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Emperor Zor
Biographical information

Other names:

Heir to Acrius
Razor of Andromeda
Last True Emperor
Gluttonous Overachiever (Emperor Calus)
Royal Brute (Dominus Ghaul)
He Who Trusts No One
Don of Dons (The Spider)
Grand Consul (temporary)




Golden Legion


Cabal Emperor





Combat information


Slug Rifle


Temporary Immunity
Psionic Bond Shield
Cabal Quake
High Durability
Rapid Movement
Imperial Suffering
Emperor's Envy
Total Annihilation
Summon Cabal
Summon Praetorian Guard


Emperor Zor, commonly known as Zor, is a Cabal artisocrat of the Cabal Praetorate. He was responsible for a majority of the events preceding Calus' rule as Emperor, even being the one responsible for the Leviathan's creation. Throughout the years, Zor was given a reputation of bringing order from chaos and was feared by his own species.

Emperor Zor's Biography[edit]

Spawn of a Legend[edit]

"You ever heard of the legend of Zoreleus? He was my great grandfather. Zoreleus claimed his own sun and used it as a Dyson Sphere.... or laser? My father wasn't about specifics. My father was named after him through that legend."
— Xar'aram, Prince Apparent

Childhood to Imperial Luxury[edit]

"I saw a new future within the Empire, the Praetorate was my war machine as Ghaul was to the Consul. With them I dethroned my grandfather and held my grandmother aboard the Leviathan and took the chance to gain full superiority over the empire for myself."
— Zor

Rise of the Golden Legion[edit]

"There was only one legion in my time, my legion, the Golden Legion. I saw to it that they conquered entire galaxies in my name with the Golden Fleet. Many worlds fell in their wake, nothing stood against them."
— Zor

Inauguration of Emperor Calus[edit]

"I searched high and low searching for Zor within the wastelands. Many believed he died during the slaughter of the Council, others believed he committed suicide, deep down I know he is still out there, plotting to regain his former power."
— The Consul

The Dominus[edit]

"Death to Ghaul for he took the thrown from the glorious Zor! Death to the Dominus!"
— Unknown

Seeding the Skyburners[edit]

"Some would say the Golden Legion controlled the Skyburners. To those who have said it were correct, my brother after all took entire fleets worth of em to take down thousands of War moons."
— Mûrûg, Son of Zor

Arrival in Sol[edit]

"The Red Legion were only the beginning to what was to come, while the Red Legion held the inner sector, the Golden Legion went outward to plunder the secrets of the system."
— Unknown

Death of the Dominus[edit]

"Good riddance to the Dominus, he wanted to be blessed by a god when he wasn't worthy enough to claim it. Did he not know when it comes to the Light and Dark, something must be taken in order to be given?"
— Zor

Glory to the Emperor[edit]

"So Calus comes in as we are on the verge of gaining control of MY empire?! Send him to the grave where he should've went centuries ago!"
— Zor

The Golden Empire[edit]

"Io, Mars, Mercury, Europa, Venus, Earth. We are nearly close to controlling this system, what we need is to make a statement of our might. I believe Olympus Mons may be the perfect candidate."
— Zor



  • Zor's personality appears to be a mix of both Calus and Ghaul due to his brute-like tendencies and his lavish taste for opulence, splendor and glory.
    • This adds onto the fact that he wears regal armor similar to Ghaul and abilities compared to the likes of Calus.


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