them about the things he’d seen and killed. During the Taken War, he would assume both Cabal would be killed in the Skyburners' attack on the Dreadnaught.

During the Red War, Zahu’ul would be recruited into the Red Legion where he would hunt down and kill Lightless Guardians stranded on Mars. During this time, he would be promoted to Val. However, following Ghaul’s death, Zahu’ul would go into hiding, branding him a traitor by the other Cabal. He would only resurface after the mass breakout of the Prison of Elders when Lau’urc had restablished the Broken Legion.

From then on, even after the Broken Legion had been changed to the Dune Raiders, Zahu’ul continued to serve his Primus as Valus, her second-in commander and one of the best warriors among the Raiders.


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