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Vraltras, the Nova Eruption
Biographical information




Imperial Cabal (Formally)
Dune Raiders




Psion Flayer



Combat information


SolarS.png Projection Rifle
SolarS.png Slug Rifle


Summon Cabal
High Durability
Rapid Movement
Immunity Shield
Limited Flight
Psychic Melee
Summon Psion Commanders
SolarS.png Solar Seekers
Deploy Kitbashed Turrets


"The fire of war will burn you to ash."
— Vraltras, the Nova Eruption

Vraltras, the Nova Eruption is a Psion Flayer of the Dune Raiders alongside her adopted siblings Vov and Vuv and a trusted lieutenant of Primus Lau'urc. Originally a member of Caiatl's Ascendancy, she deserted and joined the Dune Raiders to aid the Flayer Twins in developing new technology to aid the Legion, and ultimately erdicate the Hive.


Valiant defender[edit]

"The ways of the Hive lead only to destruction, one way or another. Those who follow their Sword Logic are unworthy of pity or mercy."
— Vraltras, the Nova Eruption

Vraltras was born the eldest among her sisters Silvas and Yinix and were among the few Flayers that remained on Torobatl between both in the initial deployment of the Sout Legions to Sol and Dominus Ghaul’s crusade for the Traveler, as they believed that the Empire would need Flayers in reserve in case any fell. The three would spend their time training and studying in the great libraries of Torobatl, sharpening their minds.

During the Fall of Torobatl, Vraltras and her sisters protected civilian transport ships from Hive forces. But, eventually, the Hive’s power proved too much, resulting in the deaths of Yinix and Silvas and forcing Vraltras to flee. Since then, she held a burning hatred for the Hive. One so great she was tempted to join Val Ma'rag in his Rite of Proving when they arrived in Sol, purely just so she could kill Hive.

Joinging the Raiders[edit]

"I still hold respect for the Empress, for all she has done for Cabal and Psion alike. But I will not follow someone who bends the knee to our murderers."
— Vraltras, the Nova Eruption

When Caiatl lost the final Rite of Proving to the Guardians of the Last City, Vraltras chose to abandon her. She stole a Warship loaded with supplies, weapons and troops who shared her view and plotted a course for the Reef in search of a Cabal faction she had heard rumours of. When they found it, she and the troops knelt to Lau’urc, wishing to join, and offered the Warship as a sign of goodwill. Lau’urc accepted as she was missing a Solar Flayer and Vraltras was quickly introduced to the Arc and Void Flayers Vov and Vuv, who were quick to accept her as a new sister, and quickly began working with them by experimenting and creating new weapons for the Raiders.

While all three of the Flayers are loyal to only Lau'urc, the three have been known to undertake their own missions, often without informing other Dune Raider leadership.


  • Vraltras’ armor is similar to Tazaroc, the Sun Eater, but with two horns on her helmet and golden attachments seen with the various Opti of the Imperial Cabal.