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Deepsea aquatic humanoids
Webbed hand and feet
Large eyes

Notable individuals:



The Quassin are a species of humanoid aquatic creatures created from a rogue planet. After many centuries of peace, they would be driven to extinction by the Witness and the Disciple recruited from their people - Tivon.


From what can be gleaned from Tivon's memories, the Quassin were originally the people of a world that had been flung from their system in the early universe. They had evolved in the deep ocean as the surface froze over by a thick layer of ice that cut them off from the rest of the universe, developing a primitive and tribal civilization referred to as Shoals that were built around hydrothermal vents. Quassin were somewhat humanoid in appearance but with a few additions from their time deep in the ocean, such as thin bodies and limbs, webbed hands and feet, large eyes, gills in their necks and semi-transparent skin.

One day when tremors shook their world, hunters from a Shoal of Ancient Quassin investigated and found a mysterious relic breaking through the thick ice roof brimming with Light. They would be able to use the Light to manipulate the hydrothermal vents and use it to construct buildings and tools. Eventually, they were able to dig their way through the ice roof to the surface. However, while they never found who gave them the relic, which would come to be known as the Breaker Mast, they still held the relic's creator in worship for many years after, which they would come to call the "God Pearl" after a large round, white object Quassin close to the relic would see in their dreams.

The tales of these events would be recounted to many young Quassin, including Tivon who dreamed of finding the creator of the Breaker Mast. Eventually, he would make a pilgrimage to the surface after having a dream of meeting a mysterious dark figure on the surface. He would encounter the dark figure by the mast and, after a lengthy conversion where Tivon learned the relic came from the Gardener, that it and the God Pearl were the same and that it had interfered with a race that should not exist, would be turned to the way of its master. After being taken away by the figure, the Quassin would soon be wiped out by the Witness with the use of its Pyramids' gravitational weaponry to distort the planet, shattering the thick ice layer and crushing all Quassan underneath.

Centuries later, after the Witness had linked with the Veil with the Traveler to get into the Pale Heart to begin the Final Shape, it would use the Traveler's Light to create soldiers, dubbed Evocators, from its memories of the Quassin using Tivon as a template for their combat knowledge.