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Tivon, the Eternal Will
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Disciple of the Witness
Disciple of Rebirth
The Remade


Disciples of the Witness
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Male (formerly)

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ArcS.png Tivon's Fang


High Durability
Rapid Movement
Summon Taken
ArcS.png Arc blast
ArcS.png Arc storm
ArcS.png Blind
ArcS.png Voltic Overload
Resonant Overload


Tivon is a Disciple of the Witness.


Warrior of the Quassan[edit]

Originally part of a species of lithoid creatures similar to humanity, Tivon was once a famed warrior known for protecting his people, the Quassin, against forces from beyond their world. From a young age, Tivon had learned of the powers of the Darkness and how it ravaged many worlds, but he saw it as another tool to protect his people while others saw it as another danger. However, members of the ruling government of the Quassin known as the High Council saw the Darkness as a means of controlling the people.

Tivon would be captured and experimented on with dark relics captured from an invading species. These would ultimately transform him into a biomechanical construct with hardened skin to function like armour, an extra set of eyes and his arms and legs cut off and held in place by Dark energies. During the process, Tivon would hear the voice of the Witness through the massive concentrations of Darkness they were exposed to and was eventually convinced to serve its cause of the Final Shape. Tivon would eventually break free and slaughter the Quassin until they were the only one left. After being anointed a Disciple, Tivon would return to their home and would rebuild their race in their image, creating the Evocators to act as their enforcers.

Disciple of the Witness[edit]

During their time as a Disciple, Tivon grew a fascination with the Taken and eventually would come to believe that the Final Shape was to see the whole universe remade in Darkness like them and the Taken, seeing those that only wielded the Darkness as inferior including his allies and fellow Disciples.

He would command many powerful Taken, what would come to be known as Primevals, to destroy civilizations in the name of the Witness. One of these would be the Karela, a civilisation of tribal sun-worshipping humanoid plant species that had previously been blessed by the Traveler. Tivon would use the Primevals to blight out the sun and bring the Karela to extinction.

However, the Witness would see that Tivon's dedication to his idea of the Final Shape led him to actions that could undermine its mission. Eventually, it would send Rhulk to dispatch the Disciple. Once it was done, Rhulk returned with one of Tivon’s arms, claiming the rest of their pieces had been scattered or destroyed. The arm would be placed within an amber casing aboard the Witness’ Pyramid to serve as an example to future Disciples of what would happen to those

Lord of the Created[edit]

However, a fragment of Tivon’s will lingered within the arm and was able to see whenever a Disciple visited his arm, even the most recent.

When the Traveler fired a beam of terraforming Light into the Witness’ Pyramid during its attack on Earth, it unintentionally empowered Tivon’s arm after a stary root pierced its amber casing. During the Guardians’ attack on the ship, the arm called to a Psion named Vochun and offered them power and liberty. Taking the arm, the Psion escaped and would use it to ascend into a Psion Flayer.

From between when the Witness entered the Pale Heart to its defeat, Tivon and Vochun would travel across Sol in search of his other pieces, recruiting many members of the leaderless Taken, Scorn and Shadow Legion on the way.

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