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Bracus Shumuv, Shadow Plunderer
Biographical information




Red Legion (Formerly)
Dune Raiders (Formerly)
Shadow Legion




Shadow Guard Centurion



Combat information


VoidS.png Cabal Bronto Cannon


Summon Cabal
Summon Taken
Immunity Shield
High Durability
Rapid movement
Limited flight
Strafe Thrusters
KineticS.png Quake
Resonant Empowerment


Bracus Shumuv, Shadow Plunderer is a powerful Shadow Guard Centurion that serves as a main antagonist of the Rebirth episode.


Once a Centurion of the Red Legion, Shumuv's devotion and bravery to the Dominus led to his swift rise and eventual ascension to the ranks of the Blood Guard. He oversaw the Legion’s 7th Company on Nessus, even when news of Ghaul's death left his devotion shattered. When Emperor Calus arrived in Sol, he sought to appease him by gathering the data to convert Nessus into Royal Wine. However, this failed once again thanks to the Guardians, resulting in his invitation being rescinded. Despite this, he still retained a sense of loyalty to Calus and viewed him as a new unifying figure for the Cabal.

It was because of this that he would be drawn to Primus Lau'urc and her reformed Broken Legion, as she too was a supporter of Calus’ reign. Even after the Legion had been reformed to the Dune Raiders, he had remained loyal to her. Most notably, during the Clash of the Chosen, he gained his title of Imperial Plunderer for leading multiple raids on Rite of Proving sites from the Reef to Nessus for anything of value. However, after Lau'urc's announcement of support to Caiatl and the Coalition, Shumuv chose to defect to Calus. Unlike last time, he would be welcomed with open arms, marking him as a traitor to the Empire.

Following the Leviathan‘s appearance over the Moon, Shumuv quickly set course for it to join the Loyalists. While he found the current state of the ship disturbing at first glance, he quickly brushed it aside when he was told of its elegance of what it had become by the Emperor himself. Shumuv would guard the Leviathan’s inner chambers, cutting down any Coalition forces that dared to trespass.

Months after Calus' accession to a Disciple of the Witness, Shumuv would be integrated into Calus’ new Shadow Legion. In addition to being promoted to the rank of Bracus, he would gifted with armour and weapons enhanced by Pyramid tech, which he would make use of with his deployment to Earth to assist with plundering Coalition forces. Following the death of Calus, Shumuv would be left distraught and enraged. Inevitably, he would turn this rage to the forces of the Coalition as he would assist with imprisoning humans, Eliksni and Cabal within Shadow Legion Prisons.

After the death of the Witness in the Pale Heart, Shumuv, like many of the remaining forces of the Witness, would be left directionless. But, he would quickly fall under the command of a new force. One that ordered him to gather a fleet from the Shadow Legion's remnants to invade the Dune Raider's Fleetbase on Titania.


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