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Intru'usor, Hired Striker
Biographical information




Dune Raiders



Combat information


Shaped Charge


SolarS.png Slug Repeaters
SolarS.png Missile Swarms
Autocannon mount


Summon Cabal
Summon Shieldbearer Legionaries
High Durability
Rapid Movement
Immunity shield
Call SolarS.png Artillery Strikes


Intru'usor, Hired Striker is an upgraded Thresher that serves as the final boss of the Shaped Charge Strike. It was deployed as part of a mission to wipe out a nest of Scorn in the Iras Enclave. However, it would be destroyed by a Guardian fireteam seeking a means into the Titanian Pyramid that the Scorn possessed.


Intru’usor is encountered in the Scornship Dock and will appear a few moments after the players enter the area alongside a pair of Harvesters to drop enemies to provide support. Throughout the fight, Intru'usor will fly around the arena firing swarms of missiles from its autocannon and their Slug Repeaters. Occasionally, it will call for an artillery strike where missiles will fall in random spots of the arena. After enough health has been lost, Intru'usor will summon an immunity shield and call upon large numbers of Cabal reinforcements. Guardians must take out a pair of Shieldbearer Legionaries to drop the shield and continue the boss fight. This process must be repeated when the Thresher regains its shield, but the amount of Shieldbearer Legionaries that need to be defeated will increase to four. Once done, Intru'usor becomes vulnerable again and Guardians will be able to defeat it. Once it is defeated, the guardians will be able to retrieve the Mysterious Artifact.


  • Intru'usor is the first Thresher to have a unique name. However, it likely refers to the pilot.