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Dhozoz, the Silent Brawn
Biographical information




Red Legion (Formally)
Dune Raiders







Combat information


SolarS.png Cabal Headhunter


Summon Cabal
Summon Decoys
High Durability
Rapid Movement
Strafe Thrusters
Limited Flight
Stealth Tech


"Anyone can claim they're the "greatest shot in Sol" and so many cocky youngsters do. That's why I keep a record for every foe I slay. See for yourself, then I'll add a record for you."
— Dhozoz speaking to The Guardian

Dhozoz, the Silent Brawn is a powerful Legionary of the Dune Raiders and one of Lau'urc's most trusted lieutenants. Highly skilled with a Headhunter and aided by Stealth and Decoy tech salvaged from the Fallen and an enhanced eye built by the Dune Raider Flayers, he leads a maniple composed of Psions and Legionnaires armed with stealth tech that serves the Legion in gathering intel and reconnaissance. Additionally, specialised access to the Cabal Battle Network allows him a backdoor to the suit settings of every Dune Raider troop to check for potential signs of disloyalty.


During Calus' reign as Emperor, Dhozoz was known well as an assassin-for-hire whose services were frequently bought by the Emperor to hunt down any lingering threats to his rule. Eventually, he would be approached by Bracus Zahn who, impressed by what he had seen, would recruit him to his Armsdealer Crew.

During the Red War, Dhozoz was assigned to a Fracture of the Red Legion for its assault on the Reef. However, after the death of many of the Red Legion's commanders such as Dominus Ghaul and Zahn, Dhozoz would desert the Red Legion, once again becoming an assassin for hire to offer his services to both the Red Legion and crews composed of deserting Cabal. Eventually, Dhozoz would catch the attention of Primus Lau'urc who would recruit him to the Dune Raiders to act as her spy. Dhozoz would earn renown in the Dune Raiders for gathering secrets, spying areas for attacks and taking out enemies and would eventually be brought into Lau'urc's inner circle.

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