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Ir Vothec, the Plucked
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Biographical information




Blood of Oryx (Formerly)
Savathûn's Brood (Formerly)
Xivu Arath's Horde (Formerly)
Created Congression




Taken Wizard



Combat information


Summon Taken
High Durability
Rapid Flight
Midair Levitation
SolarS.png Necromantic Gaze
Summon Blights
Summon Shadow Thrall
Immunity Shield
Shadow Touched
Blighted Melody


"I am Ir Vothec — a servant of King, Witch and War — a singer of death and shapes.
I am still Taken.
Without the Guiding Hand, I am lost.
I am Free.

Ir Vothec, the Plucked is a powerful Taken Deathsinger that has served all three of the Hive Gods. Currently, she serves as a member of the Created Congression responsible for commanding the Taken forces of the group.


Originally born to Blood of Oryx, Vothec and her sisters Cenri and Zilna longed to become Deathsingers and build their own choir. However, they lacked the required strength and resorted to stealing and scavenging arcana and tithes from the battlefields of Oryx's many wars across the stars to get that power, even going so far as to kill Hive on the verge of death if it meant they got what they wanted. This would eventually get Oryx's attention after they killed one of his champions, which granted Vothec the power she needed to become a Deathsinger. Both enraged by his champion's death and amused by their ingenuity for growing in power, Oryx confronted and took the sisters. Cenri and Zilna would be fully Taken and bound to the now-named Ir Vothec, who still retained independent thought but would be unable to disobey her master. Ir Vothec and her sisters were unseen during the Taken War, but they were able to create their own version of the Deathsong with the shrieks and howls of the Taken which Ir Vothec would call the Blighted Melody. Following Oryx's death, the three sisters would end up becoming aimless like other Taken.

During the Red War, Ir Vothec and her sisters would come under the command of Savathûn and would be one of the many high-ranking Taken to join their infestation of Io, where they battled Vex, Cabal and Guardians on numerous occasions, and continued to serve her after Io was taken by the Black Fleet. During this time, Savathûn would task Ir Vothec to serve the Techeun Xal Tinar, whose studies into the fabricated legend of The Nastareth provided her with substantial tribute. While Ir Vothec despised his fanatical nature, she ultimately obeyed. However, when Quria, Blade Transform was destroyed, Ir Vothec would be freed from Savathun’s control and fall under the command of The Witness. With it, she fully corrupted Xal Tinar into a Taken and took control of his remaining forces to the Hive of Xivu Arath and the Scorn in hunting down Savathûn and the Lost Techeuns, but were ultimately unsuccessful.

Following the Witness' death within the Pale Heart, Ir Vothec would once again be rendered directionless. However, she would be approached by a Psion Flayer named Vochun who offered her the chance to rule over the Hive as a servant of the Disciple Tivon, to which she would accept.

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