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The Dread
Created Congression
Weavers of Sorrow (unwillingly)






Aerial support/subcommander

Combat information


ArcS.png Evocator Orb


High durability
ArcS.png Arc blast
ArcS.png Arc storm
ArcS.png Blinding slam
ArcS.png Voltic Empowerment


Evocators are powerful humanoid entities commanded by the Witness, its Disciples and allies; created by the Disciple Tivon. They are nimble entities that wield powerful orbs and Paracausal empowerment abilities.


Evocators are thin and spindly vaguely humanoid constructs. They share similar appearance traits to Tormentors and Subjugators with long arms and black claws with four fingers. The major difference is that their fingers and toes are webbed. Their skin appears to be made of the same material as objects found in Pyramid structures, including their arms being made from a similar glass-like material. The face is featureless, save for two large eyes, and is obscured under a cloak similar to those worn by the Husks and the Caretaker.

Like most of the Dread, the Evocators are based on one of its Disciples from a race that the Witness had conquered in the past pulled from its memories and transfigured using the stolen Light of the Traveler; in this case, the Quassin and the Disciple Tivon, the Eternal Will. In the months after the Witness’ death within the Pale Heart, after Tivon had been revived by an Echo, the Evocators would fall under the total control of Tivon and his followers and would be used to bring other Dread units under their command.


Much like Grim, Evocators are capable of levitation and are nimble on the battlefield, seemingly swimming through the air. Its main method of attack is firing bolts of Arc energy from its orbs. If a Guardian gets too close to melee them, they can use their orb as a melee weapon. Occasionally, they will thrust their orb upward to create an Arc storm, sending bolts of Arc Energy that can partially track Guardians. They can also slam their orb on the ground to create a pulse capable of temporarily blinding any Guardians looking directly at them. However, their orb also acts as a precision spot that deals more damage to it compared to the rest of its body.

However, the most notable thing about Evocators is their support capabilities. They can empower their allies through Voltic Empowerment to boost their speed and attack. The effect is doubled for enemies with Arc Weapons and Abilities such as most Fallen, Hive Thrall and Wizards and Scorn Abominations. This will be indicated to the player when they begin to draw energy from their orb into their other hand which they will crush, dispersing the energy to all enemies in the vicinity. This can be interrupted by either a powerful shot to an Evocator's orb or certain Guardian abilities that suppress, freeze or suspend.

Known Evocators[edit]



  • In development, Evocators were originally called Rooks.
    • Additionally, Evocator names used to have a roman numerial next to their name.
  • The Evocator's Orb is similarly designed to the Unknown Artifact. However, it is unknown if there is any connection beyond appearance.

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