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Takedown in the Nine's Realm


Destiny 2



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IX Realms, Unknown Space


Answer the Nine's question and escape the dark corners of their realm.

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The Nine ask you a question: "To what lengths would you go to to ensure your survival?" Answer them.

The Takedown in the Nine's Realm is a Taken Takedown released following the Season of the Eclipse and with the Season of Midnight. During the events of the Season of Midnight, the Guardian would be called upon by the Nine to answer the question: "how far will you go to prevent your own extinction?" and neutralize an unprecedented bug in the system. Forced to fight an insurmountable army, the Guardian, with the help of any friends they wished upon and the Drifter, must oblige and escape the realm. Like previous renditions of other Takedowns, players must race through an inscrutable, impossible landscape somewhere within the Nine's realm with a chance to unlock new, dark Nine-themed weapons and armor along with the Instinct Atrophy IX Exotic Machine Gun through a more intense and relentless force and challenging puzzles.


During the events of the Season of Midnight, after investigating a strange anomaly within the crags of the Tangled Shore, The Guardian would be pulled into a rift, coming upon the mysterious, seemingly barren wastes of the Nine's realm. After meeting with the Emissary, the Guardian learns the Nine intentionally abducted them to ask, apparently to them, the important question of the Guardian's versatility in the name of extinction, as well as alert the Guardian of a glitch that caused the rapid creation of the counterfeit Taken. Forced to obey and "answer" the godlike Nine, as well a prevent what could be a future catastrophe, the Guardian, with the help of the Drifter, would enter the deep, dark edges of the Nine's realm and neutralize the source of the glitch and give the Nine the answer to the question they desire.

Like all of its predecessors, the Takedown is rife with challenging enemies and is notorious for its unforgiving checkpoint system, only providing three save spots: the beginning, after defeating the Bond Sibling Echoes, and after defeating the Deathsinger Echo for those who seek to acquire the Instinct Atrophy IX Exotic Machine gun.


The Fool[edit]

The Hermit[edit]

The Moon/The Sun[edit]

The Empress[edit]


Wheel of Fortune[edit]

The Chariot[edit]

The Hierophant[edit]

Instinct Atrophy IX Side-Quest[edit]


Unique Enemies[edit]

  • Vestige of the Nine: A humanoid, blighted projection surrounded by a mutualistic aura of Blight. Empowers all units within its vicinity, increasing their health pool and overall damage while also capable of minimally damaging any enemies passing through the field. Can cast a volley of powerful, tracking abyssal bolts that will severely damage their opponents and temporarily weaken them. After a while, the Vestige will begin to accumulate dark energies before finally releasing them, causing a wipe (the first one in all of the Takedowns). Can only be destroyed while the player is cursed with the Stroke of Midnight debuff. Destroying them also creates a massive explosion of Dark energy that kills all nearby units.
  • Berserker Echo: A shadowy projection of a Berserker. Armed with a Solar Shieldbreaker, the Berserker Echo will relentlessly chase foes in an attempt to press them from cover for their allies. Their melee ability is replaced with a concussive blast that launches opponents away while temporarily blinding them as well. Their Darkness Bolt also gains an upgrade: all units affected by it will be blinded and relentlessly fired upon by the Echo's charged Shieldbreaker attack.
  • Blood Guard Echo: A shadowy projection of a Blood Guard Centurion. Armed with either a Void Cabal Slug Shotgun or a Solar Cabal Bronto Cannon, the Blood Guard Echo will constantly barrage their opponents with their fiery Taken Cannon and slash opponents with their Arc Blade Gauntlet. On occasion, they will conjure up an orbital Blight Sphere that will protect their master from their assailants. Once their master is killed, the orb(s) will then become a more durable and aggressive Axion Dart that will mercilessly track their master's murder.
  • Swordbearer Echo: A shadowy projection of an Accursed Swordbearer. Armed with a Void Cleaver, the Swordbearer Echo will mercilessly close in on their opponents to deliver a powerful blow from their enhanced Cleavers. They can also drag their sword through the ground to create a rapidly moving tracking bolt of energy at their enemy of choice. Another attack is the ability to create two insurmountable barriers around their opponents, entrapping them with the Swordbearer while the Echo hurls a flurry of ranged projectiles towards their assailants.
  • Weaver Echo: A shadowy projection of a powerful Harpy Weaver. Armed with an Void Harpy Slap Rifle, the Weaver Echo will find an optimal position to fire at their opponents before finally revealing their weapons. The Weaver can approach an injured Taken unit and envelop them in their spectral tendrils, mending their wounds while temporarily and unfortunately leaving them immobile. They can also conjure blight puddles that slows the movement of and slowly damages all enemies passing through it.

Returning Enemies[edit]