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Takedown under the Dreaming City


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Dreaming City, Reef


Stop a Taken incursion from destroying the core of the Dreaming City.

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The Taken are devouring the light within the core of the Dreaming City. Traverse the dark, secretive corners of the underground and stop them.

The Takedown under the Dreaming City is a Taken Takedown following the Season of Portents. After hearing of a Taken squad marching deep into the dark corners of the Dreaming City, Petra Venj ordered a scout team to follow them in. However, after hearing of the Taken's intent and seeing the disheveled state of the scouting party, she would call for Guardian back-up to root out the Taken infestation within the uncharted epicenter of the Dreaming City. Like the Takedowns before it, players must race through the Taken-infested vein-like depths and caverns of the Dreaming City with a chance to unlock Taken themed weapons and armor along with the Shapeless Simulacrum Exotic Trace rifle through challenging puzzles and a more ferocious opposition.


Following the call for war from the Pyramids, a massive Taken detachment would be seen heading deep into the uncharted depths of the Dreaming City, a place not even Mara Sov knew about. Curious about the Taken's strange activity and knowledge of the place, Petra Venj gathers together a scouting party and sends them in to discover whatever lies there and what the Taken want with it. The team would appear battered and panicked, clearly indicating a powerful Taken presence and the appearance of something that scared some of the toughest of her squad to the point they don't even want to talk about it. With these revelations, Petra would organize a Guardian Fireteam to delve deep into the core and remove the entrenched Taken saboteurs and discover whatever lies there.

Like all of it's predecessors, the Takedown is filled to the brim with challenging opponents and known for it's unforgiving checkpoint system, only providing 3 checkpoints: the beginning, after defeating Xodron, and after defeating Volkariss for those who embarked on the Shapeless Simulacrum Exotic Quest.


The Welcome[edit]

The Caverns[edit]

Wolves' Memorial[edit]

Bones of Counterfeit[edit]

Xodron, Might of Quria[edit]

Riven's Secret[edit]

The Shrouded Siphon[edit]

Valus For'rahl, Dominance of Quria[edit]

The Shapeless Simulacrum Side-Quest[edit]


Unique Enemies[edit]

  • Taken Colossus: A former Colossus taken and enhanced by the power of the Darkness. The Taken Colossus is armed with a Void Heavy Slug Thrower and Solar Cluster Missiles that knocks back and disorients enemies. The Taken Colossus can briefly create an impenetrable barrier that negates all damage made against it in the case concentrated fire is made against it. Can be used constantly to provide the Taken Colossus with additional defense.
  • Taken Gladiator: A former Gladiator taken and enhanced by the power of the Darkness. The Taken Gladiator is armed with dual Arc Cabal Severus Cleavers that can rend opponents. The Taken Gladiator can mount one of the Cleavers atop the other in a nocking animation like a bow and launches the Cleaver like an arrow. Deals significant damage and slows all units nearby the target area. Can also unleash a flurry of ranged energy waves from their Cleavers.
  • Taken Cyclops: A former Cyclops taken and enhanced by the power of the Darkness. Fires a scattered burst of incendiary Solar flechettes at an area that covers the area in blighted flame. Creates a massive dome shield for itself and its allies while mitigating the damage of enemy weapons within the barrier.
  • Taken Marauder: A former Marauder taken and enhanced by the power of the Darkness. The Taken Marauder is armed with an Arc Shrapnel Launcher or a pair of Void Shock Blades. The Taken Marauder will gather up a ball of Arc energy and launches it at an area. The orb will explode with a temporarily blinding energy, dealing minimal area damage while temporarily making all Taken units appear invisible to those affected by the orb.

Returning Enemies[edit]