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Takedown at the Nessus Citadel


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The Citadel, Nessus


Enter into the Vex Citadel and end the Cabal Primus leading the charge against it.

Destinypedia doesn't currently have a walkthrough for this level; could you write one?

Whatever the Golden Legion are doing is beyond me, I bet just like the Red Legion, they're hunting for world breaking Vex tech.

The Takedown at the Nessus Citadel is a Cabal Takedown released within Season of Arrivals. A continuation of the Guardians' efforts during Season of the Worthy, Guardians must enter into the Citadel on Nessus and defeat the Cabal Primus, Tlor, one of the leading commanders of the Praetorate Golden Legion. Much like the previous Takedowns, players must race through an immense force of Cabal units and through the expansive defenses of the the ancient Nessus Citadel with a chance to gain Cabal themed gear and weaponry through difficult puzzles and more merciless opposition.


Following the defeat of the Red Legion and the destruction of the Almighty, the Cabal Praetorate chose to act by sending their Golden Legion to assault a Vex Citadel, driving those that occupied the structure into a frenzy. Failsafe would detect the increasing Cabal and Vex presence, eventually requesting help from the Guardians to end the Cabal presence there, only to discover that one of its leaders of Cabal Praetorate, Primus Tlor, was the one responsible for the invasion of the Citadel.

Keeping with the tradition of Takedowns, there is a lack of mechanic based encounters alongside the lack of checkpoints, offering only three positions to save: the beginning, after defeating Valus Nu'uc, the Dominator and after defeating Bracus Darach, the Armsdealer, for players who are wanting to claim Imperial Highness.


The Tunnels[edit]

Radiolarian Cavern[edit]

Keep's Aft[edit]

Crystalline Remnant[edit]

Valus Nu'uc, the Dominator[edit]

The Flotation[edit]

Citadel Conflux[edit]

Primus Tlor, the Merciless[edit]

Imperial Highness Side-Quest[edit]


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