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The Formless Nightmare
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Takedown the Nightmare Infestation


Summon Nightmares
High Durability
Mimic Savathûn's Song
Mimic Protheon
Mimic Thaviks
Mimic Kargen
Mimic Thuun
Mimic Dendron
Mimic Warden
Mimic In Anâhn
Mimic Hiraks
Mimic Nokris
Mimic Siviks
Mimic Hasapiko
Mimic Brakion
Mimic Zahn
Mimic Inotam
Mimic Undying Mind
Mimic Vell Tarlowe
Mimic Sai Mota
Mimic Eriana-3
Mimic Cayde-6
Mimic Wei Ning
Mimic Ulan-Tan
Dark Form


"You butcher everything in your path. You forfeit all your friends for the sake of slaking your thirst for blood...
For what? To win the day for the Light? To mindlessly serve the power who gifted you everything on a silver platter?
You aren't anything special, worm. You are no better than the Darkness you swear to destroy...
You are no better than us. Ambitious to the end. Your sweet, inevitable end.
— The Formless Nightmare communing with The Guardian in its various Nightmare forms.

The Formless Nightmare is a massive amalgamation of Darkness created by the long dormant Pyramid on the Moon capable of imitating any slain unit, even the former Light-wielding Guardians. Due to its versatile and powerful capabilities, as well as its means of mimicking dead Guardians, the Nightmarish abomination would be targeted by Eris Morn. Due to its heavy Nightmare presence, the Formless Nightmare would serve as the final boss of the Nightmare Takedown.


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