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Takedown at the Nessus Citadel


Takedown in the Nine's Realm

Takedown the Nightmare Infestation


Destiny 2



Recommended Power Level:



Penumbral Shores, Moon


Search for a massive amalgamation of Nightmares and prevent its infestation from spreading.

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The Pyramid's darkness has coagulated into a massive threat somewhere on the dark side of the Moon. Neutralize it before it threatens all who stand in its path.

Takedown the Nightmare Infestation is a Nightmare Takedown released following Beyond Light. After the events of Beyond Light, the Pyramid on the Moon would unleash a massive collection of Darkness somewhere in the uncharted dark side of the Moon. Fearing the creation of an army of powerful Nightmares, Eris Morn would ask any Guardian capable to track down the infestation and neutralize it before its threat intensifies. Like previous renditions of other Takedowns, players must race through the tenebrous, shattered surface of the Moon with a chance to unlock Nightmare-empowered weapons and armor along with the Sin's Admittance Exotic Grenade launcher through a more intense and relentless force and challenging puzzles.


Following the fall of Eramis, the Shipstealer and the discovery of Europa's Pyramid, the Pyramid would create a surge of Darkness that would gain its own will and the ability to create an army of Nightmares at will, as well as an enhanced imitation ability that can mimic even the paracausal abilities of permanently fallen Guardians. Hearing of this new and powerful Nightmare, as well as it's impromptu stronghold within the uncharted and Hive infested Dark Side of the Moon, Eris Morn would ask The Guardian to hunt down this newfound threat and disperse it, mitigating the threat of the Moon's Pyramid for good.

Like all of its predecessors, the Takedown is rife with challenging enemies and is notorious for its unforgiving checkpoint system, only providing three save spots: the beginning, after defeating Voshyr, and after dispersing the Nightmare of Kanaksos for those who seek to acquire the Sin's Admittance Exotic Grenade launcher.


Into the Darkness[edit]

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Vosyr, Daughter of Crota[edit]

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The Formless Nightmare[edit]

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