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Killed his commander to join Lau'urc


Ha'ruk is a Legionary who defected from the Shadow Legion to join the Dune Raiders.


During the events of Lightfall, Ha'ruk was assigned to a Carrier in the orbit of Neptune. Her commander was immensely devoted to Calus, though Ha'ruk could never tell if he was just a Loyalist of the Emperor or a clone programmed to be loyal. Regardless, even after the deaths of both Calus and the Witness, her commander would continue to command the Carrier in Calus' name. Ha'ruk, and many of the crew, weren't as dedicated and had been forced to follow their commander's orders under threat of death.

Months after the events in the Pale Heart, the Carrier would be ambushed by Dune Raider forces led by Primus Lau'urc. Ha'ruk was among the forces that confronted the invaders in the ship's hangar. However, rather than attacking, Lau'urc questioned why they fought for a "dead god" and offered them the chance to join the Dune Raiders. Unconvinced by Lau'urc's words, Ha'ruk's commander drew his weapon and declared she and her Dune Raiders deserved death for their transgressions against Calus. However, Ha'ruk and the rest of the crew would instead shoot their commander in the back and swear their loyalty to Lau'urc.

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