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Val Gu'uam, Coalition Ally
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Imperial Cabal





Combat information


SolarS.png Slug Rifle


High Durability
Rapid Movement
Strafe Thrusters
Limited Flight
Limited hovering


Val Gu'uam, Coalition Ally is a Cabal Centurion and Val of the Imperial Cabal. He is encountered in the mission TBA to reinforce the Guardian’s efforts to storm Fleetbase Pytho alongside Bracus Tho'ouc, Coalition Ally.


Originally an agent of Domnius Ghaul, Gu'uam was among a small group of Cabal sent to infiltrate the Broken Legion and use it as a Trojan Horse to neutralise the Reef's defenses alongside Thua'urn. Once in, Gu'uam and Thua'urn would work the leaderless Broken Legion in laying the plans to disable their defences for whenever the Red Legion invaded, lying to them of Ghaul's desire to free them in exchange for loyalty.

However, he would also come into conflict with a prisoner who’d entered during the Taken War. Bracus Lau'urc of the Skyburners, who would grow in popularity with the remains of the Broken Legion in the events of the Red War. As a result, Gu'uam began making plans to regain control and eliminate Lau'urc.

After escaping the Prison of Elders, Gu'uam would attempt to regain control of the remnants as they regrouped at a Red Legion Carrier that had crashed onto an asteroid during the Red War. However, Lau'urc refused and questioned why they should return to the Red Legion when they couldn’t be bothered to break them out at the height of their power. Accusing her of treason, Gu'uam ordered her killed, leading to a battle between the two commanders and their loyal crews that ended in victory for Lau'urc and Gu'uam fleeing.

Two years later, during the Clash of the Chosen, Gu'uam would eventually pledge loyalty to Empress Caiatl and join her Imperial forces. He would go on to be part of multiple Imperial operations such as bombing a Lucent Hive position on the Moon and battling against the House of Salvation and Shadow Legion on Earth.


Gu'uam wears armor similar in design to Blood Guard Centurions with some exceptions, such as being colored dark grey and blue with grey Imperial markings on his pauldrons and a large grey Imperial symbol on his chestplate. He also has two chrome chainlink sashes and has bare arms, thus lacking a wrist blade like most Centurions. He comes equipped with a Projection Rifle.