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Xal Tinar
Xal Tinar
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The Scorned
Voice of the Nastareth
Corrupted by Darkness





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Reef (Formerly)
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Voice of the Nastareth
Voice of the Nastareth
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Taken Awoken




Corrupted Techeun



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Blighted Fang


ArcS.png Eviscerating Hex
ArcS.png Binding Hex
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Xal Tinar is an Awoken Techeun best known for his work in creating Desolates. However, after coming upon a secret whisper about something called The Nastareth, his search to find the answer would drive him to madness and have him exiled from the Techeun Order. However, his continued search for the Nastareth would eventually lead to him taking control of the Taken following the destruction of Quria, Blade Transform during the Endless Night.


Originally a Techeun who completed his training and joined the order at some point after the Reef Wars, Xal Tinar would be around to witness the destruction of the Awoken Fleet in the Battle of Saturn and the death of Mara Sov. He, along with the remaining Techeuns, would work on studying the Taken and creating the Desolates from their power. Unlike the other Techeuns, whose relationship with the Queen's Wrath had deteriorated following the death of Shuro Chi, Xal Tinar maintained a fair relationship with Petra and even warned her of potential assassination attempts on her.

Over time, Xal Tinar would become more adept in the process of transferring Taken power than his Techeun brethren. However, the more he performed the process, the more he could hear a name from the screams — the Nastareth. Tinar would spend many months searching the minds of Taken for more information on the Nastareth. But, it would take a toll on his mind as Tinar became more and more obsessed. The Desolates he crafted would become more dangerous for anyone but him to use. Eventually, Petra determined that Xal was too much of a danger to the Awoken and would have him exiled from the Coven with all records of his involvement with the Awoken scrubbed from the Origin Libraries.

However, through the years, Xal's quest to find the Nastareth wouldn't falter as he continued researching and experimenting with Taken power, using a settlement abandoned during the Taken War to stay while he conducted. Eventually, he was able to craft a portal to the Ascendant Plane and would receive a vision from what he believed to be the Nastareth. It allowed him to tap into the power of the Taken and command to build an army of Taken to bring all under its Blessed banner. Unbeknownst to him, the Nastareth was little more than a trick by Savathûn, the Witch Queen and the Taken Wizard Ir Vothec as a means of getting more tribute through Imbaru.


When Quria, Blade Transform was destroyed during the Endless Night, Xal Tinar would begin making moves to take command of the Taken that were formerly under Savathûn's control. While trying to bring a Primeval that had fled to the Dark Forest following a Gambit match gone wrong, Xal Tinar would be discovered by The Guardian after they had been sent by the Drifter to take out the Priveal. While they would be successful, Xal Tinar would escape.

After reporting to the Drifter over their success in killing the Primeval, they would receive word from Petra to visit her in the Dreaming City. She would tell them the Techeun they saw was Tinar and his plans. She would then instruct the Guardian to kill powerful Taken and gather Echoes of Tinar from them in order to determine Xal Tinar's location. After collecting enough Echoes and finding Tinar's lair in the Ascendant Plane, a Guardian fireteam would be sent to take him out, ultimately destroying Tinar's forces and stripping him of his Taken powers.

After the Takedown, Tinar would be detained by the Awoken and locked up in the Prison of Elders.


"Sisters, can you hear me?I’m truly sorry, for everything. I knew my folly far too late. I know the Queen and her Wrath will never forgive me. But, you will. Won’t you?"
— Xal Tinar

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